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Ninja line advanced set

Price €172.73

Here, active kids can really let off steam - and thanks to the extensive range of accessories, the climbing and exercise course can be redesigned again and again. The individual pieces of sports equipment promote the physical development of children in a holistic way: muscles, motor skills, balance and coordination. The set includes in two storage bags (40 x 55 cm): 13 m long webbing +...

Ninja line

Price €90.08

Hanging path to build up strong muscles.  The 12 meter long slackline strap is stretched between two trees by ratchet. The loops can be used to attach up to 7 hanging-elements in any order using the triangular hooks: 2 monkey swings, 2 gymnastic rings and 3 rope knots. Now the children can try to swing along to the other end or as long as their strength lasts - like a ninja. Those who don't...

Gibbon® Slackline "Classic...

From Price €73.55

Classic line is ideal for beginners and allrounders! Easy to handle and durable, ideal for the use in sports gyms and any training environment. TÜV certified.

Lenght: 12,5 m and 22,5 m.