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Multifunctional fitness...

Price €486.78
The MOTR is a multi-functional space saving trainer with two variable resistance modules.   For fitness and full-body workout. You can exercise your legs and glutes also train the upper body.  Ideal for solo or group workouts. Particularly suitable for cardio, balance, functional, flexibility and strength training. You can carry out countless exercises, be it...

T-Bar core trainer

Price €40.50

T-Bar can be mounted on the metal rack and is the ideal addition to a barbell with a diameter of 50mm.  Insert barbell in the T-bar and you have plenty of new possibilities. The intensity of the exercises you can simply determine yourself by the weight you place on the end of the barbell. You can make shoulder presses, barbell row, squats, jumps. With these exercises...

Cuffweights Meteor

From Price €6.61

Cuffweights are ideal for jogging, walking, aerobics. The cuffs are made of nylon, have a practical velcro closure, can be optimally fixed on wrist or ankle. Train your arm and leg muscles while improving your stamina. The price refers to 2 pieces running weights of 500 g.; 1 kg. or 2 kg.

Rubber medicine ball with...

From Price €40.50

Medicine balls with rope are excellent for rotational and total body power development. Use it for swinging, rotation and circular movements to add greater strength.

Endless rope trainer REVVLL

Price €825.62

Endless rope trainer (or rope resistance trainers) are probably the most effective way to train strength and endurance in the upper body and core. Since you are standing during training your legs have to work, too. Rope resistance training offers the highest time-under-tension and a constant but adjustable resistance for all pushing and pulling movements. Revvll systems are extremely...

Body bar rack

Price €131.40

Metal rack for 16 Trendy body bars. Width 30 cm / Depth 35 cm / Height 120 cm.

Body bar Trendy

From Price €13.22

The weight bar is for physical strain in several weight class from 1 kg – 10 kg. Size 125 cm. Diameter 30 mm.

Barbell and plates set

Price €78.51
Set weight 18,5 kg. Barbell with rubberized grip. Plates with vinyl coating (iron core) and handle insert.  
 - 1 pair of vinyl plates 1,25 KG/ 2,5 KG/ 5 KG
 - 1 barbell 140 cm with rubberized grip, weight - 1 kg.
 - 1 pair of spring locks

Swing stick Trendy

Price €14.88

The perfect training device with variable applications. Take advantage of the momentum generated by the rod. Washable plastic handles. Lenght 158 cm. Weight 0,75 kg.