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Height measuring tape

Price €23.14

- The space-saving solution with roll-up mechanism.

- Easy to read the height. 

- Measuring range: 0 - 220 cm

- Graduation: 5 mm

Height measuring tape SECA

Price €28.93

The space-saving solution with roll-up mechanism. Uncomplicated fixing on wall with just one screw. With the display window in the head piece, it’s easy to read the height. The durable tape is made of metal.

- Measuring range: 0 - 220 cm
- Graduation: 1 mm
- Dimensions (WxHxD): 125 x 125 x 173 mm

Spirometer SporoOx P with...

Price €164.46
Palm size Spirometer with LCD screen. For PEF test (measures how fast a person can exhale) and FEV1 test (shows the amount of air a person can forcefully exhale in one second ). Meet ATS (American Thoracic Society) standardization. Suitable for hospital or home. Maximum of records is 600 measurements. Works on AAA battery.

Hydraulic hand dynamometer...

Price €202.48

A dynamometer is an instrument used to measure power or torque.  The Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer is a precision instrument.  Have the patient use the wrist safety strap to minimise the chance of accidentally dropping the Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer. Includes hard plastic case with foam insulation to ensure the protection of your dynamometer.

  • The Dual-Scale Readout...

Digital dynamometer with...

Price €1,048.76

Extremely durable hand dynamometer gives accurate grip strength readings by easy reading digital LCD-display. Integrated USB connector connection. Software provides versatile data evaluation such as interactive grip strength and endurance testing, comparison with normative data, and research reporting. The built-in battery is long lasting and is easily recharged when connected to a PC using...

Measuring tape METEOR

From Price €12.40

13 mm width fiber glass measuring tape with plastic frame, comfortable carrying handle and twisting handle. Different lenght: 30 m; 50 m or 100 m.

Producer - Meteor.

BMI Open Reel Steel...

From Price €40.50

High-end open reel steel measuring tape. Robust aluminium frame and ergonomically shaped handle. Band beginning and pull ring made from break-proof plastic. Fixed storage positions for folded crank and pull ring. Pull ring is part of the scale.

EC Accuracy class II (only +-2.3 mm / 10 m tolerance at 20° C reference...

Back - leg - chest...

Price €445.45

Dinamometer is designed to measure strength of the major muscle groups of the back, leg and chest. Heavy duty base provides sure footing. Chain length is adjusted to accommodate for height differences or to vary the point of force application. Peak strength needle remains at maximum reading until reset. Shows pounds and kilograms. Weight capacity is 660 lbs (300 kg). CE marked and FDA...

Circumference measurement tape

Price €7.44

Measure the circumference of a joint, digit or body area. Wrap webbing around area being measured and read circumference directly from the ruler. Measure by yourself: simply make loop, position loosely around waist, wrist or area being measured, and press button. Measuring tape will stay in...

Sit and reach box

Price €156.20

In order to evaluate a patient’s flexibility, a sit and reach flexibility test box is a simple, yet effective tool for practitioners to use to evaluate their patients hamstring and low-back flexibility. 

The Baseline Standard Flexibility Tester Sit and Reach Box is used to perform sit and reach testing in a variety of settings including: physical therapy, chiropractic and sports...

Interactive rection...

Price €784.30

Transform your workouts into interactive experiences
Innovate your training, add a new dimension to your movements and measure it
For all of your training clients; young to old, beginner to pro
Affordable, portable and easy to use app-connected pods

ROXs use the excitement of sensor technology and gamification to make any kind of training more fun. ROXs enhances the...

Hydraulic hand evaluation...

Price €1,057.02

Portable carrying case contains all instruments necessary to evaluate the strength and range-of-motion of the hand and fingers.

Set includes:
- hydraulic hand dynamometer
- hydraulic pinch gauge
- stainless steel finger goniometer 6" (15cm) - 180° per...

Dinamometer stand

Price €28.93

Stand for hydraulic or digital dynamometer. Heavily disabled patient can perform grip test holding on the stand.

Reaction and agility...

Price €4,876.03

Witty SEM is  a "smart indicator" composed of a 7x5 LED matrix that can display different symbols and colours. It is the perfect solution for optimal planning and management of specific training for reactivity, agility, and motor-cognitive abilities.

Specifically, each Witty SEM indicator can display: arrows, letters and numbers in red, green and blue colours.


Stop watch "Delta"

Price €32.23

Manual digital stopwatch for sporting events, sports days or simply for training. Combines pacer, stopwatch, time and date in one device.

Technical details: 

    Display: 1/100

    LCD display: 3 lines

    Functions: addition/split/dual measuring; countdown; date...

Digital hand dynamometer

Price €428.93

Digital hand dynamometer is designed to test an individual's grip strength. It displays the results in an easy-to-read digital display.

Producer - SAEHAN.

Plastic skin fold caliper

Price €23.97

Skinfold Caliper is used to measure the thickness of "skinfolds". The resultant skinfold thickness is then translated by means of skinfold tables to a percentage of body fat.

Producer - SAEHAN.

Smedley hand dynamometer

Price €161.16

When you are suffering from weak grip or reduced strength, it is important to ensure that you are making gains in the right direction. Accurate and easy monitoring of your progress is essential for ensuring that rehabilitative measures are working.

The Saehan Smedley Hand Dynamometer is designed for measuring and testing hand grip strength.  Different settings on the adjustable handle...

Stopwatch "Alpha"

Price €13.22
Manual digital stopwatch easy to use stopwatch. Especially good for children. Small and compact. Splash-proof and shockproof. Equipped with alarm and snooze functions. Once pressed the alarm with snooze function sounds again in 5 minutes, and then in 1 hour. Particularly practical: the large LCD display makes it easier to read the time.

Digital pinch gauge

Price €359.50

Finger dynamometer used by specialists in the treatment and monitoring the hand force through the fingers. Designed for accurate power testing up to 27 kg.

Spirometer MICRO I

Price €742.98

MICRO 1is modern ergonomically designed pocket spirometer. Extremely lightweight and portable making it suitable for general practices, hospital outreach clinics, bedside testing, occupational health and other situations where remote testing is required.

The Micro I™ contains a rechargeable battery ensuring your device is always ready for use in any busy clinic.

Display: 128 x...

Hydraulic hand evaluation...

Price €718.18

Portable carrying case contains all instruments necessary to evaluate the strength and range-of-motion of the hand and fingers.

Set includes:
- hydraulic hand dynamometer
- hydraulic...