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Speed chute

From Price €19.01

A new range of speed-chutes made of polyester fabric in two colour combination. Comes with cushioned belt. Available in different sizes that can help in getting the perfect resistance as per the athletes strength building requirement.

Producer - Vinex.

Handles for tubing

Price €1.24

Pair of handles for resistance bands and tubing. Lenght - 34 cm.

Endless rope trainer REVVLL

Price €825.62

Endless rope trainer (or rope resistance trainers) are probably the most effective way to train strength and endurance in the upper body and core. Since you are standing during training your legs have to work, too. Rope resistance training offers the highest time-under-tension and a constant but adjustable resistance for all pushing and pulling movements. Revvll systems are extremely...

Handle for resistance band

Price €6.61

Comfortable and durable pull handle. Perfect for resistance bands, home gyms, and cable machines, bowfle machine, fitness machines. Each handle has a soft foam hand grip, comfortable to hold and very sturdy. Easy-to-use metal clips allow you to quickly add extra bands

Body Tube
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Body Tube

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Exercise tubes Body Tube are great and efficient fitness and rehab tool, for body toning and strengthening. Perfect for basketball and other team sports training. Also can be used in group exercises, health and fitness clubs. Body tubes are available in the following strengths: medium to heavy - red and heavy - blue. Lenght - 1,3 m.

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Resistance loop band...

Regular price €4.13 -15% From Price €3.51

Loop bands can be used for a variety of applications and is ideal for lower body exercises. Can increase balance, strength and flexibility. Muscle groups and tendons can be stretched and strengthened.

Push pull sled PowerMark

Price €288.43

Sled training is very usefull in most team sports where athletes have to overcome a lot of resistance. You can think of sports such as soccer, basketball, tennis, volley ball. Sled training is ideal for burning fat, suitable for increasing your strength, speed and explosivity, can be used inside and outside, suitable for rehabilitation. Harness included. Sled can be used in combination with...

Multifunctional fitness...

Price €486.78
The MOTR is a multi-functional space saving trainer with two variable resistance modules.   For fitness and full-body workout. You can exercise your legs and glutes also train the upper body.  Ideal for solo or group workouts. Particularly suitable for cardio, balance, functional, flexibility and strength training. You can carry out countless exercises, be it...


Price €40.50

The Dittmann tube products have been specially designed for the sports area to improve flexibility, endurance, strength and coordination. Body-Stick is equipped with 8 tubes in 4 different resistances, which makes it extremely practical. Perfect for training of all large muscle groups. You can train at home as well as in gym or outside. The device is made of stick (110 cm long, screwed from...

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Plastic handles for...

Regular price €7.44 -20% Price €5.95

Pair of plastic handles for resistance tubing. Durable, comfortable, flex-motion grip handles. Easy and secure tubing changes.

Producer: Dittmann.

Speed chute

Price €23.14

Speed chute is an ultimate speed training device which can be used without a partner. It helps strengthening leg muscles which leads to improved performance. This chute is made of good quality Nylon fabric with panels for extra stability of the chute.

Producer - Vinex.

Long skipping rope

Price €13.22

 Plastic skipping rope. Lenght - 5 m. Diameter: 6 mm. Weight: 257 g. Random neon colours.

Thera band tubing

From Price €1.49

TheraBand Professional Latex Resistance Tubing is ideal for upper and lower body exercise, rehabilitation, and conditioning. It is available in 6 color-coded levels of resistance.

  • Ideal for upper & lower body Exercise to strengthen muscles, increase range of motion, and improve flexibility
  • Convenient...

Leg stetching strap

Price €4.55

Leg stretching strap with loops all along. Made of non strechable material. Lenght 1,8 m. Perfect for yoga, pilates, martial arts. 

T-PRO Back-Four-Chain Trainer

Price €114.88

T-PRO is high quality trainer for 4 men in a row and with bungee effect. This is an evolution of the classic four-chain belt. The use of the rubber cords produce the bungee effect if the positions are not respected. The players immediately notice if their position is wrong and it appears a rapid training effect for the processes in the exercise.
Product features:
 - 4 x waist belt...

Speed sack

Price €65.29

Speed sack with waist belt for speed, power training. It has the advantage over the conventional speed sleds that it is smaller, more flexible and easier to handle and fits in any sports bag. Sack size: 50 x 32 x 16 cm. Due to the 5 removable weight bags, the resistance can be individually adjusted and changed depending on the training goal.  Weight bag size 33 x 20 x 0.5 cm, max weight...

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Reivo® band set

Regular price €119.01 -10% Price €107.11

The Reivo band set is the perfect set for schools and clubs. With over 180 ways of using this set, these elastic bands can be used for all types of sports.

  • For schools, clubs and leisure time
  • Can be stretched to twice their length!

Skipping rope with counting...

Price €7.44

Skipping rope with counting function witrh ergonomic soft handles. Lenght of synthetic rope - 2.70m. Weighs - 300g. Counts up to 999 jumps, which can be reset at any time. This is the ideal device for warming up and training of endurance or speed. The cable length can be adjusted depending on body size.

Thera-band CLX loops band

From Price €10.74

TheraBand CLX Consecutive Loops are versatile, simple, and inspiring. The CLX loops provide multiple, unique grip and anchor options that enable open and closed hand grips, holding objects with resistance, no-grip-required Exercise and new Exercise that connect the upper and lower body work. CLX also makes it easier to add resistance to your favorite classic Exercise. Lightweight and...

Ankle straps for resistance...

Price €12.40

High quality ankle or hand straps for resistance tubing. Pair. 5 cm height.

Made in Lithuania.

Purchaising 10 pairs - 20% discount.

Sport-Thieme® Resistance Band

Price €16.53

Soft textile elastic resistance band is ideal for a varied range of functional fitness and gymnastics exercises for all muscle groups.

 - With loops for different hold positions
 - Lots of training options for all muscle groups
 - 15-kg resistance band, length approx. 86 cm, width approx. 4 cm