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MOLTEN air pump

Price €19.01

Aliuminium air pump. 57 cm height. 1,6 kg weight. With needle.

Vinyl balls and dome cones set

Price €23.97

Set of soft vinyl, non bouncing balls (70 g, 7 cm) x 10 psc; dome shaped cones, tvo colours x 10 psc each.

Rubber - vinyl balls set

Price €18.18

Set of 9 balls:  3 soft vinyl, non bouncing balls (70 g, 7 cm); 3 rubber throwing balls (110 g, 6 cm); 3 vinyl squeeze balls (65 g, 6,5 cm). 

Fabric balls set

Price €23.97

Set of 6 two coloured cotton junggling balls (7 cm) and 6 single coloured fleese balls (7,5 cm).

Sheep balls set

Price €15.70

Balls made of synthetic fabric cover and soft acrylic polyfill. Because of plush fill there's no fear of throwing and catching this ball, eliminate intimidation. This makes it perfect for younger users who are only just beginning to learn how to throw and catch. Size: 9,5 cm. Set of 6 two coloured balls. 

Juggling balls set

Price €5.79

Juggling Balls made of cotton fabric. Weight 100 g, diameter - 7 cm. Set of 3 balls. 

Floor markers arrows, 6 psc.

Price €9.92

Arrow shaped floor markers made of SPECIAL ANTI-SKID MATERIAL. Different colour each. Size: 34 x 15,8 cm.

Set of 6 blind folds

Price €9.92

Made of polyester fabric with P.U. Foam inside & super eyes print. 6 psc.

Throw and Target Ball Game

Price €32.23

This Indoor Throw and Target game is used with target balls to throw on the 4 colour target wall. Perfect for kindergarten and primary schools. This game can be used for playing different activities like targeting on the desired colour, or giving different points to different colours etc. Can be used in relay games as well. This game includes: 1 Rubber Base (4.5 kg),  1 Hoop with 4 colour...

Target bibs set of 6

Price €23.97

A spontaneous team game for children to practice their aiming skills by throwing a soft velcro ball at bibs worn by the opposing team. The construction of the ball ensures safety and will not cause bruises. Sold in a set of 3 Red Bibs, 3 Blue Bibs and 2 Velcro Balls.

Soft football

Price €9.92

Soft foam fun ball for all kinds of throwing and group games. Special slow-motion effect helps beginners with the learning process. Safe training thanks to their soft properties in nurseries, schools, clubs or during leisure time. Its soft properties provide nervous people in particular with a greater feeling of security. Variety of uses – as a football, for throwing...

Cotton tug of war rope

From Price €20.66

Light tug of war rope for children. Provides good grip. Small diameter for small hands. Made from cotton, ends secured against fraying. Diameter 20 mm. Lenght 10 m.

copy of Balancing -...

Price €81.82

Obstacle set for kindergarten or schools.

- 2 poles, 1 m. long

- 4 poles, 1,2 m. long

- 4 connector clips

- 4 multipurpose bases

- 1 balance path, high