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Power, speed training

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  • Revoring® rings chain

    Revoring® is the brand-new innovative, practical and multi-purpose fitness tool. This all-in-one fitness tool for both indoors and outdoors training, from suspension training to circuit training: Revoring® is the smart answer to your needs!
    Revoring® is the 14 elastic rings chain covered in solid stranding layers with comfortable rubber handles in every single ring. Multiple grips to instantly regulate the exercise intensity and anchoring points for countless exercise modalities. It is versatile functional training system: it is perfect for personal training and group training, stretching, pilates, holistic disciplines, postural training, rehab and physical therapy, athletic preparation and fight sports.
    Revoring Lite is the best choice for functional analytical exercises and stretching, postural training, myofascial pilates, rehab and physical therapy. Revoring Lite is intended for women and older people. It is not recommended for Suspension training and speed resistor training.
    Kit consists of Revoring Lite chain, Revoring Bag, the Revoring Belt and the anchoring snap hook. Inside the Revoring box, you will find the Quick start Manual that will help you set up your workouts practically and safely.
    Watch videos below!!!
  • Multifunctional fitness...

    The MOTR is a multi-functional space saving trainer with two variable resistance modules.   For fitness and full-body workout. You can exercise your legs and glutes also train the upper body.  Ideal for solo or group workouts. Particularly suitable for cardio, balance, functional, flexibility and strength training. You can carry out countless exercises, be it standing, kneeling or while laying down. A real all-rounder.Height: 109 cm; weight: 11 kg, maximum load: 158 kg. For users up to 193 cm tall. The fitness trainer is supplied with exercise instructions as well as DVD.
  • Speed Strength Training...

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    Resistance trainer with a protective nylon cover that protects against damage. The resistance rope is suitable for professional use at the gym or sport clubs as well as for training at home. Use the rope for sprint training, speed strength training or as a battle rope. The two loops on each end of the resistance rope can be used as a handle or attached to a holder. Perfect for partner or individual training. Lenght: 7 m.
  • Power rope

    €69.00 From

    Sculpt your entire body performing slams, waves, jacks, throws and pulls. Helps build core and arm strength, great for burning calories and fat. Diameter 40 mm. Length: 9; 12 and 15 m. The weight of 1m. is 1 kg.

  • Tug of war rope

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    Rope made of PA. Diameter - 36 mm. Lenght: 10 - 33,5 m. 

  • Sprinting system Run Rocket


    Run rocket is a portable resisted sprinting system which uses fly wheels to create the resistance for the athletes. It is created to get the best improvements in speed, power and agility also to be used in plyometric or broad jumping. System can be used indoor and outdoor. It includes a disc loading bar to add mass to the frame ensuring stability and minimal movement during training with athletes of larger proportion. The resistance of the run rocket can be toggled using an adjustment knob, this resistance is represented numerically on the display for ease of repeatability. With a harness of multiple attachment points, the run rocket allows for various pulling points accommodating for various movement patterns of each sport. The tether has a length of 35 meters with an automatic retraction system for ease of function. An athlete can be tethered to more than one Run Rocket to provide lateral resistance or can be used for rotary concentric movements and a large range of other movements.

  • Speed sack


    Speed sack with waist belt for speed, power training. It has the advantage over the conventional speed sleds that it is smaller, more flexible and easier to handle and fits in any sports bag. Sack size: 50 x 32 x 16 cm. Due to the 5 removable weight bags, the resistance can be individually adjusted and changed depending on the training goal.  Weight bag size 33 x 20 x 0.5 cm, max weight filled with sand - 4,5 kg. Min. weight of empty sack - 4 kg.  Weight bags are unfilled.

  • Push pull sled


    Sled training is very usefull in most team sports where athletes have to overcome a lot of resistance. You can think of sports such as soccer, basketball, tennis, volley ball. Sled training is ideal for burning fat, suitable for increasing your strength, speed and explosivity, can be used inside and outside, suitable for rehabilitation. Harness included. Sled can be used in combination with all 50 mm weight discs and bumper plates. No weights included. Possible exercises: sled chest press, sled row, sled wood chup, sled pull-through, sled drags bear crawl, sled lunges.

    Weight: 45.00 kg

    Dimensions: 100x60x100 cm

    Maximum weight: 270 kg

  • Flywheel training device kBox4


    The Kinetic Box, kBox4, is built on proven and reliable technology and a perfect tool in strength and rehabilitation for upper, lower body and core. It is used in gym, traditional PT, by athletes in high performance sports and in clinics with patients. Flywheel training offers safe and easy eccentric overload offering the user higher gains in muscle mass and strength. There is no upper limit in how much kinetic energy you can produce - you can always use a higher force and accelerate the flywheel more. Resistance is variable in that if you pull less the flywheel will resist less. Every repetition is maximal, with both a higher force early in the set and lower in the end, making the exercise much more efficient. This is why flywheel training gives a hypertrophic response earlier in the training regimen than traditional weights. You can also attach any handle or grip and do many upper body pulling and pushing exercises for arms, shoulders, upper and lower back.

  • Portable resistance...


    The lightweight Raptor unit is a revolutionary, portable resistance training system that utilizes the patented VertiMax Elastic Training Technology to develop athletic speed and strength. In less than two minutes, a Raptor unit can be attached to any chain link fence, wall or portable support allowing the athlete to transform any space into a world class speed and strength training center. Accessories included: 360 belt.

  • Vertical jump and speed...


    The V8 is vertical jump and speed training system designed for multi-point leg and arm loading on-platform with up to 4 band multi-point off-platform speed training out to approximately 30 feet. Trains up to 5 athletes simultaneously (1 on platform and 4 off-platform).

    Accessories included: waist harness belt; hip flexor set; ankle strap set; palm strap set.

    Standard Size Unit: 121X152 cm.
    Large Size Unit: 121X182 cm.

  • Speed chute


    Speed chute is an ultimate speed training device which can be used without a partner. It helps strengthening leg muscles which leads to improved performance. This chute is made of good quality Nylon fabric with panels for extra stability of the chute.

    Producer - Vinex.

  • Speed chute

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    A new range of speed-chutes made of polyester fabric in two colour combination. Comes with cushioned belt. Available in different sizes that can help in getting the perfect resistance as per the athletes strength building requirement.

    Producer - Vinex.

  • Power speed sled


    Power and speed sled made from powder coated steel. Comes with 3m strap and waist belt. Just put weight plates on sled to develop unstoppable endurance, speed and power. Weight plates are not included. Sled size: 34 x 20 cm. Height: 11 cm.