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Ankle straps for resistance...

Price €12.40

High quality ankle or hand straps for resistance tubing. Pair. 5 cm height.

Made in Lithuania.

Purchaising 10 pairs - 20% discount.

TRX Pro pack

Price €222.31

The TRX Pro is most versatile Suspension Trainer and designed to let you fully personalize your workout. It has adjustable and padded foot cradles, upgraded webbing, and custom antimicrobial-treated textured rubber handles. It also features 3 types of anchoring solutions for different workout locations. Includes TRX Pro Suspension Trainer, our pro trainer 8-week workout program, 5 body-part...

Vikrumo žiedai 12 vnt
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Flat agility rings set Vinex

Regular price €14.88 -15% Price €12.64

Flat Agility Rings. Set of 12 units. Inner diameter - 40 cm. Jointless moulded rings. Different patterns can be created for improving body balancing and controlling.

Producer - Vinex.

Sanctband Loop medium

From Price €6.12

The Sanctband loop bands are made from a natural rubber and are ideal for lower body exercises, designed to increase balance, strength and flexibility. The benefits of the Sanctband exercise bands are here combined with the advantages of the ring shape (no annoying knotting required).

• Width...

Soft plyobox set

Price €825.62

Soft plyobox set is ideal for personal and plyometric training. Plyometric training is a training method which has as main purpose to learn your muscles a fast, powerful and explosive motion in a short period of time. Each Soft Plyobox can be used separately or in combination with other Soft...

Flat agility hurdle
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Flat agility hurdle

Regular price €5.37 -15% From Price €4.57
A perfect training hurdle for quick knee lift and stepping. Position hurdles for agility drills, running drills and plyometric jumps. Constructed with durable heavy duty flat PVC tubing, very light in weight. 
Sand bag Vinex
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Sand bag Vinex

Regular price €32.23 -15% From Price €27.40

Sand bag made of heavy duty PVC coated fabric with weighted bags. Sand bag helps to develop power & strength in the lower and upper body effectively. 
Producer - Vinex.

Evasion belt

Price €11.57

Evasion belt is a perfect product for one on one evasive speed, agility and defensive training. Great for sports that require short space one on one marking up and mirroring. Perfect for Soccer, Basketball and any other team sports.

Producer - Vinex.

Cones with hole set

Price €23.97

Plastic cones set (20 psc.). Cones with one hole on the top and 12 holes at sides. With bag.

Sanctband Loop, mini 22,5 cm

From Price €6.12

The Sanctband loop bands are made from natural rubber and are ideal for body exercises, designed to increase balance, strength and flexibility. The benefits of the Sanctband exercise bands are here combined with the advantages of the ring shape (no annoying knotting required).

• Width of 5cm, circumference of 45cm / folded together approx. 22,5cm,...

Plyobox set

Price €421.49

The Plyobox is made of square steel tubes and the surface is coated with a rubber anti-slip coating. The bottom frame has rubber pads to prevent shifting, so you have maximum grip. The design is very stable, easy to stack and suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

With plyometric training you can increase the explosive power of the muscles. Think of jump training, where you jump a few...

Sprinting system Run Rocket

Price €2,644.63

Run rocket is a portable resisted sprinting system which uses fly wheels to create the resistance for the athletes. It is created to get the best improvements in speed, power and agility also to be used in plyometric or broad jumping. System can be used indoor and outdoor. It includes a disc loading bar to add mass to the frame ensuring stability and minimal movement during training with...

Push up grips METEOR

Price €7.44

Push up handles are suitable for women and men. By exercising with the stable and non-slip handles, your workout will be safe. You minimize the pressure of your hands, wrists and elbows when performing all types of pumps, protecting your joints against overload. Build arms muscles (biceps and triceps), forearms, shoulders, back and thighs.

Material: PP, TPR.

Power harness belt

Price €14.05

Waist belt at one end, 2-3 m long non elastic strap on the other. Suitable for explosive power and speed in the lower body training. Made for training in pairs. One athlete is running, while another creates and increases resistance.

Made in Lithuania.

Vikrumo kopetėlės (fiksuotų tarpų) 9m
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Flat fixed agility ladder 9 m.

Regular price €40.50 -15% Price €34.42

9 m. long agility ladder with flat fixed rungs. With bag and handle - easy to transport.

Producer - Vinex.

Training hurdle SCHOOL

Price €52.07

High quality training hurdle. Perfect for children training and school competitions. Easy to set-up and transport. Adjustable height: 76,2;  84,0; 91,4;  99,0;  106,7 cm. Plastic changable top bar. Made of steel.

Producer - Vinex.

15% discount for 12 psc.

Set of marking discs

Price €17.36

10 psc. one colour flat marking discs in a bag. 15,5 cm. diameter. Red or white colour.