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For couching and referee

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Sports bottle carrier

Price €12.40

Bottle carrier for 12 water bottles. Made of palstic coted wire. Great for team sports.  

Stopwatch "Alpha"

Price €13.22
Manual digital stopwatch easy to use stopwatch. Especially good for children. Small and compact. Splash-proof and shockproof. Equipped with alarm and snooze functions. Once pressed the alarm with snooze function sounds again in 5 minutes, and then in 1 hour. Particularly practical: the large LCD display makes it easier to read the time.

Stop watch "Delta"

Price €32.23

Manual digital stopwatch for sporting events, sports days or simply for training. Combines pacer, stopwatch, time and date in one device.

Technical details: 

    Display: 1/100

    LCD display: 3 lines

    Functions: addition/split/dual measuring; countdown; date...

Fox 40 Classic whistle

Price €9.09

Fox 40 is the patented classic model, three-chamber non-ball whistle with original string. The sound is 115 decibels. It is the most popular model among prefesionals. 

Producer - FOX40.


From Price €4.96

Corner flag.  Flag dimensions: 55 x 49 cm. Flag material: microfiber (water-repellent). The flag is for three different pole diameters: 32, 40 or 50 mm. Various colours.

Corner flag with ground sleeve

From Price €14.05

Corner flags - ground sleeve, pole and red flag. Pole is 160 cm long. Diameters: 32, 40 or 50 mm. Pole material: stable and highly elastic PVC. Flag dimensions: 55 x 49 cm. Flag material: microfiber (water-repellent). 

Whistle Meteor

Price €1.24

Sports plastic whistle with a string. Color: red, yellow, green, blue. Ideal for schools, training. 

Captain’s arm band

Price €4.13

Captains arm band is made of 100% polyamide. It is red-white-red. Price for one unit. 

Tactic soccer board

Price €53.72

Tactic board: 600 mm x 900 mm, 36 magnets, marker and sponge. 

Linesman flags

Price €10.74

Pair of flags made of nylon. Red / Yellow & black border. Tube is made of aluminium, 54cm long hand grip made of superior foam rubber.

Corner flag set

Price €41.32

It is made of 1,5 m. long plastic tube, with a steel peg with spring. Flag is made of polyester fabric. Sold as a set of 4 pcs. 

Whistle strap

Price €0.50

Whistle strap with metal hook. Lenght - 53 cm.

Producer - Vinex.

Caution tape

Price €14.05

Super strong caution tape / warning tape for the separation of objects. Printed on both sides. 8 cm width, 500 m lenght.

Score board Meteor

Price €21.49

Score board suitable for various games. Metal base, plastic numbers. Max. score - 999 points. Maximum number of sets - 7. Size: 55 cm x 23 cm. Perfect for schools.

Substitution board

Price €76.86

Manual substitution board which is functional on both sides. The panel has manually adjustable single segments in both red and yellow. Dimensions: approx 74 x 36 x 2 cm (WxHxD). Numbers: 0-99. Red means "player out" and Yellow means "player in."

Digital substitution board

Price €395.87

Substitution board used on both sides. The panel is equipped with a digital LED display. Solid input buttons for quick and easy selecting the numbers, located at the top left and right of the handle. Dimensions: approx 56 x 26 x 5 cm (WxHxD). Integrated rechargeable battery (incl. charging cable). Numbers: 0-99 Red = player out, Green = player in Also includes display of injury time. Reading...

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Fox 40 Classic whistle

Regular price €7.69 -€1.30 Price €6.39

Fox 40 is pealess whistle. The harder you blow, the louder the sound! Reliable, flawless consistent and penetrating sound. Used by referees and coaches at all levels who need every call to be heard and depend on its reliability. Flawless, consistent and penetrating sound keeps the referee in control of the game. Be heard above ambient noise, the roar of engines, breaking waves and gale-force...

Radar V-maxx

Price €81.82

To measure your speed or the speed of an object. Can be used in football, handball, running or inline skating, skiing, sledding, model racing track. Measuring range: up to 199 km/h