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Price €40.50

The Dittmann tube products have been specially designed for the sports area to improve flexibility, endurance, strength and coordination. Body-Stick is equipped with 8 tubes in 4 different resistances, which makes it extremely practical. Perfect for training of all large muscle groups. You can train at home as well as in gym or outside. The device is made of stick (110 cm long, screwed from...

Rubber medicine ball Vinex

From Price €16.53

Medicine balls are made of special material, which is much better and stronger in quality comparing to the rubber medicine balls.

Producer - Vinex.

Vikrumo kopetėlės (fiksuotų tarpų) 9m
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Flat fixed agility ladder 9 m.

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9 m. long agility ladder with flat fixed rungs. With bag and handle - easy to transport.

Producer - Vinex.

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Resistance loop band...

Regular price €4.13 -15% From Price €3.51

Loop bands can be used for a variety of applications and is ideal for lower body exercises. Can increase balance, strength and flexibility. Muscle groups and tendons can be stretched and strengthened.

Return plastic hurdle

From Price €13.22

Spring back plastic hurdle. High quality. Returns to it's original position after dropped down. Perfect for children training, for team sport training. Height 50 cm or 60 cm. 

15% discount for 10 psc.

Small training set

Price €81.82

Set suitable for trainers includes:

-plastic hurdle 15 cm. - 2 units.
-plastic hurdles 23 cm. - 2 units.
-plastic hurdle 30 cm - 2 units.
-4 m. agility ladder - 1 unit.
-plastic markers set (50 units.) - 1 unit.
-reaction ball - 2 units.
-skipping rope - 2 units.
-whistle - 1 unit.
-carrying bag - 1 unit.

Balance pads rack

Price €189.26

Rack for 10 Trendy Meia 55 or 9 Trendy Meia 65. Width 56 cm / depth 56 cm / height 175 cm.

Spring back aliuminum hurdle

From Price €30.58

Return hurdle made of light aluminum with foldable feet. Hurdle comes back to original position after dropped down. The height is adjustable in 7 steps and hurdles are ideal for goalkeeper training, general jump training for learning jumping techniques. Three sizes:
 - Width: 78 cm
 - Weight: 1,5 kg
 - Height: 40-60 cm (with steps 40, 45, 50, 55 and 60 cm)

Vertical jump and speed...

Price €3,966.94

The V8 is vertical jump and speed training system designed for multi-point leg and arm loading on-platform with up to 4 band multi-point off-platform speed training out to approximately 30 feet. Trains up to 5 athletes simultaneously (1 on platform and 4 off-platform).

Accessories included: waist harness belt; hip flexor set; ankle strap set; palm strap set.

Standard Size Unit:...

Soft plyobox

From Price €81.82

Soft plyobox is ideal for personal and plyometric training. Plyometric training is a training method which has as main purpose to learn your muscles a fast, powerful and explosive motion in a short period of time. Each Soft Plyobox can be used separately or in combination with other Soft Plyoboxes. You can stack the Plyoboxes and connect them by using the hook and loop fasteners. The soft...

Exercise ball Meteor

From Price €8.26

Meteor fitness ball with pump. Made of PVC - special antidetonating rubber withstanding loads up to 300 kg. Great for muscle strengten, general training, joints flexibility increasing and coordination improving. 55 cm - pink, 65 cm - light green, 75 cm - black, 85 cm - grey.

Flat agility hurdle
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Flat agility hurdle

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A perfect training hurdle for quick knee lift and stepping. Position hurdles for agility drills, running drills and plyometric jumps. Constructed with durable heavy duty flat PVC tubing, very light in weight. 

Roller holder

Price €16.53

The roller holder is suitable for Trendy largo rollers or any other 15 cm diameter massage rollers. Made of EVA-foam. Size: 96 x 5 x 19 cm.

Gonge® Airboard set

Price €114.88

A unique balancing board with a hard surface on a soft inflatable base, ideal for exercising motor control and strengthening muscles in the ankles, legs and upper body. The hard surface offers a safe grip for the feet while the inflatable base ensures smooth and gentle movements. 
the Gonge Air Board may be adapted to the functional level of the user by adjusting the pressure of the...

Sand bag Vinex
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Sand bag Vinex

Regular price €32.23 -15% From Price €27.40

Sand bag made of heavy duty PVC coated fabric with weighted bags. Sand bag helps to develop power & strength in the lower and upper body effectively. 
Producer - Vinex.

Sling trainer Dittmann

Price €32.23

Sling trainer  is suitable for indoor and outdoor training. The door anchor and storage bag included.

Thera band tubing

From Price €1.49

TheraBand Professional Latex Resistance Tubing is ideal for upper and lower body exercise, rehabilitation, and conditioning. It is available in 6 color-coded levels of resistance.

  • Ideal for upper & lower body Exercise to strengthen muscles, increase range of motion, and improve flexibility
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Medicine ball HEAVYMED

From Price €8.26

The Heavymed balls, which are designed for group or individual training, concentrate their weight in a compact volume. They are filled exclusively with water. Their surface allows to achieve a good grip. Thanks to their resiliency they do not damage the surfaces when they hit the ground. A booklet with some exemplifying exercises is included in the package.

Agility poles set
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Agility poles set

Price €53.72

12 agility poles with metal spikes to use on a grass.

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Plastic handles for...

Regular price €7.44 -20% Price €5.95

Pair of plastic handles for resistance tubing. Durable, comfortable, flex-motion grip handles. Easy and secure tubing changes.

Producer: Dittmann.

Vikrumo žiedai 12 vnt
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Flat agility rings set Vinex

Regular price €14.88 -15% Price €12.64

Flat Agility Rings. Set of 12 units. Inner diameter - 40 cm. Jointless moulded rings. Different patterns can be created for improving body balancing and controlling.

Producer - Vinex.