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Evasion belt

Price €11.57

Evasion belt is a perfect product for one on one evasive speed, agility and defensive training. Great for sports that require short space one on one marking up and mirroring. Perfect for Soccer, Basketball and any other team sports.

Producer - Vinex.

Pasipriešinimo guma su rankenėlėmis Body Tube Premium (raudona)
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Premium Body Tube

Regular price €19.01 -15% From Price €16.16

Premium Body tube with nylon coating for more product safety. Less chance of over-stretching, tear-proof for normal usage. PVC handles. Available in the following strengths: medium - Green; medium to heavy - Red; heavy - Blue.

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Resistance loop band...

Regular price €4.13 -15% From Price €3.51

Loop bands can be used for a variety of applications and is ideal for lower body exercises. Can increase balance, strength and flexibility. Muscle groups and tendons can be stretched and strengthened.

Battle rope
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Battle rope

Regular price €81.82 -10% From Price €73.64

Sculpt your entire body performing slams, waves, jacks, throws and pulls. Helps build core and arm strength, great for burning calories and fat. Diameter 40 mm. Length: 9; 12 and 15 m. The weight of 1m. is 1 kg.

Made in Lithuania.

Balance disc Bamusta Coxim XXL

Price €40.50

An inflatable PVC free balance disk that improves posture, balance, stability and agility. Making exercise or sitting on balance disc the core muscles (the deep pelvic muscles, abdominals, and your lower back muscles) are automatically trained and the erectness is enhanced.

Diameter - 50 cm.

Weight - 1,2 kg.

Max. weight carrying capacity - 150...

SELECT Profcare Resin

From Price €9.09

Resin with strong adhesive power specially designed for use with SELECT handballs. The resin is much easier to use and remove than other types of resins and pollute significantly less. Select Profcare Resin is allergy-friendly. Recommended and approved by IHF.

Freeze spray ICEMIX

Price €5.79

The effect of freeze spray is to relieve pain by rapidly lowering body temperature after the injury. It allows you to quickly take on further sports activity, preventing the formation of hematomas and bruises. It can be used in cryogenic therapy under the supervision of a physician. 400 ml.

Sanctband Loop, mini 22,5 cm

From Price €6.12

The Sanctband loop bands are made from natural rubber and are ideal for body exercises, designed to increase balance, strength and flexibility. The benefits of the Sanctband exercise bands are here combined with the advantages of the ring shape (no annoying knotting required).

• Width of 5cm, circumference of 45cm / folded together approx. 22,5cm,...

Massage roll Trendy Estrela

Price €16.53

The robust Fascia Massage Roll Trendy Estrela cares with its stellar stucture for excellent trigger-point therapy and complete muscle massage. Massage roll is made of EPP material which is very robust and dimensionally stable. Roll lenght 32 cm, diameter - 14 cm.

Liquid filled medicine ball...

From Price €30.58

The FluiBall is a soft silicone ball with liguid inside. It is a versatile equipment for an intensive functional workout with a wide variety of uses – whether for training in the water, at the gym or at home. Throwing, pushing away from the body, squats, push-ups to step ups. Different workouts strengthen different areas of the body. Different weight levels for any type of training....

Isoinercial training device...

Price €3,057.85

FLYCONPOWER® is made for sport training, rehabilitation and injury prevention. FLYCONPOWER® allows the user to perform movements with maximum rate of strength development and a high degree of specificity biomechanics.
The different options of exercises with FLYCONPOWER®, the freedom of movement and rotational/ or unstable conditions, permit to work effectively all the muscles used in a...

FMS test kit with slide box

Price €214.05

FMS test kit with a slide box provides a simple grading system to assess athlete/patient movement. Functional Movement Screen Tests include: Deep Squat, Hurdle Step, In-Line Lunge, Shoulder Mobility, Active Straight Leg Raise, Trunk Stability Push-Up, and Rotary Stability. Exercises are prescribed based on test results to correct weakness or...


From Price €32.23

6D SLIDING set is perfect for effective and intensive training of the entire body - thighs, core and complete muscle chains. Ideal for dynamic warm ups. Faster recovery from injuries. One of the best workout tools you can useto strengthen the glute medius and eliminate the negative effects caused by sitting for long periods of time.

6D SLIDING is an effective and versatile training...

Multifunctional fitness...

Price €486.78
The MOTR is a multi-functional space saving trainer with two variable resistance modules.   For fitness and full-body workout. You can exercise your legs and glutes also train the upper body.  Ideal for solo or group workouts. Particularly suitable for cardio, balance, functional, flexibility and strength training. You can carry out countless exercises, be it...

Power harness belt

Price €14.05

Waist belt at one end, 2-3 m long non elastic strap on the other. Suitable for explosive power and speed in the lower body training. Made for training in pairs. One athlete is running, while another creates and increases resistance.

Made in Lithuania.

TRX Club pack

Price €194.21

TRX Suspension Training Club Pack is a milestone in quality and long lifespan. This was developed to meet the high demands of daily specific use in gyms. The new TRX Suspension Trainer Club Pack features enhanced, rubber and therefore particularly well-functioning non-slip handles, reinforced with Kevlar covered compensation loop, simplified longitudinal adjustment of the...

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Plastic handles for...

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Pair of plastic handles for resistance tubing. Durable, comfortable, flex-motion grip handles. Easy and secure tubing changes.

Producer: Dittmann.

Svareliai kojoms ar rankoms 1 kg
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Regular price €5.79 -10% From Price €5.21

Cuffweights are ideal for jogging, walking, aerobics. The cuffs are made of nylon, have a practical velcro closure, can be optimally fixed on wrist or ankle. Train your arm and leg muscles while improving your stamina. The price refers to 2 pieces running weights of 500 g. (black) or 1 kg. (blue) each.

Roller Trendy Largo

Price €32.23

Optimal Pilates gym equipment for exercises, where the upper body can recline on the dimensionally stable roll. Already proven in the fascia training and fascial massage. Lenght - 90 cm, diameter - 15 cm.

MOLTEN air pump

Price €6.61

Small air pump. Easy and quick pumping up in both directions. Needle can be stored in the handle of the pump. 42 cm lenghth (incl. tube).

Power band resistance loop...

From Price €16.53

This high-quality, extra heavy band is ideal especially for intensive strengthening and stretching exercises. Due to the especially high resistance value, it is ideal for performance-oriented training in swimming, strength training, in running sport and in athletics.

The 4 different heavy band versions allow individual...

Rubber medicine ball with...

From Price €40.50

Medicine balls with rope are excellent for rotational and total body power development. Use it for swinging, rotation and circular movements to add greater strength.