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  • Saehan finger force gauge


    SAEHAN mechanical finger strength gauge as pocket variant. This high quality finger force meter is specially designed for post-surgery strength measurement, rheumatic and severe pain processes. The finger power meter impresses with its functional modern design. The measurement can be documented in kilograms and in pounds. The power meter is delivered in a high-quality soft case.


    Measurements up to 20 kg.

    Very robust and handy.

    Low maintenance intensity, without hydraulics.

    Includes soft case for safe transport.

  • Digital hand dynamometer Jamar


    The Jamar digital hand dynamometer offers accurate and repeatable grip strength readings for routine screening of grip strength and initial and ongoing evaluation of clients with hand trauma and dysfunction. It has an easy-to-read LCD display. It also has a push-button console that includes a button to zero last reading stored. Registers in pounds and kilograms. Sturdy aluminum body construction. Rapid exchange test with audible signal. Display lb or kg. 90 kg capacity. Allows up to 5 trials for left and right hand. Auto calculates average standard variation and coefficient of variation.

  • Smedley hand dynamometer


    When you are suffering from weak grip or reduced strength, it is important to ensure that you are making gains in the right direction. Accurate and easy monitoring of your progress is essential for ensuring that rehabilitative measures are working.

    The Saehan Smedley Hand Dynamometer is designed for measuring and testing hand grip strength.  Different settings on the adjustable handle ensures that it will comfortably fit any hand size. The indicator has a range of 0kg - 100kg (220lb), and the large readout makes it easier to take accurate readings from the gauge. It's calibrated in kilograms but also features a pound scale for different measuring needs.

    Producer - SAEHAN.

  • Digital dynamometer with...


    Extremely durable hand dynamometer gives accurate grip strength readings by easy reading digital LCD-display. Integrated USB connector connection. Software provides versatile data evaluation such as interactive grip strength and endurance testing, comparison with normative data, and research reporting. The built-in battery is long lasting and is easily recharged when connected to a PC using the USB cable included.
    Adjustable up to 5 different hand sizes. Maximum measuring strength 90 kg, 200lbs. Electronic zero calibartion system. Recording up to 20 measuring data. Indicating year, month, day, time. Software extends the dynamometer capabilities - is easy to use, powerful software tool which automates grip strength testing and endurance testing in both clinical and research environments.
    Delivered in a protective carrying case including instruction manual, standard value table.

    Producer - Saehan.

  • Suspaudimo dinamometras
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    Saehan squeeze dynamometer

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    Accurate way to measure finger and hand strength. Just squeeze the bulb to get a readout of the maximum generated force. Reading remains until the unit is reset. The bulb is made of standard silicone. The gauge is calibrated in pounds and kilograms in 2.2lb (1kg) increments at lower levels and 4.4lbs (2kg) at upper levels to ensure accurate test results.

  • Digital hand dynamometer


    Digital hand dynamometer is designed to test an individual's grip strength. It displays the results in an easy-to-read digital display.

    Producer - SAEHAN.

  • Back - leg - chest dynamometer


    Dinamometer is designed to measure strength of the major muscle groups of the back, leg and chest. Heavy duty base provides sure footing. Chain length is adjusted to accommodate for height differences or to vary the point of force application. Peak strength needle remains at maximum reading until reset. Shows pounds and kilograms. Weight capacity is 660 lbs (300 kg). CE marked and FDA approved.

    Producer - SAEHAN.

  • Hydraulic hand dynamometer...


    A dynamometer is an instrument used to measure power or torque.  The Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer is a precision instrument.  Have the patient use the wrist safety strap to minimise the chance of accidentally dropping the Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer. Includes hard plastic case with foam insulation to ensure the protection of your dynamometer.

    • The Dual-Scale Readout displays grip force in pounds (up to 200lbs) and kilograms (maximum reading 90kgs).
    • The Peak-Hold Needle automatically retains the highest reading on the dial and that reading will remain until it's manually reset.
    • The readings are Accurate and Reproducible because the Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer is isometric in use. 
    • The Adjustable Handle accommodates various hand sizes with five different grip positions, with half-inch increments.

    Producer - SAEHAN.