Agility training and markers

Agility training and markers

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Vikrumo žiedai 12 vnt
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Flat agility rings set Vinex

Regular price €14.88 -15% Price €12.64

Flat Agility Rings. Set of 12 units. Inner diameter - 40 cm. Jointless moulded rings. Different patterns can be created for improving body balancing and controlling.

Producer - Vinex.

Cones with hole set

Price €23.97

Plastic cones set (20 psc.). Cones with one hole on the top and 12 holes at sides. With bag.

Kūgis 40 cm
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Regular price €5.37 -25% From Price €4.03

Two colour - stripped plastic cones. 40 or 46 cm. height.

Speed reaction ball

From Price €4.13

Speed reaction balls are made of rubber. Diameter - 7 cm. or 10 cm. Colour - yellow. Balls leap and pop randomly, keeping players on their toes. Can be used to play between team sports players, or rebound it against a wall for independent training. It works against all hard surfaces or walls and can be used as a fun way to improve technique in drills and training exercises.

Set of slalom poles with...

Price €73.55

Set of 12 slalom poles with spikes. Height - 1.60 m. Daimeter - 2,5 cm. Spike with spring can be detached.

Rubber base for slalom poles

Price €7.44

22 cm. diameter rubber base for 2,5 cm. diameter plastic slalom pole. Colour - black. Weight - 1,2 kg. Diameter - 22 cm. Price for one base. Poles are sold separately.

Slalom pole 2,5 cm.

From Price €2.73

Yellow plastic poles available in different sizes with plastic lids at both ends.

Cone with holes

From Price €5.54

Hat shaped plastic cones with 12 holes on the sides or 12 holes on the sides + one hole at the top to hold the poles of 25 mm diameter.

Agility Pole Hurdle Set

Price €20.66

A versatile pole hurdle set can be used to weave through, duck under, or jump over. Endless possibilities for agility drills, jump training and fun. Adjustable hurdle height.

Vikrumo kopetėlės (fiksuotų tarpų) 9m
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Flat fixed agility ladder 9 m.

Regular price €40.50 -15% Price €34.42

9 m. long agility ladder with flat fixed rungs. With bag and handle - easy to transport.

Producer - Vinex.

Spike slalom poles set with...

Price €65.29

Set of 12 slalom spike poles. Poles have spring with thick rubber sleeve that helps them to return back, when hit. Poles are made of strong plastic. A bag for carrying. 

Plastic cone

From Price €2.48

Assorted colours hat shaped cone made of plastic. Various height.

Set of dome shaped cones

Price €18.18

Dome shaped cones 19 cm. in diameter and 5 cm." high made of plastic. Available in assorted colours. Set of 50 psc. with plastic stand.

Zigzaginės plokštelės (neslystančios)
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Anti skid crisscross sticks

Regular price €21.49 -20% From Price €17.19

Crisscross sticks with anti-skid function for outdoor and indoor use. It can be used to perform different kinds of drills by adjusting the sticks in different directions from simpler to more complicated drills.

Anti skid agility ladder

From Price €26.45

Soft and flexible ladder with a bag. Anti skid agility ladder is perfect for indoor & outdoor use. 4 or 9 meters long, 42 or 57 cm width.

Producer - Vinex.

Set of marking discs

Price €17.36

10 psc. one colour flat marking discs in a bag. 15,5 cm. diameter. Red or white colour.

Agility rings - ladder METEOR

Price €17.36

This agility ladder, made of rings is perfect for running exercises. It's great for physical education competitions at schools, as it improves motor coordination. The rings are made of high-quality durable plastic, connected with velcro straps. Rings' colours: green, blue, yellow, red.

10 cm. cone IAAF sertified

Price €3.31

Soft & flexible cone as per IAAF specifications. Available in red and yellow colour. 10 cm. height.

Swiveling connector clip

Price €0.74

Black swiveling (rotation) connector clip, suitable for 25 mm diameter poles or hoops. Price for one clip. Poles and hoops are sold separately.

Slalom pole with base

Price €13.22

32 mm diameter and 1,8 m high slalom poles with stable 400 g PVC base. Suitable for artificial fields and in the sports hall. Base colour - yellow. Available pole colours: orange, blue, red, yellow, neon green, pink, white or black.

Showing 1-20 of 35 item(s)