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From Price €2.89

Hoops, made of 18 mm high quality HDPE pipes with neat & strong joints. Diameter - 75 (red) and 90 (blue) cm.

Producer - Vinex.


Price €32.23

Tunnel is made of 4 coloured panels in round shape. 2 panels of mesh fabric and 2 panels of plain fabric. Size of tunnel : 240 cm x 60 cm

Balance hedgehog set

Price €98.35

Set of 12 colourful balance hedgehogs, made of durable, washable PVC. . You can change level of difficulty by adjusting the air pressure. Hedgehogs can hold up to 90 kg. Use the balance hedgehogs for balance, coordination and concentration exercises or perception training. Perfect for kindergartens and schools.

Gonge® Arches

Price €98.35

Multipurpose Arches designed to allow children to invent new ways of playing and create motor challenges; the possibilities are endless. An Arch can be placed either with the curved side up - forming a bridge - or down, turning it into a sesaw. Several Arches may be combined to form long extended pathways, or even placed on top of each other to amuse the more adventurous children. arches...

Ring toss Gonge®

Price €48.76
Ring Toss is a traditional game in a unique quality and design. The popular tossing game is challenging both physically and mentally as it requires concentration and body control to assess the distance and throw the rings with precision. At the same time, the game is fun...

Slalom pole 2,5 cm.

From Price €2.73

Yellow plastic poles available in different sizes with plastic lids at both ends.

Jumping sack

Price €7.44

Jumping sacks are made of drill cotton fabric with two strong side handles. Available in red and blue colours.

Bean bags set

From Price €9.92

Bean bags are ideal for all gripping and perception exercises and encourages tactile stimulation. Durable bags are made from 100% cotton. They can be washed at up to 30°C (sort by colours). The hygienic filling is made from fine plastic granulate. Colours: blue, yellow, green and red. 

Sizes: 15x10 cm, 120 g or 20x15 cm, 500 g. 

Set of 4 pieces.

Gonge® Robo board

Price €70.25

he Robo-Board trains weight transfer, dynamic balance and provides proprioceptive stimulation for children from 4 years. The Robo-Board moves easily by means of the child's weight transfer from side to side. When the child's weight is shifted to one side using muscular force and rotation around the spinal column, the child can rotate in a circular movement of up to 360 degrees.

Set of dome shaped cones

Price €32.23

Dome shaped cones 7 cm. high made of high quality flexible material, doesn’t break if stepped on. Set of 40 psc.:  10 pcs each red, blue, yellow & white.  With black stand.

Cone with holes

From Price €5.54

Hat shaped plastic cones with 12 holes on the sides or 12 holes on the sides + one hole at the top to hold the poles of 25 mm diameter.

Set of small beanbags with bag

Price €81.82

The set consists of 32 small beanbags with a practical storage bag. Ideal for throwing and catching exercises and for promoting tactile  stimulation. Whether gripping with hands or feet, throwing and catching, balancing on your head, sorting by colour and size or laying them in shapes and figures: the beanbags have a variety of uses. The bags are washable. Please separate the colours before...

Gonge® River

Price €48.76

River provides unlimited possibilities for building balance paths! The elements are easy to join and very flexible, so only the imagination sets limits to the course of the river. Due to the size of the elements even small children will be able to build a "river". Made from durable plastic with anti-slip rubber edges, the river combines high quality with attractive design. The elements are...

Dome shaped cones collector

Price €7.44

An effortless and easy way to pick-up cones from the ground with this cone collector stick. Made of durable plastic & features handle grip at the tip and height adjustment. It can stack up to 100 cones at one time.

Agility Pole Hurdle Set

Price €20.66

A versatile pole hurdle set can be used to weave through, duck under, or jump over. Endless possibilities for agility drills, jump training and fun. Adjustable hurdle height.

Floor marker hand

From Price €2.48

Hand shaped floor marker is ideal for use in nurseries, schools or clubs. It is made fof high-quality rubber, is extremely durable, non slip ant does not leave any marks on the floor of sports halls. Size of hand markers: 14.5x11.5 cm, 100 g (pair) Thickness: 3 mm.

Gonge® Koala

Price €70.25

Decorative toy with a wealth of possibilities. When children sit inside the Koala, they are able to rock or rotate like a carousel. If the Koala is turned upside down, it becomes a small den. Several Koalas can even be combined into a play tunnel. Playing with the Koala stimulates children's vestibular sense and develops their balance. Set with 3 non slip shoes.

Multifunctional agility ladder

Price €32.23
An innovative multifunctional agility ladder for coordination and speed training made from durable plastic. Using plastic connectors, the 6 hexagonal elements (ø 60 cm) can be assembled as a coordination ladder (L: 3.6 m). Using the 12 connectors, the hexagons can also be made into 6 training hurdles (H: 23 cm). After use, simply fold the hexagons in...

Set of dome shaped cones

Price €18.18

Dome shaped cones 19 cm. in diameter and 5 cm." high made of plastic. Available in assorted colours. Set of 50 psc. with plastic stand.

Swiveling connector clip

Price €0.74

Black swiveling (rotation) connector clip, suitable for 25 mm diameter poles or hoops. Price for one clip. Poles and hoops are sold separately.

Floor marker foot

From Price €2.48

Foot shaped floor marker is ideal for use in nurseries, schools or clubs. It is made fof high-quality rubber, is extremely durable, non slip ant does not leave any marks on the floor of sports halls. Size of foot markers: 19x11 cm, 100 g (pair). Thickness: 3 mm.

Gonge® Fishing rod and 5 fish

Price €70.25

The shoal of 5 small fish is ideal for free play, but also perfect for teaching situations. Children are able to hide small items in the 'belly' of the shoal fish as part of memory, sorting and naming games in linguistic or cognitive learning. Children can catch most fish or find a certain item hidden among the fish. The element of surprise in discovering what the fish has 'eaten' provides...