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Bounce back aliuminum hurdle

From Price €37.19

Bounce Back Hurdle made of lightweight Aluminum tube. The hurdle bounces back to its position when knocked down. It features adjustable height.

Two sizes.

 - Width: 76 cm
 - Height: 40-60 cm

 - Width: 89 cm
 - Height: 65-107 cm

Lane markers set Vinex

Price €742.98

Vinex lane markers set of 8. Made of moulded fiberglass, lightweight and stackable design for easy packing and transportation. Triangular design provides visibility from all sides. False start indicator installed on top.

Bounce back steel hurdle Vinex

Price €81.82

Bounce back hurdle is made of 20 mm square steel tube, powder coated frame for durability & easy height selection by snap locking method. Uprights are made of 22 mm aluminium round tube. Spring mechanism helps the hurdle to come back to its position when knocked down by athlete. The hurdle comes with five different height adjustments:   0.762 m - 1.067 m.

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Flat agility hurdle

Regular price €5.37 -€1.00 From Price €4.37
A perfect training hurdle for quick knee lift and stepping. Position hurdles for agility drills, running drills and plyometric jumps. Constructed with durable heavy duty flat PVC tubing, very light in weight. 

Aluminium competition...

Price €185.95

Delivery time 2-4 weeks.

Competition hurdle manufactured completely of aluminium. The base weights are galvanized to make adjustment trouble free and easy. Height adjustment is controlled with safety spring locks. New design with special lowest height. Adjustable heights from 686 mm to 1067 mm. IAAF certified.

Producer - Nordic...

Competition hurdle Nordic...

Price €371.07

Delivery time 2-4 weeks.

Fully automatic competition aluminium hurdle. Adjustment of the height and base weights is done simultaneously with one single handgrip. Base-weights are made of steel with Teflon bearings. All protruding parts have been eliminated to prevent injuries and facilitate stacking and transportation. Adjustable heights from 762 mm...

Spring back hurdle POLANIK

Price €123.14

Designed for training children and pupils in schools. Special crossbar protected with soft lining, stable hurdle feet with rubber pads. Spring mechanism responsible for returning hurdle crossbar to its original position. Frame made of galvanized steel tubes and profiles, powder painted telescope tubes.

Three height modifications:

PP-180/7 (650, 686, 762, 838, 914, 991, 1067...

Top bar Vinex

Price €12.40

Training hurdle top bar. PLastic. Suitable fot training hurdles SCHOOL and SUPER 200.

Producer - Vinex.

Training hurdle POLANIK PP-176

Price €136.36

Delivery time 2-4 weeks.

Exceptionally light and durable POLANIK training hurdle designed for training juniors and seniors in sports schools and clubs, economical in transport collapsible construction, powder painted steel feet with permanent counterweights, hurdle frame made of aluminium tubes and profiles anodized in silver colour, aluminium...

Training hurdle cart POLANIK

Price €718.18

Delivery time 2-4 weeks.

Training hurdle cart on wheels, capacity up to 30 high training hurdles: PP-178, PP-174 and PP-176, steel galvanized construction, wide handle.

Producer - POLANIK.

Competition hurdle cart...

Price €1,676.86

Delivery time 2-4 weeks.

Competition hurdle cart on wheels, capacity: 20 hurdles PP-170, 30 hurdles PP-171. Durable and light aluminium construction anodized in silver colour, wide handle and catch for electric truck shaft.

Producer - POLANIK.

Training hurdle top bar...

Price €19.01

Delivery time 2-4 weeks.

Plastic top bar suitable for Polanik training hurdles, made of highly resistant plastic profile, ribbed inside.

Producer - POLANIK.

Plastic competition hurdle...

Price €26.45

Delivery time 2-4 weeks.

Plastic top bar suitable for Polanik competition hurdle, made of highly resistant plastic profile, ribbed inside.

Producer - POLANIK.

Training hurdle SCHOOL

Price €70.25

High quality training hurdle. Perfect for children training and school competitions. Easy to set-up and transport. Adjustable height: 76,2;  84,0; 91,4;  99,0;  106,7 cm. Plastic changable top bar. Made of steel.

Producer - Vinex.

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Plastic training hurdle

From Price €4.55

Plastic durable training hurdle. Available height: 15, 23, 30, 45 cm. Perfect for jump, agility, coordination, speed training. Suitable for track and field, football, basketball athletes - beginners and professionals.

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Agility Pole Hurdle Set

Price €23.14

A versatile pole hurdle set can be used to weave through, duck under, or jump over. Endless possibilities for agility drills, jump training and fun. Adjustable hurdle height.

Barjerininko treniruoklis
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Self training hurdle device

Regular price €38.02 -20% Price €30.41

This hurdle device helps the hurdler to jump over the hurdle with correct body position. The upright over the hurdles keeps hurdler's arm movement in control and velcro attached web tape on top makes hurdler bring trail leg under armpit. Aattachment fits on Vinex hurdles.

Producer - Vinex.

Foldable training hurdle

Price €32.23

Easy adjustable and transportable X type training hurdle. Metal construction, plastic top bar. Height from 24 to 106.7 cm.

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Hurdle height raiser

Price €4.96

Plastic hurdle height raiser with holder. Increases the hurdle height up to 23 cm.