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Power speed sled

Price €45.45

Power and speed sled made from powder coated steel. Comes with 3m strap and waist belt. Just put weight plates on sled to develop unstoppable endurance, speed and power. Weight plates are not included. Sled size: 34 x 20 cm. Height: 11 cm. 

TRX Club pack

Price €194.21

TRX Suspension Training Club Pack is a milestone in quality and long lifespan. This was developed to meet the high demands of daily specific use in gyms. The new TRX Suspension Trainer Club Pack features enhanced, rubber and therefore particularly well-functioning non-slip handles, reinforced with Kevlar covered compensation loop, simplified longitudinal adjustment of the...

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Flat agility rings set Vinex

Regular price €14.88 -15% Price €12.64

Flat Agility Rings. Set of 12 units. Inner diameter - 40 cm. Jointless moulded rings. Different patterns can be created for improving body balancing and controlling.

Producer - Vinex.

Single ball carrying bag

Price €2.48

Single ball carrying bag is made of polyester mesh cloth fabric. Good enough to carry one ball and a pair of shoes.

Speed reaction ball

From Price €4.13

Speed reaction balls are made of rubber. Diameter - 7 cm. or 10 cm. Colour - yellow. Balls leap and pop randomly, keeping players on their toes. Can be used to play between team sports players, or rebound it against a wall for independent training. It works against all hard surfaces or walls and can be used as a fun way to improve technique in drills and training exercises.

Vertical jump trainer

Price €20.66

Vertical jump trainer is perfect for sports like volleyball, basketball or any other that involves jumping. Designed to give your legs explosive drive and power, trainer consist of waist belt and attached resistance bands with straps. It srengthens your lower body muscles and maximizes your vertical jump. Possible to work in groups - one athlete is jumping and other two - hold the resistance...

TRX Pro pack

Price €222.31

The TRX Pro is most versatile Suspension Trainer and designed to let you fully personalize your workout. It has adjustable and padded foot cradles, upgraded webbing, and custom antimicrobial-treated textured rubber handles. It also features 3 types of anchoring solutions for different workout locations. Includes TRX Pro Suspension Trainer, our pro trainer 8-week workout program, 5 body-part...

Tactic soccer board

Price €12.40

Made of PVC fabric, with one side full field printing. Includes 1 X white board marker. Size: 35 cm X 22 cm

Handball net 3x2 m

Price €45.45

The mesh is made of high quality polyethylene. Durable. Strong. Size: 3 x 2 x 0.8 x 1.0 m. Eye size: 10 x 10 cm. Set of 2 units.

Ball carrying net

Price €3.31

Ball carrying net made from mesh fabric to carry 10-12 balls.

Leg speed tube

Price €13.22

Leg speed tube resists and strengthens singular leg movements which helps increase power, speed and recovery. Can be used in slow rehabilitation or fast for sprinting speed and kicking training. Strap it to a pole, a goalpost or another...

Reebok Balance Core Board

Price €214.05

The unstable platform helps to improve strength and function of the core muscles with its ability to tilt, twist and recoil against the body’s natural movements. Non-slip surface provides a great platform for aerobic training to help improve balance and core strength. Two adjustable difficulty level. Eight attachment points are located around the platform to attach resistance bands. Size: 72...

Cones with hole set

Price €23.97

Plastic cones set (20 psc.). Cones with one hole on the top and 12 holes at sides. With bag.

Caution tape

Price €14.05

Super strong caution tape / warning tape for the separation of objects. Printed on both sides. 8 cm width, 500 m lenght.

Football goal post 3 x 2 m.

From Price €271.90

Metal football goal post made of steel or aliuminium. Size: 2 x 3 m. Depth: 80 cm, 100 cm. Net is not included.

Made in Lithuania.

Lateral resistor

From Price €15.70

Lateral resistor helps to develop first-step quickness and lateral speed, strengthen key muscles for fluid movement and proper body positioning. Padded adjustable velcro ankle cuffs fit most athletes. Velcro removes quickly to change up training or swap between athletes.

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Flat fixed agility ladder 9 m.

Regular price €40.50 -15% Price €34.42

9 m. long agility ladder with flat fixed rungs. With bag and handle - easy to transport.

Producer - Vinex.