Field marking

Field marking

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Wet marking truck

Price €924.79

Stable and durable wet marking truck with diaphragm pump (1.7 to 2.4 bar adjustable) and easy to clean filter is powered by 12 volt battery. The runtime with charged battery is approximately 5 hours. The spray device is arranged at the front sight, flexible just in height as well as laterally adjustable, and by a hand lever at the handlebar to handle. As soon as the hand lever for the spray...

Football field sprinkler

Price €1,652.07

The irrigation set includes 2x 50 meter anti-torsion hose. Works from 1.5 bar water pressure. A sprinkling width is up to 48m. An irrigation length is up to 130 m. Size:  75 x 45 x 30 cm. Weight: 16,5 kg. 

Dry-marking cart

Price €263.64

High quality stable dry marking truck with a capacity of 30 liter strewmaterial. With this marking machine strew materials such as chalk powder, gypsum and lime are used. Weight: 20 kg. Roll width: 10 cm. Color intensity adjustable. 

Line marking roll

Price €371.07

High-quality marking cart (wet) with a capacity of 15 L (color mixture consumption for an entire football field: approx. 8 L). Max. filling capacity: approx. 15 L. Weight: approx. 21 kg. Roll width: 10 cm. Colour intensity adjustable. Dimensions: 95 x 65 x 90 cm. 

Wet marking cart

Price €536.36

Wet marking cart with 10 L plastic container and plastic hand pump. The sprayer is located in front of the field of view, adjustable in height, and easy to use by a hand lever on the guide rail. As soon as the hand lever for the spraying device is no longer actuated, the pump switches off. The line width can be flexibly adjusted from 50 to 120 mm. The cart has 1 plastic paint container with...

Sports ground marking paint

Price €45.45

This extra white marking paint is free of environmentally harmful toxins. The viscosity of the color concentrate is adjustable so that water and color mix together flawlessly. The color can be used in all conventional wet-marking trucs. 14 kg. The mixing ratio for the marking of one pitch depends on your needs - a ratio of 1:5 is sufficient for 3-5 fields (depending on line width). Mixing...