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  • Mini CrossFit timer
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    Mini CrossFit timer


    The LMX1269 Crossmaxx® Mini timer is a perfect 'gym essential' for small Functional training rooms and at home! The complete yet compact rechargeable timer with clear, bright digits has a magnetic back, allowing it to be placed in any visible place. 

    - clock function 12/24 hours

    - count up/ countdown (0:00 to 99:59)

    - stopwatch and different intervals possible. Programs can be set and saved.

    - with beeps

    - dimensions: L15.6 x H5.2 x 2.4 cm

  • Ball carrying cart


    Ball carrying cart made of sturdy tubular steel & powder coated for extra durability. Bag made of PP net with reinforced border to hold basketball, football & volleyball. Comes in knockdown packaging for economical transportation and easy to assemble. It can be used both indoor & outdoor. Size: 108 cm x 77 cm x 108 cm. 

    Producer - Vinex.

  • Slalom pole with base


    32 mm diameter and 1,8 m high slalom poles with stable 400 g PVC base. Suitable for artificial fields and in the sports hall. Base colour - yellow. Available pole colours: orange, blue, red, yellow, neon green, pink, white or black.

  • copy of Elastic resistance...


    Dittmann natural rubber - latex resistance band in a band (25 m, 14,5 cm).

  • Elastic resistance band (box)


    Dittmann natural rubber - latex resistance band in a band (25 m, 14,5 cm).

  • Revoring® rings chain

    Revoring® is the brand-new innovative, practical and multi-purpose fitness tool. This all-in-one fitness tool for both indoors and outdoors training, from suspension training to circuit training: Revoring® is the smart answer to your needs!
    Revoring® is the 14 elastic rings chain covered in solid stranding layers with comfortable rubber handles in every single ring. Multiple grips to instantly regulate the exercise intensity and anchoring points for countless exercise modalities. It is versatile functional training system: it is perfect for personal training and group training, stretching, pilates, holistic disciplines, postural training, rehab and physical therapy, athletic preparation and fight sports.
    Revoring Lite is the best choice for functional analytical exercises and stretching, postural training, myofascial pilates, rehab and physical therapy. Revoring Lite is intended for women and older people. It is not recommended for Suspension training and speed resistor training.
    Kit consists of Revoring Lite chain, Revoring Bag, the Revoring Belt and the anchoring snap hook. Inside the Revoring box, you will find the Quick start Manual that will help you set up your workouts practically and safely.
    Watch videos below!!!
  • Trendy rubber band

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    Power Band is 105 cm long closed-loop resistance band (band total length 210cm). They are much stronger, more durable, versatile and far less prone to snapping than ordinary resistance bands.

    Power bands are useful for:

    • Strength and power training
    • Speed and agility training 
    • Jumping/plyometrics
    • Flexibility and tractioning exercises
    • Joint mobility
    • Prehabilitation/rehabilitation

    20% discount purchasing 10 units.

  • Foam handle Premium Body Tube


    Premium Body tube with nylon coating for more product safety. Less chance of over-stretching, tear-proof for normal usage. PVC handles. Available in the following strengths: medium - Green; medium to heavy - Red; heavy - Blue.

  • Gymstic Powerslider

  • Trendy Sport Hip Loop

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  • Gym mat TRENDY 190 cm.


    High quality long life gym mat. Size: 1,9 x 0,6 m. 1,5 cm thick. Resistant, stable in shape, comfortable and flexible, anti-slippery and flat lying,  easy rolling and unrolling of mat, optimum shock absorbing. Usable, in the studio, outdoor and in water. Super hygienic, anti-germ protection, easily cleanable with water. 

  • Medicine ball Esfera Premium

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    The springing medicine ball made of rubber has a nubbed surface texture and is extremely grippy. It is easily washable and therefore super hygienic. With the built-in needle valve air can be filled in, and so the bounce can be set. The medicine ball is very sturdy and extremely durable. Weights - 1 to 5 kg.

  • Air pump with pressure gauge


    T-PRO floor pup (11 bar) with an analogue manometer. Dual pump head for all valve types with 2 valve adapters. Pump made of steel and plastics. Dimensions: 70 x 23 x 15 cm. Suitable for balls, bicycle and motorcycle tyres, air mattresses etc.

  • Air pump with pressure gauge


    Stainless steel air pump with high pressure gauge (up to 11 Bar). Size 20 x 6 x 42 cm. 560 g weight. Double valve design:  two valves for Presta and Schrader. The double valve design makes inflation easier without having to change the adapters. Wide applications: this floor pump can be inflated for BMX, mountain and road bikes, electric vehicles, motorcycles, air cushions, swimming rings, basketball, football, air mattresses and all inflatable toys.

  • Balance paths system


    The balance paths system set for countless exercise possibilities. Set is made of 10 plywood paths with non-slip surface. 

    The individual paths have lengths of 102, 94, 86, 78, 70, 62, 54, 46, 38 and 30 cm. To store the steps, simply stack them on top of each other. The balance path will be different and exciting every time. The paths system set encourages the development of the sense of balance and promotes creativity. The aim is to maintain or regain your balance as your centre of gravity changes. The system allows you to practise movements on narrow surfaces, standing after irritation to the vestibular analysers, rotational movements and unsupported movements.

    The balance system set provides you with lots of exercise possibilities: children can walk slowly or quickly along diverse courses, they can turn on the spot and also stand still – all while balancing. In addition you can add the challenge of catching and throwing a ball while walking. A particular challenge arises when two students have to walk past each other without leaving the step. Children can set out and overcome their own balance paths which can easily incorporate inclines and descents. Perfect for use in children’s sport in nurseries, schools, clubs as well as for use in therapy.

    Product information:

    Paths with lengths of 102, 94, 86, 78, 70, 62, 54, 46, 38 and 30 cm

    Width of each path: 15 cm, height: 11.5 cm

    10-year guarantee

  • Sprinter resistance tubes set

  • Wooden bar for swedish ladder


    Wooden removable bar for wall bar (swedish ladder). 

  • Wooden gymnastic bench

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    Wooden bench. The feet are made from beech wood, the seat from softwood. Height of the bench: 30 cm. All edges are rounded to ensure safety of its users. The bench is fitted with a hook to affix it to the gymnastic wall bars and special anti-slip pads on the feet.

  • Ancle incline board


    Incline board for ankles streching. Relieves stiffness in leg muscles and ankles. 5 different inkline angles: 0, 5, 15, 25, 35 degree elevation. Size: 35,6 x 35,6 cm. Incline board increases extension in the lower and upper back while stretching the calves. Made of a heavy-duty composite plastic.

  • Exercise mat rack


    Gym mat trolley made of powder-coated steel is suitable for our gymnastics mats with an eyelet system and is very flexible and mobile thanks to the roller system.

    Suitable for 120-190 ProfiGymMat

    Width 78 cm / Height 206 cm / Depth 52 cm

    Max. capacity: 

    ProfiGymMat (1 cm) 30 Pcs.

    ProfiGymMat (1,5 cm) 20 Pcs.

    Trendy YogaMat (0,5) 40 Pcs.