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Kinesiology tape kit

The basic kit includes a daily use aluminum case consisting of:  6 rolls of kinesiology tape; 150 ml sports and cooling gel, 1 tape scissors, 150 ml adhesive spray. 

Kinesiology tape in a 5 m. roll. For muscles and joints, no major restrictions on movement, high wearing comfort. Breathable, air-permeable and water-resistant. Material: 90% cotton, 10% elastane, latex-free.

Sports and cooling gel with Japanese peppermint oil has a cooling effect in everyday life, sports and therapy. The gel works in ideal combination in the application for kinesiological taping. Also cools in case of muscle pain, pulled muscles, spraining, bruises or insect bites. Dermatologically tested medical device.

Spray to improve adhesion of sport and kinesiology tapes. Increased adhesion with aplication on oily and sweaty skin. Dermatologicaly tested.

Special tape scissors with teflon coated blades for any evently cut through the cotton fibers. Ideal for all kinesiology tapes.

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