Reaction training

Reaction training

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Interactive rection...

Price €784.30

Transform your workouts into interactive experiences
Innovate your training, add a new dimension to your movements and measure it
For all of your training clients; young to old, beginner to pro
Affordable, portable and easy to use app-connected pods

ROXs use the excitement of sensor technology and gamification to make any kind of training more fun. ROXs enhances the...

Reaction and agility...

Price €4,876.03

Witty SEM is  a "smart indicator" composed of a 7x5 LED matrix that can display different symbols and colours. It is the perfect solution for optimal planning and management of specific training for reactivity, agility, and motor-cognitive abilities.

Specifically, each Witty SEM indicator can display: arrows, letters and numbers in red, green and blue colours.