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Water sports

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Inflatable water cylinder

Price €1,165.29

High quality inflatable product. Height - 148 cm, diameter - 150 cm, wall thickness - 7 cm. Weight - 20 kg.

Inflatable stepping stones

Price €3,099.17

High quality inflatable water stepping stones. A set of interconnected air mats for a fun time on the water. 2 units of: 140 x 150 x 20 cm size mats; 10 units of 80 x 100 x 20 cm size mats. Weight: 50 kg. Easy to use ant to store. 

Aqua dumbbell

From Price €12.40

Adding the dumbbells to your pool fitness routine can can strengthen the muscles in your shoulders, arms, chest, back, and core. Aquatic exercises are recommended for those that cannot exercise comfortably on land, as the buoyancy of the water reduces stress on joints bones and muscles.  2 sizes/resistance levels S/M to match your individual needs. 2 units in set.