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Water sports

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Trolley for pool noodles

Price €147.93

Plastic trolley for sports equipment. Ideal for storing and transporting aqua fitness equipment, pool noodles. Can accommodate up to 40 pool noodles. Quick water drainage. Holds up to 20 kg.

Size: 60x40x106 cm.

Produced in Germany.

Storage Trolley for sports...

Price €114.88

Plastic trolley for sports equipment. Ideal for storing and transporting aqua fitness equipment, kick boards, floats and water equipment. Holds up to 20 kg.

Size: 60x40x74 cm

Produced in Germany.

Smart paddles for swimmers

Price €866.94

Paddles kit includes: a pair of SmartPaddles, a charging dock, access to the mobile App, access to the service (single coach account), 1 month license for a single swimmer, 5 day licenses (can be freely allocated to any swimmer).

A pair of SmartPaddle can be used with single or unlimited number of swimmers. To get started you simply create the accounts for the swimmer(s), allocate the...

Vertical swim trainer VST

Price €3,710.74

The first swim trainer that develops perfect swimming technique and fixes most of swimming mistakes. VST is used by Olympians, elite level athletes, beginners, and Learn-To-Swim programs. 

Benefits of the VST:

 - Swimmers are forced to keep perfect streamline body position by staying on a small adjustable balance platform.

 - Swimmers keep strong and rigid body muscles...

Aqua dumbbell

From Price €15.70

Adding the dumbbells to your pool fitness routine can can strengthen the muscles in your shoulders, arms, chest, back, and core. Aquatic exercises are recommended for those that cannot exercise comfortably on land, as the buoyancy of the water reduces stress on joints bones and muscles.  2 sizes/resistance levels S/M to match your individual needs. 2 units in set.

Aqua dummbells Thera-Band

From Price €17.77

A great tool for aquatic therapy and fitness. Increase range of motion in the upper and lower extremities, strengthen the lower back, abdominal muscles and obliques, and increase flexibility in the back. Enables swimmer to build muscle strength, balance and coordination and flexibility while preserving joint strength. Tone your arms, chest, shoulders and back with these easy-to-use aqua...

Aqua jogging belt

Price €20.66

Aqua jogging is health-oriented stamina training for the cardiovascular system and for promoting good health. Water exercises relieve the spine, joints and the musculo-skeletal system. Aqua jogging with the "Top" aqua jogging belt is especially suitable for beginners and those who have tried aqua sports before. Max. body weight: 100 kg.