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Swedish ladder

From Price €90.91

Made in Lithuania. Size: 1,8x0,78 m; 2,5x0,9 m; 2,8x0,8 m. 

Foldable training hurdle

Price €23.97

Easy adjustable and transportable X type training hurdle. Metal construction, plastic top bar. Height from 24 to 106.7 cm.

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Ball cart Molten

Price €81.82

Portable, foldable ball trolley with heavy duty steel frame and wheels for easy manoeuvrability. Suitable for any type of ball such as 24 units size 7 Basketballs, 34 units size 5 Footballs, 34 units size 5 Volleyballs, 34 units size 5 Netballs, 40 units size 3 Handballs, 34 units size 5 Waterpolo balls. Net size: 67 x 67 x 54 cm. Height on...

Barjerininko treniruoklis
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Self training hurdle device

Regular price €38.02 -20% Price €30.41

This hurdle device helps the hurdler to jump over the hurdle with correct body position. The upright over the hurdles keeps hurdler's arm movement in control and velcro attached web tape on top makes hurdler bring trail leg under armpit. Aattachment fits on Vinex hurdles.

Producer - Vinex.

Kūgis 40 cm
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Regular price €5.37 -25% From Price €4.03

Two colour - stripped plastic cones. 40 or 46 cm. height.

Training starting blocks...

Price €78.51

Delivery time 2-4 weeks.

School and training starting block in zinc plated steel with pads covered with rubber.

Producer - Nordic Sport.

Ball compressor

Price €114.88

Compressor for inflating balls. With an extra long (3m) spiral tube to facilitate the inflation of the balls - footballs, handballs, training dummies, bicycle, car and motorcycle tires. Set includes accessories such as ball needle and various supplements with extra long 3m spiral tube. Very quiet vacuum engine (oil-free). Length of power cable: 1.8 m, power: 0.2 hp, capacity: max. 7 bar...

Rebounder (return frame)

Price €106.61

Adjustable angles rebounder for various ball sports. Designed for self-training exercises: receiving and driving techniques, high or low volley, juggling on the wall, goalkeeper techniques, catching rebounds, or training with more participants, such as Football Squash. Super bouncing effect. Rebounder is foldable and can be transported quickly and easily. Dimensions:...

Soft plyobox set

Price €825.62

Soft plyobox set is ideal for personal and plyometric training. Plyometric training is a training method which has as main purpose to learn your muscles a fast, powerful and explosive motion in a short period of time. Each Soft Plyobox can be used separately or in combination with other Soft...

Exercise ball Meteor

From Price €8.26

Meteor fitness ball with pump. Made of PVC - special antidetonating rubber withstanding loads up to 300 kg. Great for muscle strengten, general training, joints flexibility increasing and coordination improving. 55 cm - pink, 65 cm - light green, 75 cm - black, 85 cm - grey.

Flat hoop

From Price €1.65

Jointless moulded flat hoop made of high quality plastic. Can be used with multipurpose base.

Net for exercise ball

Price €28.93

Transport and storage net for exercise balls. For balls up to 120 cm. Made from nylon with 2 pull strings. 

Gonge® Robo board

Price €70.25

he Robo-Board trains weight transfer, dynamic balance and provides proprioceptive stimulation for children from 4 years. The Robo-Board moves easily by means of the child's weight transfer from side to side. When the child's weight is shifted to one side using muscular force and rotation around the spinal column, the child can rotate in a circular movement of up to 360 degrees.

Magnetic rollable demo...

Price €37.19

Magnetic chess board is made of wood and metal.

Board size: 64 x 64 cm.

Field size: 7 x 7 cm.

Giant outdoor checkers Vinex

Price €131.40

Giant draughts mat made of PVC coated fabric, suitable for group activities, outdoor games, picnics or parties. Includes 16 giant draughts in each colour made of plastic. Comes with a carry bag. Size : 3 m x 3 m

Badminton set ROX

Price €15.70

2 badmintom rackets + 3 shuttlecocks in a zip-closed bag.

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Hurdle height raiser

Regular price €4.96 -15% Price €4.21

Plastic hurdle height raiser with holder. Increases the hurdle height up to 23 cm.


Stop watch Sport Thieme

Price €32.23

The splash-proof Sport-Thieme stopwatch combines a clock, a stopwatch, a clock and a calendar in one. Suitable for sports festival, a national youth games or training. Easy handling, has automatic calendar, displays the fastest and slowest average speed, has auto repeat with countdown completed. Due to the recess for the fingers, the hand stop watch is well in the hand. Thanks to the cord,...

Open reel measuring tape

From Price €19.01

Open reel measuring tape. Different lenght: 30, 50 or 100 m. Plastic frame with comfortable carrying handle and twisting handle. Steel 13 mm. width tape.

Producer - Vinex.

Single ball carrying bag

Price €2.48

Single ball carrying bag is made of polyester mesh cloth fabric. Good enough to carry one ball and a pair of shoes.