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Soft football

Price €9.92

Soft foam fun ball for all kinds of throwing and group games. Special slow-motion effect helps beginners with the learning process. Safe training thanks to their soft properties in nurseries, schools, clubs or during leisure time. Its soft properties provide nervous people in particular with a greater feeling of security. Variety of uses – as a football, for throwing...

Cotton tug of war rope

From Price €20.66

Light tug of war rope for children. Provides good grip. Small diameter for small hands. Made from cotton, ends secured against fraying. Diameter 20 mm. Lenght 10 m.

copy of Balancing -...

Price €81.82

Obstacle set for kindergarten or schools.

- 2 poles, 1 m. long

- 4 poles, 1,2 m. long

- 4 connector clips

- 4 multipurpose bases

- 1 balance path, high

Nerf Vortex Mega Howler

Price €20.66

The Nerf Vortex Mega Howler is an extraordinary throwing device in the shape of an American football. Throw the Nerf rocket through the air and it will begin to howl thanks to the small whistles attached to the sides. Great fun on the playground or field as well as in the sports hall.

The Nerf Vortex Mega Howler is made from solid foam. The steering plumes and special notches ensure...

The set of mini torpedoes

Price €28.93

The set of mini torpedoes for sport and leisure use. With these mini torpedoes children develop throwing and catching skills from an early age. They also allow children to develop their basic throwing technique for athletics events such as javelin. Soft, rounded solid foam surface suitable for small childrem. 

Length: 22 cm; ø approx. 6.5 cm; weight: 40 g. 

Throwing game Gonge®

Price €114.88

A functional construction with quality materials and elegant design. A large stand mounted with polyester bags in four different colours. The stand comes with six soft juggling balls. Suitable for small children +2 years.

Collapsible Target Board...

Price €40.50

Well-made fabric target board. Unfolds itself out of the bag. Four elastic loops can be used to secure the board on almost any upright surface. Six small foam balls with hook-and-loop fastener spots and a bag are included. Fun target practice game for young and old. Target diameter 145 cm. The foam balls have a diameter of 6.5 cm and a weight of 16 g.

Movement game "Moves"

Price €23.97

The BS "Moves" movement game is a game that can be played by children, teenagers and adults. In nurseries and schools it can be used to help improve memory, motor function skills and mobility. This combination also makes it perfect for when working with older adults and adds variety to sports for older people. "Moves" is also suitable for promoting physical activity or for use in group games...

Children game "Catching tales"

Price €32.23

Fun is guaranteed when you’re catching tails: 6 children are each given an animal tail that can be easily attached to the back of their trousers, jacket or shirt using the clip fastener. Once they are ready, the hunt can begin. One player is selected to count down from 3 to start the game. Now each player has to steal their opponents’ tails without losing their own. The rules are simple:...

Gonge® Balanco

Price €94.21

Balanco is suitable for play, sports training and goal-directed rehabilitation. Balanco stimulates psycho and sensomotor functions, such as coordination, mobility, reaction, concentration, and improved posture. Balanco is available in two levels of difficulty. Each set contains 3 easily replaceable inserts with different challenges. Maximum load 120 kg.

Gonge® Mountain

From Price €48.76

A large mountain (height 32 cm) designed to challenge children to reach the top by climbing up the broad steps. Stimulates infants to crawl up the steps, whilst older children can use the Mountain as stairs. Infants can experiment by jumping down from the Mountain, and the 4 plateaux suit different levels of daring! The Mountain is also ideal for use as seating. Can be used for movement...

Build N' Balance® Tactile Set

Price €263.64

A new Build N' Balance® 12-piece set including 3 different tactile discs. Each element comes with an easily identifiable tactile structure, with which children soon become familiar, when they use the elements without shoes. Children are attracted to the bright colours, which encourage them to pay more attention to the various tactile structures.

This new set of elements adds...

Gonge® Body wheel

From Price €106.61

The body Wheel is an exciting new physical activity designed to challenge children of all ages. Even small children can set the wheel in motion, providing an excellent exercise to practise body agility, strength and balance. The Body Wheel allows children to roll while lying on their back or stomach, or even while standing. Adults can assist small children in practising how to tumble safely,...

Penalty Box

Price €23.97

In 2016 the Penalty Box® was created to help people lose weight, increase athletic performance, and become more motivated by utilizing a new workout program.

Professional beach...

Price €73.55

Made of polypropylene tape resistant to adverse weather conditions. Dimensions: 8 m x 16 m. The length of the lines can be adjusted with special corners. Fixed using planks buried in the sand, line corners are connected to the planks with a flexible cord. Width: 5 cm. Colour: blue.

Popular beach volleyball net

Price €48.76

Dimensions 8.50 m x 1.00 m, made of polypropylene, weave thickness 3mm, mesh 10x10 cm. Bottom and top tensioning cords made of polypropylene. Top tape 50 mm width. Tape colour: yellow.

Beach volleyball net with...

Price €90.08

Dimensions 8.50 m x 1.00 m, made of knotless polypropylene net, weave thickness 3 mm, mesh 10 x 10 cm. Tensioning cords: top - steel, bottom - polypropylene, length 11.70 m. 4 edges of net finished with tape, top 70 mm, bottom and sides 50 mm. Velcro antenna pouch. Tape colour: yellow.

Long Jump and Coordination Mat

Price €114.88

A versatile indoor training mat made of non-slip PVC. Top surface for coordination training has 9 areas and marking points for throwing games. Underside features markings for measuring jumping distance in 5-cm increments and foot shapes to indicate the take-off point. Lightweight and compact as it can be rolled up. Dimensions (LxWxH): 350x100x0.4 cm, approx. 1.4 kg.