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Ninja line advanced set

Price €185.95

Here, active kids can really let off steam - and thanks to the extensive range of accessories, the climbing and exercise course can be redesigned again and again. The individual pieces of sports equipment promote the physical development of children in a holistic way: muscles, motor skills, balance and coordination. The set includes in two storage bags (40 x 55 cm): 13 m long webbing +...

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Playmaker LCD

From Price €73.55

Playmaker LCD is the Ultimate Coaching Board, eliminating the need for markers and erasers. Playmaker LCD combines a crisp and clear LCD writing surface along with  instant erase technology, allowing you to erase the board at the press of a button. The ultra low power consumption provides "always on" power for approximately 1 year using 1-CR2025 button cell battery (included). The back of...

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SH Shooting basketball

Price €73.55

The Shooting Basketball is the most natural, uncomplicated, and proven accountability for players to learn how to properly hold the basketball when shooting and working on shooting form. The Shooting Basketball is the first ever ball designed to provide rotational feedback while providing visual and physical grooves to help any player find and feel the right hand placement for them....

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Wilson FIBA 3x3

Price €40.50

Ball for schools, kids training. Official size and weight. 

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RipLights Pack of two

Price €164.46

RipLight are created for simple read and reaction training. Three Randomized Colors: Red, Blue, Green. The RipLight's innovation is in its simplicity - created for one purpose - to give players the ability to read and react with no need for setup or programming. Just assign reactions to a color, hit the light, and see how quick you can react. After three seconds, the light will turn off and...

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Price €81.82

Spikeball – the trendy game – not just for summer. Spikeball is the ideal leisure game: whether played on the lawn, in the sports hall or at holiday camps. Spikeball can be played almost anywhere. What's more, it will get you moving, will keep you fit and improve your coordination. Spikeball is a must-have. It's a game that will get you hooked!

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  • 5 Spikeball...
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Graduated tape 10 m

Price €48.76

This PVC graduated mat for quick measurement for all kinds of throws. Width 25 cm, lenght 10 m. 

Wooden gymnastic bench

From Price €164.46

Wooden bench. The feet are made from beech wood, the seat from softwood. Height of the bench: 30 cm. All edges are rounded to ensure safety of its users. The bench is fitted with a hook to affix it to the gymnastic wall bars and special anti-slip pads on the feet.

Ancle incline board

Price €106.61

Incline board for ankles streching. Relieves stiffness in leg muscles and ankles. 5 different inkline angles: 0, 5, 15, 25, 35 degree elevation. Size: 35,6 x 35,6 cm. Incline board increases extension in the lower and upper back while stretching the calves. Made of a heavy-duty composite plastic.

Exercise mat rack

Price €189.26

Gym mat trolley made of powder-coated steel is suitable for our gymnastics mats with an eyelet system and is very flexible and mobile thanks to the roller system.

Suitable for 120-190 ProfiGymMat

Width 78 cm / Height 206 cm / Depth 52 cm

Max. capacity: 

ProfiGymMat (1 cm) 30 Pcs.

ProfiGymMat (1,5 cm) 20 Pcs.

Trendy YogaMat (0,5) 40 Pcs.

Electronic start

Price €742.98

Electric starter, shaped like a wand, removing gun shapes out of schools. Connectable to louder portable amp. Bright strobe light with additional bulb flashes with starting sound. Three different starting tones: gun fire, beep and whistle. Compatible with FinishLynx with additional starting cable (sold separately). Electronic gun is powered by 3 AA batteries (not included). Comes with...

Vault trainer system

Price €577.69

A unique device for beginner and intermediate vaulters. Allows the athlete to acclimate to the body positions occurring during peak vault height. Strengthens muscle groups for effective push off. Helps to coordinate grip and pole positions while rotating around pole for push off. Can be hung from goal posts and basketball backboard rigging. Complete with cables, ankle cuffs, and pole...

Pop up defender

Price €57.02

POWERHANDZ pop-up defender is a compressed, collapsible statue that can be used as a defender for basketball, football, and soccer. The innovative pop-up defender easily collapses and contains storage space inside, making it the perfect choice for coaches and athletes to take with them to simulate real live defenders on the field or court. Patent Pending collapsible barrier designed to...