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Valleyball MIKASA MVA 300

Price €53.72

Mikasa MVA300 - profesionalų kamuolys. Kamuoliui "Mikasa MVA 300" naudojamos unikalios naujos medžiagos ir naujos paviršiaus "bangelės", taip pat naudojamos visiškai naujos formos dalys, kurios neturi analogų. Naujas dizainas suteikia didesnį kamuolio atšokimą, naudojant mažesnį jėgos poveikį. Kamuolio skriejimo trajektorija stabilesnė. Kamuolyje yra nedidelės...

Lateral resistor

From Price €15.70

Lateral resistor helps to develop first-step quickness and lateral speed, strengthen key muscles for fluid movement and proper body positioning. Padded adjustable velcro ankle cuffs fit most athletes. Velcro removes quickly to change up training or swap between athletes.

Pasipriešinimo guma su rankenėlėmis Body Tube Premium (raudona)
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Premium Body Tube

Regular price €19.01 -15% From Price €16.16

Premium Body tube with nylon coating for more product safety. Less chance of over-stretching, tear-proof for normal usage. PVC handles. Available in the following strengths: medium - Green; medium to heavy - Red; heavy - Blue.

Anti skid agility ladder

From Price €26.45

Soft and flexible ladder with a bag. Anti skid agility ladder is perfect for indoor & outdoor use. 4 or 9 meters long, 42 or 57 cm width.

Producer - Vinex.

Single ball carrying bag

Price €2.48

Single ball carrying bag is made of polyester mesh cloth fabric. Good enough to carry one ball and a pair of shoes.

Volleyball MIKASA MVA 310

Price €37.19

Unikali mikro pluošto apvalkalo medžiaga - kamuoliui skriejant sumažinamas oro pasipriešinimas, todėl smūgiai gali būti greitesni, tikslesni, išradingesni,8-ių dalių sūkurinis apvalkalas - pagerinta kamuolio kontrolė ir perdavimas, didesnis tikslumas.

Skirtas žaidimui patalpose, salėse, standartinis 5 dydis ir svoris,...

Speed - power resistance belts

From Price €40.50

Waist belts on both ends. Top quality, stetchable rubberconnector in the middle. Nylon sleeve covering for extra durability. Improves leg speed and power. It is made to work in pairs.

TRX Club pack

Price €194.21

TRX Suspension Training Club Pack is a milestone in quality and long lifespan. This was developed to meet the high demands of daily specific use in gyms. The new TRX Suspension Trainer Club Pack features enhanced, rubber and therefore particularly well-functioning non-slip handles, reinforced with Kevlar covered compensation loop, simplified longitudinal adjustment of the...

Sport tape

Price €2.73

The white sport tape is made of inelastic cotton and is easy to tear off by hand. Due to its high adhesive strength, the tape is well suited for use in orthopedic care and physiotherapy, as well as muscle, ligament, tendon, and joint injuries prevention. Width - 3,8 cm, lenght - 10 m.

Return plastic hurdle

From Price €13.22

Spring back plastic hurdle. High quality. Returns to it's original position after dropped down. Perfect for children training, for team sport training. Height 50 cm or 60 cm. 

15% discount for 10 psc.

Caution tape

Price €14.05

Super strong caution tape / warning tape for the separation of objects. Printed on both sides. 8 cm width, 500 m lenght.

Speed - power resistance belt

From Price €35.54

Waist belt on one end and 2 or 6 m. stretchable rubber connector with handle at the other.  Nylon sleeve covering for extra durability. Improves leg speed and power. It is possible to work in pairs, when one athlete is running and another - holding the handle. Another way - to connect handlo to rack, stand ir tree and train alone.

TRX Pro pack

Price €222.31

The TRX Pro is most versatile Suspension Trainer and designed to let you fully personalize your workout. It has adjustable and padded foot cradles, upgraded webbing, and custom antimicrobial-treated textured rubber handles. It also features 3 types of anchoring solutions for different workout locations. Includes TRX Pro Suspension Trainer, our pro trainer 8-week workout program, 5 body-part...

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Flat agility rings set Vinex

Regular price €14.88 -15% Price €12.64

Flat Agility Rings. Set of 12 units. Inner diameter - 40 cm. Jointless moulded rings. Different patterns can be created for improving body balancing and controlling.

Producer - Vinex.

Score board Meteor

Price €21.49

Score board suitable for various games. Metal base, plastic numbers. Max. score - 999 points. Maximum number of sets - 7. Size: 55 cm x 23 cm. Perfect for schools.

Balance trainer BOSU®

Price €131.40

BOSU® is easy to use, fun, and effective trainer to tone and improve core strength, lose weight, or simply get healthy and fit. Any exercise performed on the ground may be moved onto the BOSU® Balance Trainer to increase your results.  Use the BOSU® Balance Trainer, dome or platform side down and enhance mobility, strength, balance, and overall fitness levels.  Save to use. Dual action hand...