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  • Slalom pole with base


    32 mm diameter and 1,8 m high slalom poles with stable 400 g PVC base. Suitable for artificial fields and in the sports hall. Base colour - yellow. Available pole colours: orange, blue, red, yellow, neon green, pink, white or black.

  • Multifunctional agility ladder

    An innovative multifunctional agility ladder for coordination and speed training made from durable plastic. Using plastic connectors, the 6 hexagonal elements (ø 60 cm) can be assembled as a coordination ladder (L: 3.6 m). Using the 12 connectors, the hexagons can also be made into 6 training hurdles (H: 23 cm). After use, simply fold the hexagons in the middle and store them in the practical bag to save space.
  • Flat agility hurdle
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    Flat agility hurdle

    €5.50 €6.50 From
    A perfect training hurdle for quick knee lift and stepping. Position hurdles for agility drills, running drills and plyometric jumps. Constructed with durable heavy duty flat PVC tubing, very light in weight. 
  • Flat hoop

    €3.00 From

    Jointless moulded flat hoop made of high quality plastic. Can be used with multipurpose base.

  • Slalom pole multipurpose base


    This multipurpose base is made of plastic. It can be used for flat hoops or 18 mm round hoops or 25 mm-26 mm poles. The plastic pole can be attached to the cone at different position to attain 3 height levels 5 cm, 7.5 cm & 10 cm to train different age groups. This base can be filled with sand or water.

  • Hexagonal speed and agility...


    Agility ladder made of hexagon hoops connected using strong plastic clips. This is an ultimate ladder to perform various kinds of drills using hexagon hoops. Includes six hoops and six clips. Folds easily.

  • Agility ladder 2 in 1


    New design agility ladder made of durable lightweight PVC plastic. Featuring foldable rungs, which allow the user to either use it as a flat ladder or 10 cm. raised hurdles. Rungs are connected with thin plastic tubes & elastic cord making it fast to lay on floor and ready to use in a fraction of a second. Comes neatly packed in a bag for easy storage and transportation. With 10 rungs. Distance between rungs - 44 cm. Total lenght - approx. 4 m.

  • Slalom pole

    €3.10 From

    25 mm diameter and different high spare slalom poles.

  • Swiveling connector clip


    Black swiveling (rotation) connector clip, suitable for 25 mm diameter poles or hoops. Price for one clip. Poles and hoops are sold separately.

  • Anti skid agility ladder

    €32.00 From

    Soft and flexible ladder with a bag. Anti skid agility ladder is perfect for indoor & outdoor use. 4 or 9 meters long, 42 or 57 cm width.

    Producer - Vinex.

  • Anti skid crisscross sticks

    €18.00 From

    Crisscross sticks with anti-skid function for outdoor and indoor use. It can be used to perform different kinds of drills by adjusting the sticks in different directions from simpler to more complicated drills.

  • Hurdle height raiser
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    Hurdle height raiser


    Plastic hurdle height raiser with holder. Increases the hurdle height up to 23 cm.

    30% discount for 10 psc.

  • Spike slalom poles set with...


    Set of 12 slalom spike poles. Poles have spring with thick rubber sleeve that helps them to return back, when hit. Poles are made of strong plastic. A bag for carrying. 

  • Flat fixed agility ladder 9 m.
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    Flat fixed agility ladder 9 m.

    €41.65 -15% €49.00

    9 m. long agility ladder with flat fixed rungs. With bag and handle - easy to transport.

    Producer - Vinex.

  • Agility Pole Hurdle Set


    A versatile pole hurdle set can be used to weave through, duck under, or jump over. Endless possibilities for agility drills, jump training and fun. Adjustable hurdle height. Great for field and court sports. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use. The set includes 2 poles (1,6 m.) 1 pole (1 or 1,2 m.), 2 dome bases, 2 connector clips.

  • Rubber base for slalom poles


    22 cm. diameter rubber base for 2,5 cm. diameter plastic slalom pole. Colour - black. Weight - 1,2 kg. Diameter - 22 cm. Price for one base. Poles are sold separately.

  • Plastic training hurdle

    €5.50 From

    Plastic durable training hurdle. Available height: 15, 23, 30, 45 cm. Perfect for jump, agility, coordination, speed training. Suitable for track and field, football, basketball athletes - beginners and professionals.

    15% discount for 12 psc.