Jump height measurement

Jump height measurement

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Vertical jump measuring device

From Price €511.57

A device that measures a player's vertical jump. Easy conversion of blades by using bottom control with two bearings. Used pressure spring keeps the blades in a slight resistance. The height of the leaves can be adjusted with a screw. Measurement in the range (170 cm) 210 cm - 370 cm. Two options: with or without base. The base consists of a leg with load and a guide arm, the load is 15 kg....

BROWER Vertical jump measuring

Price €1,073.55

- Measures vertical jump by subtracting an athlete's standing reach from each vertical jump
- Instant feedback. Button for average and best jump memory recall
- Self test, no operator required
- High throughput, measures 5 athletes per minute
- 48” detection zone allows for wide height range of athletes without the need for adjusting the unit’s position
- High...