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Team Tower

Price €65.29

This game can be played without much preparation by any number of children or adults from 2 to 12. The Team Tower set gives fun both outdoors and indoors, while cultivating motor skills and coordination. Setting up and completing the tower is a team-minded and communicative activity. Describing actions and situations within the group serves to promote individual speech development combined...

Street chalk in a bucket 15...

From Price €3.31

Chalks for long-lasting painting fun in the street! The 15 gigantic chalks in the practical bucket with its carrying strap are indispensable whenever ‘works of art’ or hopscotch squares need to be drawn onto the asphalt. Measurements: Ø 2 x 9.5 cm.

BS Toys "Lighthouse relay"

Price €21.49

Help! The lighthouse has fallen over and the parts are scattered everywhere. Each player or team has a color and must quickly help the lighthouse keeper by racing for parts and collecting them all. Can you complete and rebuild the lighthouse without tipping it over again? A nerve-wracking racing game that also allows you to train your balance and hand-eye coordination unnoticed! Material -...

Swoosh ball BS Toys

Price €13.22

Swoosh! Let the ball move from one side to the other by holding the handles together or pulling them wide apart. This fast, fun, and well-known toy has a nice wooden look. The handles and ball are made of 100% FSC wood. Two ropes 2 m long. 6+ years

Video apačioje!!!

Pulley set BS Toys

Price €18.18

Your own ropeway, how cool is that? Tie the rope with the pulleys on both sides and pull the rope to get the bucket and bag moving. Send each other notes or little surprises. The ideal toy to freely play with for hours. Material: metal, fabric and polyamide

2 short ropes 75cm | long rope 6 meters | bucket 12cm x 11.5cm x 6.5 | bag 18.5 x 14.5cm

Watch video below!

Soccer tin

Price €18.18

Stack the cans and play football! Can you knock over everything at once? When you have practiced well, line up the cans and try to shoot them one by one.

Metal, plastic. 6 tins, 11 x 11 x 10 cm | football, Ø 10 cm

Target "Feed the penguin"

Price €29.75

These happy penguins are in for some fish! Use the ropes to hang the canvas and toss the fish in the penguins’ belly. How many points can you score?

Polyester, felt and plastic pallets

Cloth with holes 150x80cm |  Rope 5m | Fish 12x8cm.

Outdoor arrow BS Toys

Price €23.97

Get your creativity out because with this game you can think of endless ways to play. Decide on an action and then stand in a circle with all players, spin the arrow and wait to see who it points to, that player must do the task. Or place the number chips around the arrow and make up an activity. The arrow indicates how often the group should do this. But you can also come up with fun math...

XXL park darts BS Toys

Price €30.58

Hop! Go outside with these XXL park darts. Put the cloth on the field and start throwing your darts! The cheerful wooden darts always remain upright due to the smart construction.

Material: polyester, cork, felt, metal

1 dart field, Ø 1 m | 3 darts, 4 metal pegs

Tin Throwing

Price €21.49

Tin throwing is still a great game to play.  Collect as many points as you can. Can you knock over all red cans at once? 

10 metal tins & 3 throwing bags.

Material: Metal

Tin height: 12 cm

Tin diameter: 8,7 cm