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Hastigs step deck

Price €156.20

The Hastings Adjustable Step Deck lets you perform cardio workouts based on aerobic stepping. In addition, you can use it as a weight bench (flat, incline and decline positions possible; 3 positions). Step height of 20 cm is ideal for low impact aerobics. To increase the intensity, unfold the two ground supports to simple create a height of 35 cm. The step section and the ground supports are...

Pilates ball Meteor

Price €3.72

The ball is made of a soft PVC material. Diameter - 20 cm. Weight ~ 90 g. Perfect for children, rehabilitation, pilates, on beachinto the water.

Liquid filled medicine ball...

From Price €48.76

The FluiBall is a soft silicone ball with liguid inside. It is a versatile equipment for an intensive functional workout with a wide variety of uses – whether for training in the water, at the gym or at home. Throwing, pushing away from the body, squats, push-ups to step ups. Different workouts strengthen different areas of the body. Different weight levels for any type of training....


Price €189.26

Reebok deck with djustable height: 20 cm and 35 cm. Use as a stepper, weight bench or exercise seat. Storage possibilities for your training equipment. Adjustable seat / backrest with three positions. Even negative bench press possible. Max. weight: 110 kg. Setup Dimensions: (L) 110 x (W) 35 x (H) 21 cm. 

Yoga block

Price €6.61

Yoga block is an indispensable aid for yoga exercise. Mesurement: 23 x 15 x 7,5 cm. Colour - orange. 

Aerobic step

Price €73.55

Depending on fitness level or exercise a height of 15 cm, 20 cm or 25 cm can be selected. The surface is not slippery. The rubber feet ensure a firm footing.

Body bar rack

Price €131.40

Metal rack for 16 Trendy body bars. Width 30 cm / Depth 35 cm / Height 120 cm.

Body bar Trendy

From Price €14.88

The weight bar is for physical strain in several weight class from 1 kg – 10 kg. Size 125 cm. Diameter 30 mm.

Pilates ring

Price €19.83

With the original Pilates Ring all exercises become even more effective. The rubberized coating provides a comfortable use. Diameter - 38 cm. Suitable for aerobics and rehabilitation. Washable handles.


Price €4.96

It is a soft, light and resistant ball, which allows to perform a wide range of exercises that vary from muscle strengthening to low-impact exercises. It is an ideal tool for several isometric exercises, suitable for activities with children and elderly, is used in prenatal and postpartum classes and it is included in the Pilates method. It is easy to inflate by mouth. It can be folded and...

Reebok Balance Core Board

Price €214.05

The unstable platform helps to improve strength and function of the core muscles with its ability to tilt, twist and recoil against the body’s natural movements. Non-slip surface provides a great platform for aerobic training to help improve balance and core strength. Two adjustable difficulty level. Eight attachment points are located around the platform to attach resistance bands. Size: 72...

Swing stick Trendy

Price €14.88

The perfect training device with variable applications. Take advantage of the momentum generated by the rod. Washable plastic handles. Lenght 158 cm. Weight 0,75 kg.

Reebok step

Price €106.61

Adjustable to 3 different heights: 15, 20 and 25 cm. Compact and stackable design. Dimensions: 102 cm (L) x 38,5 cm (W) x 25 cm (H).  Non-slip sweat resistant workout surface. Solid build quality. Quick and easy to clean. Rubber feet prevent slipping and absorb impact.

Medicine ball

From Price €6.20

Flexible medicine ball with comfortable grip. Softness adjustable by inflating. The ball is the perfect addition to your exercise program by increasing the training of the arms, shoulders and upper body. It can also be integrated into your Pilates exercises. 

Weight: 0.5 kg - 1 kg. 

Diameter: 10 cm.