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Penalty dummies

Price €106.61

Penalty dummy made of tubular steel frame with plastic chest and 4 legs with spring mechanism. The spring allows the dummy to absorb the force and come back to its position after being hit by the ball. Allows more practice kicks in less time which saves time of the players in rearranging the dummy. Dummy comes with heavy rubber base.

Big carrying bag Vinex

Price €32.23

Bag made of PVC coated fabric with option of cardboard for extra durability at the bottom. 3 pockets in front, 1 small pocket in middle. Comes with heavy duty zipper and shoulder strap. Size: 90 x 30 x 30 cm (LxWxH). Coluor: black, yellow.

Soccer kick trainer

Price €6.61

This is a waist-attached soccer training device that enables the player to practice soccer hands-free without any partner to improve kicking, trapping, blocking & juggling skills. This trainer kit includes adjustable waist belt & adjustable cord attached to a strong snap lock and polypropylene net. Does not include soccer ball.

Big carrying bag

Price €32.23

Durable and washable carrying bag with two straps. Size: 200 x 70 x 20 cm (LxWxH). Coluor: black.

Rebounder (return frame)

Price €106.61

Adjustable angles rebounder for various ball sports. Designed for self-training exercises: receiving and driving techniques, high or low volley, juggling on the wall, goalkeeper techniques, catching rebounds, or training with more participants, such as Football Squash. Super bouncing effect. Rebounder is foldable and can be transported quickly and easily. Dimensions:...

T-PRO Back-Four-Chain Trainer

Price €114.88

T-PRO is high quality trainer for 4 men in a row and with bungee effect. This is an evolution of the classic four-chain belt. The use of the rubber cords produce the bungee effect if the positions are not respected. The players immediately notice if their position is wrong and it appears a rapid training effect for the processes in the exercise.
Product features:
 - 4 x waist belt...

Inflatable training dummy

From Price €78.51

The training dummy is an air mannequin - a modern training device that has the size and shape of a fictitious opponent. It gets stability and shape only by filling with air (body) and water (foot), thereby reducing the risk of injury to a minimum. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Applications: Goalkeeper training, Goal situations, Header Training, Technics training, Coordination...

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Penalty dummies

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These adjustable dummies can be used both indoors and outdoors. The bottom of the frame do not damage the floor, it can hold weights for stability. Foots are detatchable.