Stroops Beast Battle Rope

It's a new innovation in battle ropes. With this nylon covered elastic battle rope the workout isn’t limited to shoulders - the beast fights back gainst every movement and demands muscle contractions throughout the entire body. The rope is suitable for a full body workout. Attach the Stroops Beast Battle Rope to an object as low as possible or let a trainings partner hold it and it is ready for use. Rope is 6 meter long and is available in four resistance levels:  21, 35,  48 and 68 kg. It'll fit in any training level of the athlete. Traditional rope exercises can be done such as slams, waves, and Chinese jump rope but also: rotary movement training that focusses on the core muscles; lateral movement training that strengthens the stability; reverse movement training that strengthens the legs and increases the stamina. Possibility to attach two Ropes to double the resistance.

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