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SB Heavy Basketball

Price €73.55

A common error in shooting comes from players over-emphasizing the “flick of their wrist” to the point that they extend through their wrist before they have completed the extension of their elbow. By using the Heavy Basketball, the added weight of the ball will naturally enforce the correct order of the shooting motion, by forcing players to fully press through their elbow before extending...

Medicine ball Trendy Esfera

From Price €24.79

The springing medicine ball made of rubber has a nubbed surface texture and is extremely grippy. It is easily washable and therefore super hygienic. With the built-in needle valve air can be filled in, and so the bounce can be set. The medicine ball is very sturdy and extremely durable. Weights - 1 to 10 kg.

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Weighted basketball MOLTEN

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Weighted basketball for training. Bounces like a regular basketball. Improves arm, wrist and finger strength for dribbling, passing and shooting. Helps develop power moves. Weight - aprox. 1.5 kg. Size - 6 or 7.

Rubber medicine ball Vinex

From Price €19.83

Medicine balls are made of special material, which is much better and stronger in quality comparing to the rubber medicine balls.

Producer - Vinex.