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  • Sensory body sock

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    Body socks are designed as a therapy tool- tight enough to promote the need for continuous stretching and improving gross motor skills (balance, bending, stretching, pulling and twisting). Durable design- stitched with flexible threads and the highest grade of lycra. Breathable fabric. While moving and playing with body socks, your body awareness increase and build muscle strength. Stimulates the tactile, vestibular and proprioceptive sensors, provides gentle joint compression that has a calming effect. Socks are perfect for home, school and therapy sessions. The overhead piece allows full coverage, involve neck and back muscles for full feedback to the nervous system. No zippers.

    Sensory Body Sock is an excellent addition to your child's sensory activities. It helps to relieve energy, reduce stress and fight sensory overload. Use it indoors as well as outdoors. 

    You should consider a few factors before purchasing the sock. How tight would you like it to be? The more exercise and impact you want to give to your body the tighter the sock should be. If it is for recreational use go for the bigger size. If the user is above the average height, then perhaps one size up will be more suitable.

    Wash it at 40º C. Use delicate detergen. Do not tumble dry.

  • Sensory resistance tunnel


    Giant Resistance Tunnel is perfect for schools and nurseries. It is very long and mid-wide so any adult or child has to perform cowling and squeezing while having fun. The main purpose of this tunnel is group play and exercise. You might need more than one to make rivalry games. Get your pupils more active and engaged in social interactions. Build the spirit of your pupils and teach them to work in groups. Or make it your family's favourite garden game. 

    Rivalry games are not about winning but about building relations between pupils and teachers and between each other is a real win. 

    The giant resistance tunnel has 4 stripe holders - two on each side. 

    Length: 4 meters long

    Diameter: 70cm  

    Material - 100% high-resistance Lycra. 

    This product is really easy to wash and it dries very fast. You can wash it even in cold water. Hand it over and let it dry. 

    Wash it at 40º C. Use delicate detergent. Do not tumble dry.

  • Rectangular Parachute 8 m.


    Rectangular shaped long parachute made of six colours polyester fabric. Borders are tape reinforced with 34 handles. Great fun product for improving supportive activities and play.

    Size: 8 m x 1 m

  • Fluorescent Parachute


    Made of bright Fluorescent colours 100% polyester fabric with tape reinforced center hole and sides, with grab handles. Comes neatly packed in a carry bag. 7 m diameter with 24 handles.

  • Parashutes set BS Toys


    Help the squirrels to fly by launching them high up in the air with these parachutes. Toss them from one parachute to another without dropping any. Count how many squirrels you can catch and add up your points! Super fun play material for 2 to 20 children! Includes manual with fun game varieties.

    5 parachutes, Ø 100 cm | 5 flying bean bag squirrels, 13x7x2 cm

  • copy of School parashute


    Four sizes: 1,8 m diameter with 6 handles, 3,65 m diameter with 12 handles, 5 m diameter with 16 handles and 8 m diameter with 28 handles.

  • School parashute

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    Four sizes: 1,8 m diameter with 6 handles, 3,65 m diameter with 12 handles, 5 m diameter with 16 handles and 8 m diameter with 28 handles.

  • Tunnel


    Tunnel is made of 4 coloured panels in round shape. 2 panels of mesh fabric and 2 panels of plain fabric. Size of tunnel : 240 cm x 60 cm