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Medicine ball Trendy Esfera

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The springing medicine ball made of rubber has a nubbed surface texture and is extremely grippy. It is easily washable and therefore super hygienic. With the built-in needle valve air can be filled in, and so the bounce can be set. The medicine ball is very sturdy and extremely durable. Weights - 1 to 10 kg.

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Weighted basketball MOLTEN

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Weighted basketball for training. Bounces like a regular basketball. Improves arm, wrist and finger strength for dribbling, passing and shooting. Helps develop power moves. Weight - aprox. 1.5 kg. Size - 6 or 7.

Rubber medicine ball Vinex

From Price €16.53

Medicine balls are made of special material, which is much better and stronger in quality comparing to the rubber medicine balls.

Producer - Vinex.