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Competition discus GOLD 100...

Price €107.44

89% rim Weight. High quality Brass rim with yellow reinforced plastic (unbreakable) side plates and without aluminium centre plates. Used in top competitions. Vinex Gold 100 Discus features ultra high spin, when thrown with proper turn gives better results. IAAF specified. Weight - 2 kg.

Producer - Vinex.

Didko metimo sektorius...

Price €0.00

Can be mobile or stationar.

Stationar cage is one of the worlds safest hammer cages. It is simple and fast to change opening for right or left hand throwers. IAAF certified; height 8 m, gate height 10.5 m; WITH ANCHORS, pillars screwed to anchors embedded in concrete; aluminium pillars, fast and safe cage installation; net, tightening system based on steel wires and hooks, durable and...

  • -€20.00

Competition discus HYPER...

Regular price €98.35 -€20.00 Price €78.35

IAAF Certified Hyper spin is a premium quality Discus. This Discus is precisely mastered and designed with JOINTLESS rim. 91% rim weight in the Discus assists the throwers to get remarkable spin, longer distance and extra stability. This Discus features RUST PROOF ALLOY RIM with UNBREAKABLE strong plastic side plates.

Producer - Vinex.

Discus Vinex Super Challeng

From Price €29.75
Side plates made of ABS (Unbreakable) plastic with galvanized ring. Meets IAAF specifications.
Producer - Vinex.

Competition discus HIGHT...

From Price €38.02

Competition IAAF certified discus. 75% high quality GALVANIZED STEEL rim with strong red ABS plastic side plates. Well balanced to suit any level of competition.

Producer - Vinex.

Training adjustable discus...

From Price €123.14

Innovative and unique product, original weight adjustment system, comfortable flat discs made of galvanized steel give wide weight range, steel galvanized rim, durable plastic sideplates with high content of fibreglass, each comes with special hex key and carrying bag, registered design.

Producer - Polanik.

Training discus LO SPIN Vinex

Price €23.97

Training and school discus. 70% rim weight. Galvanized steel rim with strong blue ABS plastic side plates.

Producer - Vinex.

Safety cage for discus...

Price €0.00

IAAF sertified, aluminium, height 5 m, WITHOUT ANCHORS, innovative construction,  high quality, easy to assemble and dismount, simple operation, reliability, aluminium pillars anodized in silver colour, screwed to special anchors embedded in concrete, anchors without spaces accumulating water, corrosionproof, equipped with hinges for connecting pillars and putting them in the upright...

Adjustable training discus...

Price €81.82

Adjustable training discus (0,850 - 1,200 kg). STEEL rim with strong red ABS plastic side plates and different weights for adjusting the overall weight for training.

Producer - Vinex.

Portable discus throwing...

Price €0.00

Portable discus throwing circle, also for hammer throw with conversion circle HCC-2135, supporting structure made of steel profiles and sections galvanized, top elements made of antiskid plywood 20 mm thick, 4 quadrants screwed together, inside dia. 2500 mm.

Sector line

Price €40.50

Sector tape is made of 50 MM wide polypropylene webbing. Ideal for marking athletic sectors, courts & field boundary lines. Webbing has eyelets at every 10 metres for holding with anchors. Anchors included.

Discus throwing circle...

Price €471.07

Diam. 2500 mm, galvanized steel, IAAF certificate no E-05-0419, set contains four parts (quadrants), made of galvanized steel, screwed with 8 bolts, inside coated with white paint.

Producer - Polanik.

Distance markers set...

Price €1,115.70

Distance markers set of 14 markers DM-35, range 30 m - 90 m increase by 10 m for hammer, discus and javelin throwing.

Producer - Polanik.

Distance markers set...

Price €1,958.68

Set of 26 markers DM-35, range 30 m - 90 m increase by 5 m for hammer, discus and javelin throwing.

Producer - Polanik.

Competition discus 1,5 kg...

From Price €57.85

Competition discus. Modern construction without traditional central plate, synthetic sideplates with high fibreglass content, discus rim made of special alloy resistant to corrosion, designed for competition, IAAF certificate.

Producer - Polanik.

Discus rack POLANIK

From Price €305.79

Stationary or mobile discus rack. Capacity 26 pcs, made of steel tubes and profiles covered with powder paints.

Producer - Polanik.

Chalk stand POLANIK

Price €479.34

White fibreglass container can be closed when not used, steel powder painted pole and base, tranported in parts.

Producer - Polanik.

Competition discus Super...

From Price €541.32

Best competition discus. Sides of fibreglass. Rim of stainless steel. Certified by IAAF. The rim weight is about 87-89%

Producer - Nordic Sport.

Competition discus Master...

From Price €136.36

Competition discus of highest quality. Plastic plate and brass rim. The rim weight is about 83%.

IAAF sertified.

Producer - Nordic Sport.