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SH Shooting basketball

Price €73.55

The Shooting Basketball is the most natural, uncomplicated, and proven accountability for players to learn how to properly hold the basketball when shooting and working on shooting form. The Shooting Basketball is the first ever ball designed to provide rotational feedback while providing visual and physical grooves to help any player find and feel the right hand placement for them....

Wilson FIBA 3x3

Price €40.50

Ball for schools, kids training. Official size and weight. 

Weighted Tennis Ball

Price €10.74

Micah Lancaster created the Weighted Tennis Ball exclusively for the game of basketball. The Weighted Tennis Ball is made to improve hand speed and strength in training. It has less bounce for better accountability in drills, and forces players to play at more realistic levels of low. It is easier to grab and control, making training more efficient with less mess. 

SB Heavy Basketball

Price €73.55

A common error in shooting comes from players over-emphasizing the “flick of their wrist” to the point that they extend through their wrist before they have completed the extension of their elbow. By using the Heavy Basketball, the added weight of the ball will naturally enforce the correct order of the shooting motion, by forcing players to fully press through their elbow before extending...

Med GRIPBALL for basketball...

From Price €18.18

The Med GripBall was designed by Micah Lancaster for basketball training purposes. It fills with air just like a basketball to keep softness and shape. Its textured rubber grip makes it easier to hold and control. The balls do not bounce, allowing for players to slam and toss them to spots on the floor without the ball rolling away, while the soft nature of the Med GripBall eliminates risk...

Training basketball

From Price €9.92

The Sport-Thieme "Training" basketball is made from a rubber mix and has exceptional rebound properties. Its robust surface makes the basketball perfect for outdoor use and also as a street basketball.

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Molten BGR6

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Weighted basketball MOLTEN

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Weighted basketball for training. Bounces like a regular basketball. Improves arm, wrist and finger strength for dribbling, passing and shooting. Helps develop power moves. Weight - aprox. 1.5 kg. Size - 6 or 7.