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Traditional games

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BS Toys draughts

Price €31.40

Wooden draughts (20 white + 20 black). Non-woven board size : 85 x 85 cm. 


Price €6.61

Chessboard made of cardboard, covered with PVC sheet, foam padded. King Size - 43 cm.

FIDE Professional chess...

Price €48.76

 FIDE approved Digital Clock with Bonus time option and 36 pre-programmed settings to cater for all types of games!

Complies with all FIDE clock regulations;
Correctly implement official FIDE time control;
Add 2nd period time only after 1st period time expires if 40th move made;
Color on lever indicates side to move, visible from 10 meters;
36 pre-programmed...

Magnetic rollable demo...

Price €37.19

Magnetic chess board is made of wood and metal.

Board size: 64 x 64 cm.

Field size: 7 x 7 cm.

Rollup chessboard No. 6

Price €6.61

Rollup chessboard  size no. 6. Thick 2 mm. Field color: white and brown. Size: 51 x 51 cm. Field size: 57 x 57 mm. Weight: 0.10 kg.

Chess Tournament STAUNTON...

Price €48.76

Chess Tournament STAUNTON Nr. 6. Chessboard inlaid walnut / maple. 

Dimension of the board: 53 x 53 x 3 cm.

Dimension field Chess: 57 x 57 mm.

Wooden figures placed into a special cartridge inside the chessboard.

The height of the king: 98 mm.

Weight total: 1,8 kg.

Chess clock

Price €32.23

Quartz chess clock. Requires one AA battery (not included). Size: 20 x 12 x 5,3 cm. Plastic casing, silent work. 

Chess Vinex

Price €6.61

Plastic chess at a plastic box. King size - 9,2 cm. Colour - Black / White.


Price €5.79

Plastic chess. King size: 8 cm.


Price €4.13

Full colour printed chessboard made of cardboard.