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Spirometer "Spirotest"

Price €180.99

Spirotest is used for measuring lung capacity without using water. The Riester product is often used in the physician’s office and sports centres. Simple handling makes this device an attractive alternative for individuals who want to test their own lung capacity. 
It comes in a modern casing in blue plastic design. The Measurement range varies from 1000 to 7000 cm3. It is supplied in a...

Witty timing system

Price €2,148.76

The WITTY System includes all the accessories necessary to immediately start a training session:

1 Witty timer
2 wireless photocells
4 telescopic tripods
battery charger (charges the two photocells and timer simultaneously)

Height measuring tape

Price €23.14

- The space-saving solution with roll-up mechanism.

- Easy to read the height. 

- Measuring range: 0 - 220 cm

- Graduation: 5 mm

Hydraulic hand dynamometer...

Price €202.48

A dynamometer is an instrument used to measure power or torque.  The Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer is a precision instrument.  Have the patient use the wrist safety strap to minimise the chance of accidentally dropping the Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer. Includes hard plastic case with foam insulation to ensure the protection of your dynamometer.

  • The Dual-Scale Readout...

Back - leg - chest...

Price €445.45

Dinamometer is designed to measure strength of the major muscle groups of the back, leg and chest. Heavy duty base provides sure footing. Chain length is adjusted to accommodate for height differences or to vary the point of force application. Peak strength needle remains at maximum reading until reset. Shows pounds and kilograms. Weight capacity is 660 lbs (300 kg). CE marked and FDA...

Hydraulic hand evaluation...

Price €1,057.02

Portable carrying case contains all instruments necessary to evaluate the strength and range-of-motion of the hand and fingers.

Set includes:
- hydraulic hand dynamometer
- hydraulic pinch gauge
- stainless steel finger goniometer 6" (15cm) - 180° per...

Digital hand dynamometer

Price €428.93

Digital hand dynamometer is designed to test an individual's grip strength. It displays the results in an easy-to-read digital display.

Producer - SAEHAN.

Digital pinch gauge

Price €359.50

Finger dynamometer used by specialists in the treatment and monitoring the hand force through the fingers. Designed for accurate power testing up to 27 kg.

Suspaudimo dinamometras
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Saehan squeeze dynamometer

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Accurate way to measure finger and hand strength. Just squeeze the bulb to get a readout of the maximum generated force. Reading remains until the unit is reset. The bulb is made of standard silicone. The gauge is calibrated in pounds and kilograms in 2.2lb (1kg) increments at lower levels and 4.4lbs (2kg) at upper levels to ensure accurate test results.

Skinfold caliper in soft case

Price €136.36

The caliper is used to measure body fat. Simple, very accurate unit which has spring loaded levers and low pressure bearings for constant pressure. Scale permits reading up to 60 mm. Light weight aluminum casted case for years of reliable use. Includes carrying case.

CE marked and FDA approved.

Producer - SAEHAN.

Finger goniometer

Price €19.01

Stainless Steel Finger goniometer measures range-of-motion of the finger joints (metacarpophalangeal and interphalangeal) and other small joints including toes. Head has two opposing 180 degree scales marked in 5 degree increments. 


Price €81.82

Inclinometer accurately measures complete range of motion.Place the Baseline Bubble Inclinometer near the joint to be measured: turn dial until scale reads 0; take joint through its range; read range traveled directly from dial. Numerous neck and back measurements require the simultaneous use of 2 inclinometers.

Radar V-maxx

Price €81.82

To measure your speed or the speed of an object. Can be used in football, handball, running or inline skating, skiing, sledding, model racing track. Measuring range: up to 199 km/h

Stop watch Sport Thieme

Price €32.23

The splash-proof Sport-Thieme stopwatch combines a clock, a stopwatch, a clock and a calendar in one. Suitable for sports festival, a national youth games or training. Easy handling, has automatic calendar, displays the fastest and slowest average speed, has auto repeat with countdown completed. Due to the recess for the fingers, the hand stop watch is well in the hand. Thanks to the cord,...

Open reel measuring tape

From Price €19.01

Open reel measuring tape. Different lenght: 30, 50 or 100 m. Plastic frame with comfortable carrying handle and twisting handle. Steel 13 mm. width tape.

Producer - Vinex.

Timing system Brower

Price €1,363.64

The TC-System is a wireless timing device that enables athletes and coaches to measure time, speed, count repetitions, input test data and save it all in the TC-Timer memory. The TC-System can send radio transmissions up to one thousand feet and is accurate to the thousandth of a second, making it a highly precise timing tool. It is also equipped with five different radio frequencies...

Steel closed reel measuring...

From Price €12.40

Measuring tape made of steel closed reel. Plastic cover with twisting handle. Lenght 10 and 20 m.

Producer - Vinex.


Price €1,238.84


 - Simple Reaction Time. Push the button with right or left hand when light turns on. 

 - Choice Reaction Time. Push the right button when red or green light turns on.

 - Simple Reaction Time. Push the button when the subject hears the sound.

 - Leg reaction time.

 - Tapping test.

Optical measurement system...

Price €3,351.24

It's an optical measurement system consisting of a transmitting and receiving bar to measure flight and contact times during the performance of a series of jumps with an accuracy of 1/1000 of a second. Software works in real time. Data can be saved. The absence of moving mechanical parts ensures accuracy and great reliability. Thanks to small cameras that can be...