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Ninja line advanced set

Price €185.95

Here, active kids can really let off steam - and thanks to the extensive range of accessories, the climbing and exercise course can be redesigned again and again. The individual pieces of sports equipment promote the physical development of children in a holistic way: muscles, motor skills, balance and coordination. The set includes in two storage bags (40 x 55 cm): 13 m long webbing +...

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copy of School parashute

From Price €49.59

Four sizes: 1,8 m diameter with 6 handles, 3,65 m diameter with 12 handles, 5 m diameter with 16 handles and 8 m diameter with 28 handles.

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Tactile river stones Gonge®

Price €103.31

A set of five different tactile structures embedded in a new version of River Stones. Five different materials cork, aluminum, foam, TPE rubber and concrete have been selected to create a variety of tactile sensations. The various tactile sensors perceiving hardness/compliance, temperature, roughness or stickiness are all activated to distinguish between these tactile structures. The slope...

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Go Go Gonge®

From Price €73.55

Go Go - 3rd generation - in a modern design and improved quality. Go Go reflects the ambition to manufacture strong and beautiful toys that are safe, stimulating, and fun to play with. Maximum load 75 kg.

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Sensory tiles

Price €48.76

Sensory tiles to feel like walking over water. This fascinating mats make it possible and form new, marvellously colourful, imaginative patterns with every step you take. The mats made of high-tech material – like they are also used for the aerospace – are filled with cosmetic liquid (absolutely non-poisonous), absolutely dense and have a non-slip underside. The 3.5 mm strong gel coat is...

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Sensory fish

Price €20.66

10 Bubble & Squish Fish. Eaach fish has a number 1-10 on one side and the corresponding number of dots on the other in assorted colours. In a storage jar. Each fish measures 15.5 cm max length. These sensory fish with aqua beads inside are both tactile and engaging whilst encouraging number recognition, counting and sorting.

Material: synthetic material, silicone

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Wooden sensory box

Price €37.19

Sensory box for kids. What do you feel? From the back, different items can be easily placed in the box for children to feel. The high front with two grip holes and cuffs is a great privacy screen so that the children don't cheat when guessing the sensory material. The side of the box has two grip holes for easy carrying. Easy to store because it can be easily and stably assembled.

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Balance Rocking Ice Weplay

Price €164.46

Balance Rocking Ice with different size and bottom. Each features a unique challenge for children including walking stably, wobbling as well as rocking back and forth. Three sizes of Ice with irregular shapes provide different widths for children to step on when being placed in various directions. It's a unique challenge for children including walking stably, wobbling as well as rocking back...

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Weplay River stones

Price €180.99

Inspired by the happiness of jumping over the stones by the river, the product offers fun activities with the colorful components. Rainbow River Stones are stackable for different heights. Anti-slip tactile patterns provide sensory experiences while ensuring safety. Motor skills and balance coordination are enhanced through playing.

Rainbow River Stones include three different sizes....

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Wawy tactile path

Price €288.43

Wavy Tactile Balance Path is designed to aid balance, movement, coordination and tactile perception. Path has different directions and heights. Tactile patterns on top provide extra safety, stimulate children’s soles and help physical development. The path is designed to go up/down and left/right to help users maintain and develop better balance. Stackable for easy storage. Anti-slip grip on...

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Balance - sensory path...

Price €263.64

Honey Hills is a stimulating stepping game. Children can create paths with various heights and multi-directional routes. By incorporating sensory materials, children can explore the different textures with their feet. The activities enhances motor skills and stabilize emotions. 

  -  Twin-Hexagon as design concept, contrasted in convex and concave, attachable and stackable to each...

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Graduated tape 10 m

Price €48.76

This PVC graduated mat for quick measurement for all kinds of throws. Width 25 cm, lenght 10 m. 

BS Toys Duck in a row

Price €23.97

Ducks in a row. Quack quack! Try to knock over the ducks with the bean bags. Just like at the fair!  1 base with 4 ducks.

Material: wood

Size: 6x10x40 cm

Age 3+

Outdoor arrow BS Toys

Price €23.97

Get your creativity out because with this game you can think of endless ways to play. Decide on an action and then stand in a circle with all players, spin the arrow and wait to see who it points to, that player must do the task. Or place the number chips around the arrow and make up an activity. The arrow indicates how often the group should do this. But you can also come up with fun math...