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BS Toys Crab fishing

Price €29.75

It's time for crab fishing! This lovely crab family likes to hold hands. Can you pick them one by one. Who will catch more crabs? Who wants to win? Who will make the longest crab chain or catch all the family hand by hand? 

Material: Wood

Age: 3+

2 fishing rods and 10 crabs.

Crab Size: 15 x 8,5 x 1,8 cm.

BS Toys Color target

Price €21.49

Red vs Blue. Pull & shoot! How many targets can you knock down? When all targets are down, the team with the most points wins. 

2 bows, 2 pucks and 15 targets

Age: 6+  

Material: plywood.

Bows size: 16×9.5 cm

Target size: 7×6 cm

Puck diameter: 6 cm

BS Toys Veggie

Price €29.75

What a challenge to look for some tasy ingredients in the pan! Roll the dice and rotate the lid. Now use the tweezer to collect your vegetables. Put them on your plate, but don’t drop the veggies on the table or on your plate. It would be a waste of food!

Material: Wood

Product Size:

  • Height: 24 cm
  • ...

BS Toys game "Speed bows"

Price €23.97

BS Toys game "Speed bows" is fun colourful game for 2-4 kids. Every player gets a set of colourful bows and recreates the image that they see on the card in front of them. If you are the first to finish, you’ll win the card!

64 bows, 40 cards with 80 patterns in 4 different levels.

Material: Cards are made of paper. Rainbow parts are made of wood. 

Age: 6+

BS Toys Triangle domino

Price €28.10

In this game, players try to put triangles with matching colours together, creating beautiful shapes! Will you be the first to get rid of all your tiles? This game promotes spatial awareness and dexterity, and the use of colours makes it suitable for young and old alike. 

Recomended age: 6 years, but suitable from 3 years old. 

Size of each domino measures 10cm.

BS Toys Domino train

Price €28.10

The BS Toys Domino Train provides your child hours of exciting playtime and helps develop their colour and number recognition skills. This is a super cool domino version! Can you connect the colours, numbers and symbols or other characteristics of the wagons? The wagons can stand upright and are printed on both sides

28 vagons are made of wood.

Bag included.

Suitable for...

BS Toys Balance Buddies

Price €34.71

Throw the dice and add a buddy of the same color to the balance. But watch out! Don’t bring the seesaw out of balance, because if a buddy slips off, you lose!

Material: MDF

Product Size:

  • Length 10 cm
  • Width 50 cm

BS Toys Crocodile

Price €18.18

The crocodile is always hungry! Help him to eat his fish by pushing all the bubbles out of his mouth. Do this very carefully, because the fish must remain in his mouth.You know that a crocodile without a meal is not a happy animal!

Material: Wood

Product Size:

  • Length 20 cm
  • Height 21...

BS Toys Ice Dream

Price €23.14

BS Toys Ice Dream is so delicious! Take a card and pile up the different flavours to create the ice cream shown on the card. The first person who makes the ice cream, without dropping the flavours, wins the game. Also fun to use your favourite flavours and create the perfect ice-cream for each other!

Material: Wood.

Product Size: one complete icecream 250 mm, cards 100 x 160...

BS Toys Stack towers

Price €27.27

Build the most beautiful towers and learn playfully about shapes and colors, and train your spatial awareness. With twelve sample cards, you can play this game in different difficulty levels or you can just build your own tower! What will your city look like?

BS Toys Crocket

Price €32.23

Crocket from BS Toys. Follow the rainbow route by getting the ball through all the gates. The player who gets his/her own ball through all the gates with the lowest number of strokes as possible, wins the game. Great for indoor as well as outdoor.

Material: wood.

Size: 45,5×16,7×5,9 cm.

Gonge® Fishing rod and 5 fish

Price €70.25

The shoal of 5 small fish is ideal for free play, but also perfect for teaching situations. Children are able to hide small items in the 'belly' of the shoal fish as part of memory, sorting and naming games in linguistic or cognitive learning. Children can catch most fish or find a certain item hidden among the fish. The element of surprise in discovering what the fish has 'eaten' provides...

Large Tower

Price €61.98

There are so many different things you can do with these blocks! Build a high tower and remove blocks without knocking the tower down or use them as construction blocks.

Material: wood

Product Size: Blocks: 20 x 4.5 x 2.5 cm

Tower max 1 meter. 

Including 60 blocks, 1 dice.