Running and multisport

Running and multisport

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Polar Ignite

Price €164.46

Polar Ignite is a waterproof fitness watch with advanced wrist-based heart rate and integrated GPS. This new-generation workout partner helps you become your true potential and push your limits the right way. Polar Ignite offers you a full view of your day and guidance towards a more balanced life.

Polar M200

Price €114.88

 - The M200’s built-in GPS keeps track of your pace, distance and altitude. After your run, you can see your route on Polar Flow.

 - The M200 tracks your steps, activity, sleep and calories 24/7.

 - Measure your heart rate from the wrist and see your current heart rate zone on the screen.

 - Polar provides over a hundred different sport profiles.

 - Plan, sync and...

Polar M430 GPS running watch

Price €164.46

 - Polar M430 measures your heart rate from the wrist easily, accurately and reliably.

 - Track your pace, distance and altitude with the integrated GPS. When you run indoors, Polar M430 tracks pace and distance from your wrist movements.

 - Stay on the move all day long. Polar M430 tracks steps, distance, calories and sleep and gives you a personalized daily activity...

Polar V800 GPS sports watch

Price €346.28

 - Shows you how your training affects your body and helps you compare the load of different sessions. Monitor your load continuously to recognize your personal limits and adjust training intensity and duration accordingly.

 - Shows you the time necessary for recovery before the next training session. 

 - Train for a running event with a personal and adaptive training plan in...