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Bounce back steel hurdle Vinex

Price €81.82

Bounce back hurdle is made of 20 mm square steel tube, powder coated frame for durability & easy height selection by snap locking method. Uprights are made of 22 mm aluminium round tube. Spring mechanism helps the hurdle to come back to its position when knocked down by athlete. The hurdle comes with five different height adjustments:   0.762 m - 1.067 m.


Bounce back aliuminum...

From Price €23.97

Return hurdle made of light aluminum tube. Hurdle bounces back to it's original position after knocked down. The height is adjustable. Two sizes:
 - Width: 76 cm
 - Height: 40-60 cm
 - Width: 89 cm
 - Height: 65-107 cm.

Foldable training hurdle

Price €23.97

Easy adjustable and transportable X type training hurdle. Metal construction, plastic top bar. Height from 24 to 106.7 cm.

15% discount for 10 psc.

Training starting block...

Price €73.55

Delivery time 2-4 weeks.

Training starting blocks. Light and simple construction, steel galvanized, safe rounded edges, 4 positions of support inclination, 16 support positions on rail, designed for synthetic and cinder tracks, pins included, ideal for athletics clubs and sports schools.

Producer - Polanik.

Starting blocks Classic

Price €53.72

Starting blocks are made of double square steel tubes, steel paddles with PVC pads, both ends with spikes suitable for synthetic tracks.

Producer - Vinex.

One-piece frame POLANIK...

Price €81.82

Delivery time 2-4 weeks.

One-piece frame POLANIK training hurdle designed for schools. Simple and light steel frame made of tubes bent at 90 degrees, powder painted, permanent counterweights, aluminium telescope tubes with spring-loaded button system of height adjustment. Height levels: 600, 686, 762, 838, 914 mm.

Producer - Polanik....

Trial hammer for children

From Price €90.91

The trial hammer is specifically designed for children and athletics beginners and enables safe hammer throw technique training. Suitable for use indoors and on the sports fields. Available in 6 different weights. 3-kg and 4-kg hammers are IAAF certified for use in school athletics. Hammer has a soft nylon handle with steel reinforcement and comfortably sits in your hand. The ø 13.5 cm ball...

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Elementary foam javelin

Regular price €9.50 -15% Price €8.08
Elementary javelin made of foam tube.
Producer - Vinex.

Aluminium relay batons IAAF

Price €23.97
Aluminium pipe smoothly turned from both ends, anodized. Available in 8 different colours. IAAF sertified.

Training hurdle SCHOOL

Price €52.07

High quality training hurdle. Perfect for children training and school competitions. Easy to set-up and transport. Adjustable height: 76,2;  84,0; 91,4;  99,0;  106,7 cm. Plastic changable top bar. Made of steel.

Producer - Vinex.

15% discount for 12 psc.

Spring back aliuminum hurdle

From Price €30.58

Return hurdle made of light aluminum with foldable feet. Hurdle comes back to original position after dropped down. The height is adjustable in 7 steps and hurdles are ideal for goalkeeper training, general jump training for learning jumping techniques. Three sizes:
 - Width: 78 cm
 - Weight: 1,5 kg
 - Height: 40-60 cm (with steps 40, 45, 50, 55 and 60 cm)

Barjerininko treniruoklis
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Self training hurdle device

Regular price €38.02 -20% Price €30.41

This hurdle device helps the hurdler to jump over the hurdle with correct body position. The upright over the hurdles keeps hurdler's arm movement in control and velcro attached web tape on top makes hurdler bring trail leg under armpit. Aattachment fits on Vinex hurdles.

Producer - Vinex.

Training starting blocks...

Price €78.51

Delivery time 2-4 weeks.

School and training starting block in zinc plated steel with pads covered with rubber.

Producer - Nordic Sport.

Spring back hurdle POLANIK

Price €123.14

Designed for training children and pupils in schools. Special crossbar protected with soft lining, stable hurdle feet with rubber pads. Spring mechanism responsible for returning hurdle crossbar to its original position. Frame made of galvanized steel tubes and profiles, powder painted telescope tubes.

Three height modifications:

PP-180/7 (650, 686, 762, 838, 914, 991, 1067...

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Hurdle height raiser

Regular price €4.96 -15% Price €4.21

Plastic hurdle height raiser with holder. Increases the hurdle height up to 23 cm.


Barjeras SUPER 200
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Metal training hurdle SUPER...

Regular price €36.36 -10% Price €32.73

High quality steel training hurdle. Adjustable height (from 45 to 70 cm). Plastic changable top bar. Perfect for jump, agility, coordination, speed training for track and field and team sports athletes.

Producer - Vinex.