Flexibility tests

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  • Long Jump and Coordination Mat


    A versatile indoor training mat made of non-slip PVC. Top surface for coordination training has 9 areas and marking points for throwing games. Underside features markings for measuring jumping distance in 5-cm increments and foot shapes to indicate the take-off point. Lightweight and compact as it can be rolled up. Dimensions (LxWxH): 350x100x0.4 cm, approx. 1.4 kg.

  • Flamingo testo buomelis

  • Sit and reach box


    In order to evaluate a patient’s flexibility, a sit and reach flexibility test box is a simple, yet effective tool for practitioners to use to evaluate their patients hamstring and low-back flexibility. 

    The Baseline Standard Flexibility Tester Sit and Reach Box is used to perform sit and reach testing in a variety of settings including: physical therapy, chiropractic and sports training. Sit and reach tests are used as part of the evaluation process in rehabilitation and recovery to primarily measure the combined flexibility of the hamstrings, the hips, the lower back, and the shoulders. The Baseline Sit and Reach Box features an easy-to-read scale that provides both centimeter and inch measurements along with a built-in footplate to prevent any slipping. Evaluating test results is simple with the available maximum reach indicator, which will keep results until reset.