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  • Balance paths system


    The balance paths system set for countless exercise possibilities. Set is made of 10 plywood paths with non-slip surface. 

    The individual paths have lengths of 102, 94, 86, 78, 70, 62, 54, 46, 38 and 30 cm. To store the steps, simply stack them on top of each other. The balance path will be different and exciting every time. The paths system set encourages the development of the sense of balance and promotes creativity. The aim is to maintain or regain your balance as your centre of gravity changes. The system allows you to practise movements on narrow surfaces, standing after irritation to the vestibular analysers, rotational movements and unsupported movements.

    The balance system set provides you with lots of exercise possibilities: children can walk slowly or quickly along diverse courses, they can turn on the spot and also stand still – all while balancing. In addition you can add the challenge of catching and throwing a ball while walking. A particular challenge arises when two students have to walk past each other without leaving the step. Children can set out and overcome their own balance paths which can easily incorporate inclines and descents. Perfect for use in children’s sport in nurseries, schools, clubs as well as for use in therapy.

    Product information:

    Paths with lengths of 102, 94, 86, 78, 70, 62, 54, 46, 38 and 30 cm

    Width of each path: 15 cm, height: 11.5 cm

    10-year guarantee

  • Wooden bar for swedish ladder


    Wooden removable bar for wall bar (swedish ladder). 

  • Wooden gymnastic bench

    €199.00 From

    Wooden bench. The feet are made from beech wood, the seat from softwood. Height of the bench: 30 cm. All edges are rounded to ensure safety of its users. The bench is fitted with a hook to affix it to the gymnastic wall bars and special anti-slip pads on the feet.

  • Wooden gymnastic rings


    Plastic gymnastic rings with adjustable strap.

  • Training wall


    The fitness club equipment Training Wall® is built with high quality materials. 

    The fitness concept Training Wall® offers 100% functional work, from the soles of the feet to the palms of the hand, through theforearm muscles, stabilizers of the spine, abdomen, hip muscles, glutes, etc… the whole body must be in perfect harmony to perform the exercise properly. Unlike other training systems,  workout is produced in a state of decompression of the spine’s joints.

    Moreover, Training Wall® panels have a quick-release anchor system to attach the Tools designed exclusively for use with the wall. With this equipment and its tools you have space that meets all your training needs in “zero” square meters, allowingyou to design multi-purpose spaces that can be useful  for activities, personal training centres, physiotherapy clinics or rehabilitation centres.

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  • Swedish ladder


    Made in Lithuania. Size: 1,8x0,78 m; 2,5x0,9 m; 2,8x0,8 m.