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Spiky balls set

Price €8.26

Soft massage balls, made of vinyl, diameter - 6.5 cm. Set of 3 balls. 

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Bean bags pyramid

Price €9.92

Bean bags are ideal for all gripping and perception exercises and encourages tactile stimulation. Bags are made from PU fabris.  The hygienic filling is made from fine plastic granulate. Colours: blue, yellow, green and red.

Size: 7 cm, 20 g.

Set of 6 pieces.

BS Toys Bow & Arrow

Price €19.75

These three red apples are shining in the sun, you really do not want to miss them! Put the arrow in the bow, pull it tight and make sure to be the next real archer like Robin Hood! 

Material: wood.

Product Size:

  • 1 bow: 45 x 12 x 1,5 cm
  • 3 arrows: 26 x 2,5 cm
  • 3 apples 13...

Bowling forest Friends BS Toys

Price €23.06

These happy wooden friends from the forest just came out of town! Use the gnomes and their friends as solid bowling pieces and start the game against each other. This game can be played indoor as well as outdoor to start your adventures in the forest!!

Material: wood

Product Size:

  • 6 pieces
  • 1...

BS Toys "Birds race"

Price €20.58

How is your balance? Carry the cute birds on your head with the help of the wooden plates. And bring them to your own nest. Can you relocate the birds safely without dropping them?

Material: Wood

Product Size:

  • Height Head 4 cm | Plate 5 mm | Bird 4 cm
  • Diameter Head 12 cm | Plate 15 cm | Bird 30...

BS Toys "Egg party"

Price €14.79

Balance the egg on your spoon and race! Try to finish first without dropping the egg and win the game. Did your egg fall out the shell? Start over and catch up with the other players!

Material: Plastic

Product Size:

  • Yolk 100 x 100 x 10 mm
  • Spoon 200 x 50 x 15 mm
  • Egg 55 x...

BS Toys game "Moves and...

Price €18.93

Who remembers most sounds and movements? Every disc represents an animal or object. Try to personate what is written on the disc. Do you know how to personate an elephant and afterwards also know what sound a train makes? Pay attention, because every time an activity will be added! The person that forgets the moves and sounds loses! The last person that remembers everything wins the game!...

Tower of balance BS Toys

Price €41.24

Try to knock over the top block of the tower. But don’t let the whole tower fall!  

Material: Pine

Product Size:

  • Tower height: 65 cm
  • Block: 7 x 7 x 7,5 cm
  • Rope: 10 m
  • Disc: 7 x 1,6 cm

BS Toys Crocket

Price €28.02

Crocket from BS Toys - fun outdoor game with happy little dogs! Players must hit the wooden ball with a mallet through all the hoops of the dogs. The player who gets his/her own ball through all the hoops with the lowest number of strokes as possible, wins the game.


  • Dogs: MDF
  • Sticks: rubber...

BS Toys Velcro darts

Price €19.75

Large dart board is 50 cm. Hang it on the wall inside or outside. Throw the balls on the board and get the highest score. You get 3 balls and inflatable core.

Confetti ball

Price €8.26

The magical ball is made from soft rubber, filled with water and colourful confetti balls. Bounces similar to a rubber ball. The soft ball inspires big and small to touch, turn, throw and play. As soon as the magical ball with confetti starts moving, the confetti balls on the inside begin swirling – like a snow storm with colourful snowflakes! Small children, in particular, are fascinated by...

Rubber - vinyl balls set...

Price €32.23

Set of 14 balls:  2 soft vinyl, non bouncing balls (70 g, 7 cm); 2 rubber throwing balls (110 g, 6 cm); 2 vinyl squeeze balls (65 g, 6,5 cm), 2 spiky massage balls (9 cm), 2 rubber bouncing egg ball (3 x 4 cm), 2 rubber reaction balls (7 cm), 2 floor balls (7 cm). 

Fabric balls set

Price €23.97

Set of 6 two coloured cotton junggling balls (7 cm) and 6 single coloured fleese balls (7,5 cm).

Sheep balls set

Price €15.70

Balls made of synthetic fabric cover and soft acrylic polyfill. Because of plush fill there's no fear of throwing and catching this ball, eliminate intimidation. This makes it perfect for younger users who are only just beginning to learn how to throw and catch. Size: 9,5 cm. Set of 6 two coloured balls. 

Juggling balls set

Price €5.79

Juggling Balls made of cotton fabric. Weight 100 g, diameter - 7 cm. Set of 3 balls. 

Floor markers arrows, 6 psc.

Price €9.92

Arrow shaped floor markers made of SPECIAL ANTI-SKID MATERIAL. Different colour each. Size: 34 x 15,8 cm.

Set of 6 blind folds

Price €9.92

Made of polyester fabric with P.U. Foam inside & super eyes print. 6 psc.

Throw and Target Ball Game

Price €32.23

This Indoor Throw and Target game is used with target balls to throw on the 4 colour target wall. Perfect for kindergarten and primary schools. This game can be used for playing different activities like targeting on the desired colour, or giving different points to different colours etc. Can be used in relay games as well. This game includes: 1 Rubber Base (4.5 kg),  1 Hoop with 4 colour...

Target bibs set of 6

Price €23.97

A spontaneous team game for children to practice their aiming skills by throwing a soft velcro ball at bibs worn by the opposing team. The construction of the ball ensures safety and will not cause bruises. Sold in a set of 3 Red Bibs, 3 Blue Bibs and 2 Velcro Balls.

Nerf Vortex Mega Howler

Price €20.66

The Nerf Vortex Mega Howler is an extraordinary throwing device in the shape of an American football. Throw the Nerf rocket through the air and it will begin to howl thanks to the small whistles attached to the sides. Great fun on the playground or field as well as in the sports hall.

The Nerf Vortex Mega Howler is made from solid foam. The steering plumes and special notches ensure...