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Speed - power resistance...

Price €65.29

 Waist belts on both ends. Top quality, stetchable rubberconnector in the middle. Nylon sleeve covering for extra durability. Improves leg speed and power. It is made to work in pairs. Length of the tube is 270cm

Speed sack

Price €65.29

Speed sack with waist belt for speed, power training. It has the advantage over the conventional speed sleds that it is smaller, more flexible and easier to handle and fits in any sports bag. Sack size: 50 x 32 x 16 cm. Due to the 5 removable weight bags, the resistance can be individually adjusted and changed depending on the training goal.  Weight bag size 33 x 20 x 0.5 cm, max weight...

T-PRO Back-Four-Chain Trainer

Price €114.88

T-PRO is high quality trainer for 4 men in a row and with bungee effect. This is an evolution of the classic four-chain belt. The use of the rubber cords produce the bungee effect if the positions are not respected. The players immediately notice if their position is wrong and it appears a rapid training effect for the processes in the exercise.
Product features:
 - 4 x waist belt...

Speed chute

Price €23.14

Speed chute is an ultimate speed training device which can be used without a partner. It helps strengthening leg muscles which leads to improved performance. This chute is made of good quality Nylon fabric with panels for extra stability of the chute.

Producer - Vinex.


Price €81.82

Maximize power, speed and vertical jump with Recoil 360°. It is built for multi-directional training and use with or without a partner. The Recoil 360’s sheathed cable stretches from 2,5 m iki 6,7 m.  (8 to 22 feet) with resistance that increases from 15 to 50 lb. Features a comfortable, durable belt.

Speed chute

From Price €19.01

A new range of speed-chutes made of polyester fabric in two colour combination. Comes with cushioned belt. Available in different sizes that can help in getting the perfect resistance as per the athletes strength building requirement.

Producer - Vinex.

Sprint (bullet) belt

Price €45.45

It is modern training tool that enables two athletes to train simultaneously., suitable for an optimal sprint and speed power training. It's a waist belt for one athlete while another holds the end of the 3 m. strap. The first athlete sprints while the other creates and increases resistance depending on the training goal. Easy Velcro release gives the ability to create a contrast workout...

Leg stetching strap

Price €4.55

Leg stretching strap with loops all along. Made of non strechable material. Lenght 1,8 m. Perfect for yoga, pilates, martial arts. 

Evasion belt

Price €11.57

Evasion belt is a perfect product for one on one evasive speed, agility and defensive training. Great for sports that require short space one on one marking up and mirroring. Perfect for Soccer, Basketball and any other team sports.

Producer - Vinex.

Power speed sled

Price €61.98

Power and speed sled made from powder coated steel. Comes with 3m strap and waist belt. Just put weight plates on sled to develop unstoppable endurance, speed and power. Weight plates are not included. Sled size: 34 x 20 cm. Height: 11 cm. 

Leg speed tube

Price €13.22

Leg speed tube resists and strengthens singular leg movements which helps increase power, speed and recovery. It can be used in slow rehabilitation or fast for sprinting speed and kicking training. Strap it to a pole, a goalpost or another person and kick out or do knee raises. Adjustable, padded ankle cuffs for superior comfort fits all sizes.

Lateral resistor

From Price €14.05

Lateral resistor helps to develop first-step quickness and lateral speed, strengthen key muscles for fluid movement and proper body positioning. Padded adjustable velcro ankle cuffs fit most athletes. Velcro removes quickly to change up training or swap between athletes.

Speed - power resistance belts

Price €57.02

Waist belts on both ends. Top quality, stetchable rubberconnector in the middle. Nylon sleeve covering for extra durability. Improves leg speed and power. It is made to work in pairs.

Speed - power resistance belt

From Price €45.45

Waist belt on one end and 2 or 6 m. stretchable rubber connector with handle at the other.  Nylon sleeve covering for extra durability. Improves leg speed and power. It is possible to work in pairs, when one athlete is running and another - holding the handle. Another way - to connect handlo to rack, stand ir tree and train alone.