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    ROXProX comes with LASER SENSOR, SYMBOL DISPLAY, LIGHT, SOUND & VIBRATION. Its the ultimate system to train cognitive-motor skills, for touch-less speed measurement and for a multi-sensory training experience based on external stimulation. Free app for iOS and Android. User-centric designed, intuitive use, and simple control. Anti-shock construction. Water-repellent. 

    · Touch-Free interactions with laser sensor ( Adjustable from 10cm – 150cm)

    · LED Display symbols for increased cognitive stimulation

    · Speed Measurement up to the millisecond

    · 75+ Free, video based workout sessions for any fitness and age level

    · 300+ free video based exercise library for fitness and sports specific training

    · 9+ open programs to create your own drills. 100% customizable according to specific needs

    · In-app real time analytics to track your performance to the millisecond

    Set includes:

    • 6 x ROXProX

    • 6 x Adjustable straps with silicon holster

    • 6 x ROXClaw 3in1

    • 1 x Charging Case

    • 1 x Adapter with 4 USB plugs

    • FREE introduction call

  • Interactive rection...


    Transform your workouts into interactive experiences
    Innovate your training, add a new dimension to your movements and measure it
    For all of your training clients; young to old, beginner to pro
    Affordable, portable and easy to use app-connected pods

    ROXs use the excitement of sensor technology and gamification to make any kind of training more fun. ROXs enhances the motivation to move and provides unlimited ways to train. No session has to be the same.

    Different clients have different needs, ROXs are flexible. Fitness, performance, sport-specific, injury-prevention, rehab, cognitive training or just active play; all are powered by ROXs. For one-on-one sessions or group settings. We have more than 100 training variations available.


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    Witty SEM is  a "smart indicator" composed of a 7x5 LED matrix that can display different symbols and colours. It is the perfect solution for optimal planning and management of specific training for reactivity, agility, and motor-cognitive abilities.

    Specifically, each Witty SEM indicator can display: arrows, letters and numbers in red, green and blue colours.

    Flexible configuration of the system makes it possible to manage and customise various types of tests via the Witty timer and the Witty Manager software:

     - Agility tests. Various agility test modes available using the indicator in standalone mode o

     - Reactivity tests for specific work on motor-cognitive and coordination skills.

    Set of four LED matrixes + 4 tripods + timer and a bag.


  • Reactiometer


    REACTION METER REKSAS PRO-RA-1 is a movement frequency meter designed to measure the duration of a person's reaction to a red (danger) and green light and sound signal, and to assess the psychomotor characteristics of the human central nervous system (CNS). The device is suitable for athletes, selection of employees requiring assessment of CNS condition, medical post-traumatic rehabilitation.

    Purpose of the reaction meter REKSAS PRO RA-1:

    • evaluation of psychomotor reaction speed;

    • Assessment of CNS functional status.


    The device helps to quickly and accurately perform reaction time, Taping and other individually designed tests. The reaction time test determines the average, minimum and maximum reaction time, unevenness and provides a rating. The Taping test determines the normalized values ​​of CNS functional status and performance indicators: CNS mobility, asymmetry, fatigue, general CNS performance, anaerobic performance and anaerobic performance capacity.