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Spiky balls set

Price €8.26

Soft massage balls, made of vinyl, diameter - 6.5 cm. Set of 3 balls. 

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Bean bags pyramid

Price €9.92

Bean bags are ideal for all gripping and perception exercises and encourages tactile stimulation. Bags are made from PU fabris.  The hygienic filling is made from fine plastic granulate. Colours: blue, yellow, green and red.

Size: 7 cm, 20 g.

Set of 6 pieces.

Ball carrying cart

Price €131.40

Ball carrying carte is made of durable plastic. The cart has no sharp edges for added safety in school. Lightweight cart can be easily moved by one person. Swivel casters provide smooth mobility in any direction.

Size: 119 cm x 58 cm x 78 cm

Producer - Vinex.

BS Toys Bow & Arrow

Price €19.75

These three red apples are shining in the sun, you really do not want to miss them! Put the arrow in the bow, pull it tight and make sure to be the next real archer like Robin Hood! 

Material: wood.

Product Size:

  • 1 bow: 45 x 12 x 1,5 cm
  • 3 arrows: 26 x 2,5 cm
  • 3 apples 13...

Bowling forest Friends BS Toys

Price €23.06

These happy wooden friends from the forest just came out of town! Use the gnomes and their friends as solid bowling pieces and start the game against each other. This game can be played indoor as well as outdoor to start your adventures in the forest!!

Material: wood

Product Size:

  • 6 pieces
  • 1...

Gym mat hard

Price €98.35

Gym mat. Hard , T40. Size: 200 x 120 x 5.

Gym mat soft

Price €98.35

Gym mat. Soft , T40. Size: 200 x 120 x 10.

BS Toys Circus Elephants

Price €24.71

With these elephants, kids learn the correct sequence of numbers and the recognition of colors. They can build high towers with these happy elephants. Which acrobatic tricks can you do with these elephants? These elephants will be very nice decoration for kids rooms and are strong enough for many ours of fun!

Material: wood. 8 elephants. 

Product Size: 

BS Toys "Birds race"

Price €20.58

How is your balance? Carry the cute birds on your head with the help of the wooden plates. And bring them to your own nest. Can you relocate the birds safely without dropping them?

Material: Wood

Product Size:

  • Height Head 4 cm | Plate 5 mm | Bird 4 cm
  • Diameter Head 12 cm | Plate 15 cm | Bird 30...

BS Toys Balance Buddies

Price €30.50

Throw the dice and add a buddy of the same color to the balance. But watch out! Don’t bring the seesaw out of balance, because if a buddy slips off, you lose!

Material: MDF

Product Size:

  • Length 10 cm
  • Width 50 cm

BS Toys Crocodile

Price €16.45

The crocodile is always hungry! Help him to eat his fish by pushing all the bubbles out of his mouth. Do this very carefully, because the fish must remain in his mouth.You know that a crocodile without a meal is not a happy animal!

Material: Wood

Product Size:

  • Length 20 cm
  • Height 21...

BS Toys Veggie

Price €24.71

What a challenge to look for some tasy ingredients in the pan! Roll the dice and rotate the lid. Now use the tweezer to collect your vegetables. Put them on your plate, but don’t drop the veggies on the table or on your plate. It would be a waste of food!

Material: Wood

Product Size:

  • Height: 24 cm
  • ...

BS Toys "Egg party"

Price €14.79

Balance the egg on your spoon and race! Try to finish first without dropping the egg and win the game. Did your egg fall out the shell? Start over and catch up with the other players!

Material: Plastic

Product Size:

  • Yolk 100 x 100 x 10 mm
  • Spoon 200 x 50 x 15 mm
  • Egg 55 x...

BS Toys Find the fish

Price €24.71

Roll the three dice! Who will be the first one to find the fish in the right shape, colour and pattern that is pictured on the card? If the game is too difficult, play the game by only using the cards.  This game can be played in different ways and will never get bored! This game requires logical insight which makes this game very educational.

Product Size: Fishes: 6 x 4 x 0,26 cm,...

BS Toys Ice Dream

Price €20.58

BS Toys Ice Dream is so delicious! Take a card and pile up the different flavours to create the ice cream shown on the card. The first person who makes the ice cream, without dropping the flavours, wins the game. Also fun to use your favourite flavours and create the perfect ice-cream for each other!

Material: Wood.

Product Size: one complete icecream 250 mm, cards 100 x 160...

BS Toys game "Moves and...

Price €18.93

Who remembers most sounds and movements? Every disc represents an animal or object. Try to personate what is written on the disc. Do you know how to personate an elephant and afterwards also know what sound a train makes? Pay attention, because every time an activity will be added! The person that forgets the moves and sounds loses! The last person that remembers everything wins the game!...

Tower of balance BS Toys

Price €41.24

Try to knock over the top block of the tower. But don’t let the whole tower fall!  

Material: Pine

Product Size:

  • Tower height: 65 cm
  • Block: 7 x 7 x 7,5 cm
  • Rope: 10 m
  • Disc: 7 x 1,6 cm

BS Toys Crocket

Price €28.02

Crocket from BS Toys - fun outdoor game with happy little dogs! Players must hit the wooden ball with a mallet through all the hoops of the dogs. The player who gets his/her own ball through all the hoops with the lowest number of strokes as possible, wins the game.


  • Dogs: MDF
  • Sticks: rubber...

BS Toys Velcro darts

Price €19.75

Large dart board is 50 cm. Hang it on the wall inside or outside. Throw the balls on the board and get the highest score. You get 3 balls and inflatable core.

Stopwatch PC894

Price €14.88
Easy to use stopwatch comes with 2 memory function, water resistant and large LCD display. Especially good for children. 
     Size: 82.2x 62.3x 23.0mm
     Weight: 66,5 g.

Technical details: