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Team building

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Cooperative tube

Price €81.82

This cooperative elastic cloth tube is perfect for motion games, team-builging games or as a relaxing place. Team spirit and the comfort factor constitute essential parts of child development. Discovering ways to find new ways and create somenhing together, to move or dance in a group make a lot of fun and good emotions to all the team members. The tube also provides space and the right...

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Cooperative walking bands

Price €57.02
Designed to develop cooperation and balance since groups of 5 children must communicate and work together in order to be able to walk together. These Cooperative Band Walkers can be easily...

Team Tower

Price €65.29

This game can be played without much preparation by any number of children or adults from 2 to 12. The Team Tower set gives fun both outdoors and indoors, while cultivating motor skills and coordination. Setting up and completing the tower is a team-minded and communicative activity. Describing actions and situations within the group serves to promote individual speech development combined...

Team Ball Track

Price €40.50

This set of sturdy wooden ball tracks will transform a group into a whole team! When joining forces, all players work hand-in-hand to assemble a long track. The aim is to keep the wooden balls rolling progressively from one point to the next. This calls for pronounced skill and the powers of concentration to react quickly. It also requires constant interaction on the part of the players to...

BS Toys "Egg party"

Price €17.36

Balance the egg on your spoon and race! Try to finish first without dropping the egg and win the game. Did your egg fall out the shell? Start over and catch up with the other players!

Material: Plastic

Product Size:

  • Yolk 100 x 100 x 10 mm
  • Spoon 200 x 50 x 15 mm
  • Egg 55 x...

BS Toys game "Moves"

Price €18.18

Train your brain by remembering (and doing!) all the moves as shown on the chips.  Material: Wood. Diameter 8 cm. 18 chips with different moves.

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BS Toys Wooden Boules

Regular price €23.97 -10% Price €21.57

The boules set includes 6 boules and a jack made of birch in a practical compact zip bag. The aim of the game is to throw your boules so they land as close as possible to the jack. The wooden boules are differentiated by different coloured stripes, which makes it easy to quickly allot points.

Material: birch

Product Size: boules ø 6.5 cm (marked in 3 pairs), 1 jack ø 3 cm


BS Toys Velcro darts

Price €23.97

Large dart board is 50 cm. Hang it on the wall inside or outside. Throw the balls on the board and get the highest score. You get 3 balls and inflatable core.

XXL park darts BS Toys

Price €30.58

Hop! Go outside with these XXL park darts. Put the cloth on the field and start throwing your darts! The cheerful wooden darts always remain upright due to the smart construction.

Material: polyester, cork, felt, metal

1 dart field, Ø 1 m | 3 darts, 4 metal pegs

Children game "Catching tails"

Price €21.49

Fun is guaranteed when you’re catching tails: 6 children are each given an animal tail that can be easily attached to the back of their trousers, jacket or shirt using the clip fastener. Once they are ready, the hunt can begin. One player is selected to count down from 3 to start the game. Now each player has to steal their opponents’ tails without losing their own. The rules are simple:...

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Summer skiis Gonge

Regular price €38.84 -15% Price €33.02
Lots of fun for 3 children. Summer skis look easy to use, but it can be difficult to keep in step. The skis train the basic motoric functions, as the children must coordinate their...

Jumping sack

Price €7.44

Jumping sacks are made of drill cotton fabric with two strong side handles. Available in red and blue colours.