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Set for home workouts

Price €65.29

Set of: exercise mat, pilates ball, balance disc, resistance power band, steb tube and mini resistance loop. 

Massage roller Prego

Price €24.79

With the Trendy Prego®  fascia roll, you can use specific exercises to relieve tension and promote blood circulation. In the affected areas, an intensive self-massage is achieved by gently pressing your own body weight. 

The pyramid-shaped massage points of the Trendy Prego®  are especially suitable for deep-seated and tight-fitting tensions in the muscle areas of the lower...

MOLTEN air pump

Price €19.01

Aliuminium air pump. 57 cm height. 1,6 kg weight. With needle.

NormaTec Leg Pulse PRO 2.0

Price €1,652.07

The NormaTec X Hyperice PULSE PRO 2.0 is today’s most advanced athlete recovery system. The PULSE PRO 2.0 takes the PULSE 2.0 technology to the next level with a sophisticated touchscreen interface and the ability to dial in a variety of preprogrammed and highly customizable rehab and recovery options.

Highly customizable rehab and recovery programming options

Choose from three...


Price €412.40

Now the most powerful percussion massage device in the world has Bluetooth® connection. Pair your Hyperice Bluetooth® device, begin a routine, and let HyperSmart™ do the thinking. The speed will automatically adjust as you follow along with the guided routine so you can focus on your warmup or recovery.

Brushless high-torque 90 W motor - 30 percent more power.


HYPERVOLT (With Bluetooth®)...

Price €329.75

The Hypervolt with all the features (relieves muscle soreness and stiffness, improves range of motion, promotes circulation, accelerates warmup and recovery) now fully connected. An award-winning device featuring QuietGlide™ technology, a patented pressure sensor, and Bluetooth® connectivity.

Pair your Hyperice Bluetooth® device, begin a routine, and let HyperSmart™ do the thinking....

Penalty Box

Price €23.97

In 2016 the Penalty Box® was created to help people lose weight, increase athletic performance, and become more motivated by utilizing a new workout program.

  • -€774.00

NormaTec Leg Pulse 2.0

Regular price €1,652.07 -€774.00 Price €878.07

The Leg Recovery System gives you fresh legs faster, helps you warm up pre-workout and recover right.

The NormaTec X Hyperice PULSE 2.0 helps athletes who want to train smarter, go faster, and reach new heights of performance. Patented NormaTec PULSE Technology. Zone Boost for targeted attention where you need it most. Precise, digital controls, 30-110 mmHg pressure range. Calibration...

Professional beach...

Price €73.55

Made of polypropylene tape resistant to adverse weather conditions. Dimensions: 8 m x 16 m. The length of the lines can be adjusted with special corners. Fixed using planks buried in the sand, line corners are connected to the planks with a flexible cord. Width: 5 cm. Colour: blue.

Popular beach volleyball net

Price €48.76

Dimensions 8.50 m x 1.00 m, made of polypropylene, weave thickness 3mm, mesh 10x10 cm. Bottom and top tensioning cords made of polypropylene. Top tape 50 mm width. Tape colour: yellow.

Beach volleyball net with...

Price €90.08

Dimensions 8.50 m x 1.00 m, made of knotless polypropylene net, weave thickness 3 mm, mesh 10 x 10 cm. Tensioning cords: top - steel, bottom - polypropylene, length 11.70 m. 4 edges of net finished with tape, top 70 mm, bottom and sides 50 mm. Velcro antenna pouch. Tape colour: yellow.