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Sector line

Price €40.50

Sector line is made of 50 MM wide polypropylene webbing. Weather proof. Ideal for marking athletic sectors, courts & field boundary lines. Webbing has eyelets at every 10 metres for holding with anchors. Anchors not included.

Hammer gloves

Price €20.66

Leather left hand glove for hammer throw.

Trial hammer for children

From Price €99.17

The trial hammer is specifically designed for children and athletics beginners and enables safe hammer throw technique training. Suitable for use indoors and on the sports fields. Available in 6 different weights. 3-kg and 4-kg hammers are IAAF certified for use in school athletics. Hammer has a soft nylon handle with steel reinforcement and comfortably sits in your hand. The ø 13.5 cm ball...

Competition hammer SUPER...

From Price €45.45

Competition hammer, IAAF sertified (except 4kg). Made of cast iron precisely turned for accuracy with a smooth and painted surface.

Producer - Vinex.

Hammer cage NORDIC SPORT

Price €0.00

One of the worlds safest hammer cages. It is simple and fast to change opening for right or left hand throwers. Fulfills all international and national requirements. IAAF certified. Height 8 m, gate height 10.5 m. WITH ANCHORS, pillars screwed to anchors embedded in concrete, fast and safe cage installation. With net, tightening system based on steel wires and hooks, durable and elastic net...

Training hammer NORDIC SPORT

From Price €82.64

A competition and training hammer of cast iron. Equipped with rotating swivel, wire and a standard handle.

Producer - Nordic Sport.

Stanless steel hammer...

From Price €185.95

One of the best competition hammers on the market. Made of turned stainless steel which is very durable. Equipped with rotating swivel, wire and our competition handle. IAAF sertified.

Producer - Nordic Sport.

Hammer glove

Price €27.27

Hammer glove left,  made of genuine leather.

Producer - Polanik.

Spare hammer wire

Price €6.61

Vinex spare hammer wire. Made of steel. Lenght - 96 cm. Wire - 3.20 mm thick.

Producer - Vinex.

Competition hammer SUPER...

From Price €57.02

Vinex Super Turned Iron Shell hammer. Cast iron precisely machine turned hammer for accurate weight and diameter. Comes with IAAF approved Hammer Handles. 4 kg - IAAF sertied.

Producer - Vinex.