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Fat Gripz® for strength sports

Price €32.23

The "Fat Gripz" is a roll which is pushed onto the grip section of a bar through its slit. It changes the diameter of the grip section of dumbbells, barbells and pull-up bars. The aim is to increase strength and muscle mass in the hands, forearms and the entire upper body. The thicker grip section distributes the weight of the bar over a larger area, meaning the pressure is put on the...

Wooden jerk block set

Price €990.91

Wooden jerk block set is great for weightlifting training. This high quality set is suitable for intensive commercial use thanks to the first class materials and sturdy inner construction.

The Crossmaxx® wooden jerk block set consists of the following blocks/boxes:

- 4 x 15 cm block

- 2 x 30 cm block

- 2 x 38 cm block


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