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  • Adidas 2023 Oceaunz
    • New

    Adidas 2023 Oceaunz


    Football training ball for adults size 5. 

  • Adidas Al Rihla Pro
    • New

    Adidas Al Rihla Pro


    70% polyurethane, 20% recycled polyester, 10% viscose cover

    Rubber bladder

    Thermally bonded seamless construction

    FIFA Quality Pro certified

    FIFA World Cup™ printed logo

    5 size

  • Nike Zoom SD4
    • New

    Nike Zoom SD4


    Elite shot put, discus throwing shoes

  • Backstop net Exit


    The EXIT Backstop Net  is the ideal ball catcher for the garden! During a game of soccer or basketball, the ball frequently rolls far away, hitting flower boxes or disappearing over the hedges. With the backstop net you make playing more convenient, because the ball stays in the playing field and you don’t have to constantly chase after it to retrieve it. The net consists of three parts (3 x 3 m), which are connected to each other and can be set up at an angle. The size of the angle can be adjusted, providing maximum stability and easy to place in both a small and large garden or in an open sports field. The Backstop Net stands firmly on the grass by means of 4 horizontal feet that are fixed to the ground using pins and 1 ground anchor. Optimal stability! The frame is made of galvanised and coated metal. The poles have a diameter of 38mm and are 1.2mm thick. The poles are very light in weight, so that you can easily dismantle the frame by using the click system. The heavy-­‐duty black net is made from polyester; it is 3mm thick with a mesh width of 8 cm. The black colour of the net makes is less obtrusive so that the EXIT Backstop Net 900 will certainly fit in with your garden!

    Size: 300 x 900 cm

  • Trišuolio startukai Puma TJ...

  • Spikes Puma EvoSPEED...

  • Basketball Rip Roller with...


    The Rip Roller is the I'm Possible custom Foam Roller, designed specifically to connect to the I'm Possible RipCone v2, so you can create "a cone" that you can truly drive your shoulder through. But as you'll see, once attached to the included RipCone Converter, the options are endless with the all-new Rip Roller!

    You Get:  1 Rip Roller + Converter

    (Other possible parts NOT Included)

    As the first ever and only Foam Roller designed to attach to a sports cone, the Rip Roller attaches to the I'm Possible RipCone v2 to provide players with a simulated accountability defender to train against and so much more.

    1. Use as a "Pylon" Cone. A tall, soft cone for a player to move around. The game of basketball is not open space. There are space restrictions and a lack of freedom of movement exists. When you attach the Rip Roller to the RipCone v2, you are able to create a taller, soft cone that a player can't step over and "cheat."

    2. Use for Shoulder Engagement. Simulate the feeling of driving your shoulder through a defender's hip or midsection. When the Rip Roller is placed on the RipCone v2, it stands about 40 inches tall. This gives players a great sense of what driving their shoulders through a defenders hip/mid section feels like. This technique is showed in detail within Rip Roller Essentials found in the RealSkill I'm Possible app.

    3. Provide "Low" Accountability. Attach RipSticks. Want to hold yourself accountable to driving low, but don't want to physically grab the Rip Roller? Then, simply utilize I'm Possible RipSticks to hold yourself accountable to driving under the low point. This is a great way to work on your stop and pop pullup game!

    4. Attach to the Backboard. Attach the RipCup. Create a shot altering obstacle! Through the combination of the Rip Roller and the RipCup, you can stick the Rip Roller to the backboard to create a shot altering presence around the rim. Just place it up there, and you can maneuver around it and work on your touch over it.

    5. Alter and Block Shots. Give the Roller a Handle. Insert a Ripstick as a handle in order to use the lightweight Rip Roller as a shot altering apparatus and much, much more.

    6. Use as a Foam Roller. Yes, the Rip Roller is still a High-Density Round Foam Roller for exercise, massage, and muscle recovery.

  • Pro-Training Guard Extender...


    Wilson Pro-Training Guard Extender to elevate your players training. Dual branded with NBA and WNBA markings, this guard extender is suitable for all players and helps coaches and trainers simulate various defensive positions without extraneous movements.

  • Shuttles medium 6 psc


    Medium speed shuttles - for players looking to balance speed and control.

  • Competition hurdle POLANIK...


    Delivery time - 2-4 weeks.

    Hurdle frame made of aluminium tubes and profiles, anodized in silver colour, resistant to weather conditions, aluminium telescope tubes and hurdle feet anodized in blue, equipped with spring-loaded button systems of hurdle toppling force and height adjustment, economical in transport collapsible construction.

    Producer - Polanik.

  • Take-off markers set POLANIK


    Set of 2 take off markers for long jump and triple jump. Made of aluminium, powder painted, white with dark blue stripes.

    Producer - Polanik.

  • Competition discus Valkyrie...

    €190.00 From

    Ultra hi-spin discus for competition and training made of sides of ABS plastic and rim of sandblasted brass for best grip within international rules. Produced with clear turquoise color for good visibilty both in the air and on the ground. Certified by World Athletics.

    Producer - Nordic Sport.

  • Metal basketball net


    Professional robust steel replacement net for outdoor basketball hoops. Standard dimensions for 12-point fixing.

  • Universal spikes SOUL

  • copy of Universal spikes...

  • Adidas adizero ambition 4

  • Adidas Allroundstar J


    Universalūs vaikiški startukai (siauresnei kojai, nei Allroundstar).

  • Kneepads Asics Gel


    Exclusive Asics® Gel® Cushioning System. Wide coverage and low profile flexible pad. Cotton and elastic sleeve. 2 per package. Colour - blue.

    Size: M (35,5 cm. below the knee, 150-170 cm. height); L (38 cm. below the knee, 170-190 cm. height).




  • Kneepads Asics Gel Performance


    These breathable performance sport knee pads support your knee by absorbing shocks, adapt to your body thanks to its precise fit. On hard surfaces, they provide effective cushioning that enhances your comfort during your workout. 

    Size: L (38 cm. below the knee, 170-190 cm. height).




  • Plastic checkers


    Plastic draughts.