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Medicine ball rebounder

Price €139.67

Medicine ball rebounder. A great accessory for developing dynamic strength. Can be used inside or outside. 

Trampoline diameter: 90 cm. Height : 23 - 78 cm. Angle: 57 - 78°. Weights not included. 

Medicine ball Trendy Esfera

From Price €16.53

The springing medicine ball made of rubber has a nubbed surface texture and is extremely grippy. It is easily washable and therefore super hygienic. With the built-in needle valve air can be filled in, and so the bounce can be set. The medicine ball is very sturdy and extremely durable. Weights - 1 to 10 kg.

Sand bag Vinex
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Sand bag Vinex

Regular price €32.23 -15% From Price €27.40

Sand bag made of heavy duty PVC coated fabric with weighted bags. Sand bag helps to develop power & strength in the lower and upper body effectively. 
Producer - Vinex.

Svorinis guminis kamuolys
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Rubber medicine ball Vinex

Regular price €57.85 -30% From Price €40.50

Medicine ball made rubber. Suitable for all indoor & outdoor sports. Textured grip provides a solid grip. Inflatable, bouncing off hard floors. Ideal for bounce passes, chest passes and overhead passes.


From Price €46.28

The Esfera bag is an absolute innovative training device. It is versatile and suitable for training indoors or outdoors. The rugged and flexible weight bag is ideal for a perfect whole body workout, improving strength, stability and endurance. With this bag, the stabilizing muscles are directly affected by the free-floating mass within the bag, which is different from the conventional rigid...


Price €230.58

The rack for 5 Trendy Esfera bags. Width 57 cm / Depth 69 cm / Height 141 cm. Bags not included - price for rack only.

Leather belt for weightlifting

Price €15.70

Leather belt for weightlifting can be weared under the clothes or above them. After each use, the belt should be dried at room temperature. Do...

Medicine ball with handles...

From Price €46.28

The Trendy Esfera made of rubber with two handles has a nubbed surface texture and is extremely grippy. The handles on the ball can be held with both hands, and so used as a dumbbell. It is easily washable and therefore super hygienic. With integrated needle valve for filling with air. The medicine ball is very sturdy and extremely durable.

Medicine ball rack Vinex

Price €70.25

Double sided medicine ball rack made of steel & powder coated for durability. Holds 8 medicine balls from 1 kg to 10 kg. Easy to assemble.

The Surge

Price €205.79

The SURGE™ is a specialized training device - the tube with the water, that produces “dynamic”, unstable form of resistance. This forces the user's muscles of the trunk and joint stabilizers to challenge inpredictable movement of water. As a result the stability of the core increases, joints become more mobile. The functional training has grown in popularity, the use of water-filled...

Rubber medicine ball Vinex

From Price €16.53

Medicine balls are made of special material, which is much better and stronger in quality comparing to the rubber medicine balls.

Producer - Vinex.

Rubber medicine ball with...

From Price €40.50

Medicine balls with rope are excellent for rotational and total body power development. Use it for swinging, rotation and circular movements to add greater strength.

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Weighted vest 10 kg

Regular price €53.72 -15% Price €45.66

Weghted vest. Max. weight - 10 kg, but can be lightened by taking sand bags out. The size is adjustable. Colour - black.

Hastings medicine ball

From Price €19.83

Medicine balls are ideal for circuit training and plyometric training - especially for strength explosion. The medicine balls are also important for people that do core stability training. With the Medicine balls you can train each muscle group in your body. However, with many exercises you train more than one muscle group. 

Medicine balls are not suitable for slam exercises.


Weightlifting belt

Price €11.57

Made of neoprene foam sheet and is easily adjusted with velcro. Available in different sizes.
Producer - Vinex.