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  • Sand bag Vinex
    • -15%

    Sand bag Vinex

    €33.15 -15% €39.00 From

    Sand bag made of heavy duty PVC coated fabric with weighted bags. Sand bag helps to develop power & strength in the lower and upper body effectively. 
    Producer - Vinex.

  • Cuffweights Meteor

    €9.00 From

    Cuffweights are ideal for jogging, walking, aerobics. The cuffs are made of nylon, have a practical velcro closure, can be optimally fixed on wrist or ankle. Train your arm and leg muscles while improving your stamina. The price refers to 2 pieces running weights of 500 g.; 1 kg. or 2 kg.

  • The Surge


    The SURGE™ is a specialized training device - the tube with the water, that produces “dynamic”, unstable form of resistance. This forces the user's muscles of the trunk and joint stabilizers to challenge inpredictable movement of water. As a result the stability of the core increases, joints become more mobile. The functional training has grown in popularity, the use of water-filled implementation training has become more accepted amongst strength and conditioning, as well as fitness professionals.

    The weight of empty tube - 4,5 kg, fully filled in - 29,5 kg. Colours: grey, blue, lime, pink, black.

    Lenght: 107 cm.

    Diameter: 21,5 cm.

  • Vinyl kettlebell

    €16.00 From

    Kettlebells are available from 4-32 kg, colour-coded with vinyl coating. The cast iron handle ensures a safe and secure grip. With the kettlbells you are able to train individual muscles, as well as groups of muscles areas throughout the body, especially the back and hip area. Perfect for fitness, stamina, coordination and body control.

  • TRENDY ESFERA bag rack


    The rack for 5 Trendy Esfera bags. Width 57 cm / Depth 69 cm / Height 141 cm. Bags not included - price for rack only.


    €56.00 From

    The Esfera bag is an absolute innovative training device. It is versatile and suitable for training indoors or outdoors. The rugged and flexible weight bag is ideal for a perfect whole body workout, improving strength, stability and endurance. With this bag, the stabilizing muscles are directly affected by the free-floating mass within the bag, which is different from the conventional rigid weights. A variety of exercises -  throwing, bumping, pulling can be carried out and the bag can be accessed by the different possibilities. The different grips with handle pad guarantee a pleasant and varied workout. Thanks to the synthetic leather and double seams, the floor and the bag are safe from damage during falling.The content is made of elastic granules.
    Available in 5 weights, characterized by different colors: 5 kg / yellow, 10 kg / green, 15 kg / blue, 20 kg / orange,
    25 kg / red.

  • Aquabag

    €159.00 From

    Aquabags are used by professional athletes and built to improve explosive sports performance, boost core power and optimise motor learning.

    3 different shapes: small / medium / large.

    ø 20cm / L 65cm / 15kg max
    ø 20cm / L 85cm / 25kg max
    ø 25cm / L 85cm / 40kg max

  • Smėlio maišas 10 kg
    • On sale!
    • -10%

    Sand bag 10 kg.

    €26.10 -10% €29.00

    Vinex sand bag shell is made of heavy duty PVC coated fabric. This shell is padded inside with PE foam & can accommodate sand bag up to 10 kg (two 5 kg. bags). Two sets of handles for better gripping. Sand bag training helps develop power and strength in the lower, core, and upper body efficiently due to instability of the load. It is used for varied weight training. Lenght - 50 cm. Diameter - 18 cm.
    Producer - Vinex.

  • Weighted vest

    €65.00 From

    Weghted vest. 10 kg, 20 kg; 30 kg.

  • Swing stick Trendy


    The perfect training device with variable applications. Take advantage of the momentum generated by the rod. Washable plastic handles. Lenght 158 cm. Weight 0,75 kg.