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Power harness belt

Price €14.05

Waist belt at one end, 2-3 m long non elastic strap on the other. Suitable for explosive power and speed in the lower body training. Made for training in pairs. One athlete is running, while another creates and increases resistance.

Made in Lithuania.

Agility Pole Hurdle Set

Price €20.66

A versatile pole hurdle set can be used to weave through, duck under, or jump over. Endless possibilities for agility drills, jump training and fun. Adjustable hurdle height.

Radar V-maxx

Price €81.82

To measure your speed or the speed of an object. Can be used in football, handball, running or inline skating, skiing, sledding, model racing track. Measuring range: up to 199 km/h

Weightlifting belt

Price €11.57

Made of neoprene foam sheet and is easily adjusted with velcro. Available in different sizes.
Producer - Vinex.

Whistle Sonic

Price €0.99

Whistles made of plastic with plastic pea inside. Sounds well even when wet. Colours: yellow, green, blue, black.

Producer - Vinex.

Balance trainer Trendy Meia

Price €106.61

The balance trainer Trendy Meia is a versatile training tool to tone and strengthen your body, improve core strength, lose weight, or simply get healthy and fit.Any exercise performed on the ground may be moved onto the balance trainer to amplify the challenge and increase results. Take advantage of using the top and the bottom! Skidproof and safe...

Slack Nut®

From Price €1,231.40

The Slack Nut® mini is a bowl-shaped panel which rocks side to side with two slacklines stretched over it. It offers a variety of exercise opportunities and an effective workout for all abilities. Ideal for rehabilitation, injury prevention and team sport or  fitness training, coordination, strength and balance training. Stimulates all muscles.

The "Mini" Slack Nut® is a very...

Leather belt for weightlifting

Price €15.70

Leather belt for weightlifting can be weared under the clothes or above them. After each use, the belt should be dried at room temperature. Do...

Rebounder (return frame)

Price €106.61

Adjustable angles rebounder for various ball sports. Designed for self-training exercises: receiving and driving techniques, high or low volley, juggling on the wall, goalkeeper techniques, catching rebounds, or training with more participants, such as Football Squash. Super bouncing effect. Rebounder is foldable and can be transported quickly and easily. Dimensions:...

Stroops Beast Battle Rope

From Price €164.46

It's a new innovation in battle ropes. With this nylon covered elastic battle rope the workout isn’t limited to shoulders - the beast fights back gainst every movement and demands muscle contractions throughout the entire body. The rope is suitable for a full body workout. Attach the Stroops Beast Battle Rope to an object as low as possible or let a trainings partner hold it and it is ready...

Plyobox set

Price €421.49

The Plyobox is made of square steel tubes and the surface is coated with a rubber anti-slip coating. The bottom frame has rubber pads to prevent shifting, so you have maximum grip. The design is very stable, easy to stack and suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

With plyometric training you can increase the explosive power of the muscles. Think of jump training, where you jump a few...

Air pressure manometer Meteor

Price €7.44

Air pressure manometer suitable for many ball sports such as football, handball, basketball, volleyball, etc. 

SKLZ® Goalshot

Price €247.11

The SKLZ Goalshot is a must-have for any football training session. The football trainer consists of a mesh with cut-out corners and can be attached to any football goal (7.32x2.44 m) using Velcro fasteners. With the SKLZ Goalshot players can concentrate on all four corners, improve their accuracy, hitting specific target zones that are particularly hard for goalkeepers to stop. 

Perform better mini band

From Price €5.79

Minibands which stretch up to twice their length – ideal for on the pitch, in the gym or at home. Four varying resistance levels from Light to Extra Heavy. Yellow, Green, Blue and Black. Mini Bands 22cm (9”) long x 5cm (2”) wide.

Cuffweights Meteor
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Cuffweights Meteor

Regular price €5.79 -10% From Price €5.21

Cuffweights are ideal for jogging, walking, aerobics. The cuffs are made of nylon, have a practical velcro closure, can be optimally fixed on wrist or ankle. Train your arm and leg muscles while improving your stamina. The price refers to 2 pieces running weights of 500 g.; 1 kg. or 2 kg.

Sling trainer Trendy

Price €65.29

This Trendy Laçada sling trainer can be suspended from the ceiling, the door frame or special scaffold. Stable and absolutely safe thanks to the high quality of the ropes, the anti-slip handles and also the stainless-steel-carabiner. Various levels of difficulty. Various exercises: cymbal lifter with side support, side position; pelvis lifter in back position; push up, butterfly; knee...

Power speed sled

Price €45.45

Power and speed sled made from powder coated steel. Comes with 3m strap and waist belt. Just put weight plates on sled to develop unstoppable endurance, speed and power. Weight plates are not included. Sled size: 34 x 20 cm. Height: 11 cm. 

Pasipriešinimo guma su rankenėlėmis Body Tube Premium (raudona)
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Premium Body Tube

Regular price €19.01 -15% From Price €16.16

Premium Body tube with nylon coating for more product safety. Less chance of over-stretching, tear-proof for normal usage. PVC handles. Available in the following strengths: medium - Green; medium to heavy - Red; heavy - Blue.

Sport tape

Price €2.73

The white sport tape is made of inelastic cotton and is easy to tear off by hand. Due to its high adhesive strength, the tape is well suited for use in orthopedic care and physiotherapy, as well as muscle, ligament, tendon, and joint injuries prevention. Width - 3,8 cm, lenght - 10 m.

Anti skid agility ladder

From Price €26.45

Soft and flexible ladder with a bag. Anti skid agility ladder is perfect for indoor & outdoor use. 4 or 9 meters long, 42 or 57 cm width.

Producer - Vinex.

Whistle strap

Price €0.50

Whistle strap with metal hook. Lenght - 53 cm.

Producer - Vinex.

Balance pad Bamusta Cuatro

Price €35.54

Balance pad is ideal for fitness, therapy, rehabilitation and effective workout at home. The quadrangular Bamusta Cuatro pad is made from 60 mm thick closed cellular foam material. Excellent damping properties, non-slip structure, water resistant and easy to clean. When stepping on the balance pad, the body weight creates a compression which challenges the user's balance and...