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Tapes and freeze sprays

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Freeze spray ICEMIX

Price €5.79

The effect of freeze spray is to relieve pain by rapidly lowering body temperature after the injury. It allows you to quickly take on further sports activity, preventing the formation of hematomas and bruises. It can be used in cryogenic therapy under the supervision of a physician. 400 ml.

Sports Tape ULTIMATE...

Price €2.89

Zinc oxide trainer's tape. High quality 100% cotton fabric tape. Latex Free. Hypoallergenic. Each roll measures 38 mm X 13,7 m.

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Kinesiology tape kit

Regular price €73.55 -20% Price €58.84

The basic kit includes a daily use aluminum case consisting of:  6 rolls of kinesiology tape; 150 ml sports and cooling gel, 1 tape scissors, 150 ml adhesive spray. 

Kinesiology tape in a 5 m. roll. For muscles and joints, no major restrictions on movement, high wearing comfort. Breathable, air-permeable and water-resistant. Material: 90% cotton, 10% elastane, latex-free.


Kinesiology tape ULTIMATE

Price €8.26

This taping technique can be applied over muscles to help reduce any pain or inflammation.  It can also help relax overused and tires muscles and support the muscle movement.  Kinesiology tape has been designed to aid the natural healing process of the body by helping to increase the blood flow around the muscle. 

Cooling and compressed air...

Price €28.93

The cooling and compressed air bandage for the hand acts cooling and stabilizing by compression. It is used to relieve pain and swelling and can be used for bruises, strains, sport injuries and inflammation. The bandage has a universal size and can be adjusted by a Velcro fastener. Preassure is regulated by air pomp.

Producer - Dittmann, Germany.

Freeze spray Sport-Thieme

Price €6.20

Application: spray freeze spray from approx. 10-15 cm distance to the injured body place - bruices or strains - to relieve pain by rapidly lowering body temperature. Contains: 400 ml.

Sport tape

Price €2.73

The white sport tape is made of inelastic cotton and is easy to tear off by hand. Due to its high adhesive strength, the tape is well suited for use in orthopedic care and physiotherapy, as well as muscle, ligament, tendon, and joint injuries prevention. Width - 3,8 cm, lenght - 10 m.