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Big tactile steps and discs...

Price €413.22

Big tactile stimulation set fot kids. Steps, discs vith varios surfaces stimulate kids tactile senses. 


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Cooperative tube

Price €81.82

This cooperative elastic cloth tube is perfect for motion games, team-builging games or as a relaxing place. Team spirit and the comfort factor constitute essential parts of child development. Discovering ways to find new ways and create somenhing together, to move or dance in a group make a lot of fun and good emotions to all the team members. The tube also provides space and the right...

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Cooperative walking bands

Price €57.02
Designed to develop cooperation and balance since groups of 5 children must communicate and work together in order to be able to walk together. These Cooperative Band Walkers can be easily...
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Just triangle

Price €18.18

Triangles are ideal for children's first constructions. This educational game is composed of 9 colored triangles made of eco-friendly materials - natural rubber and covered with easy-to-clean nylon. With a soft velvety touch, it offers play value and learning without risk of injury. This game develops dexterity, critical thinking and creativity.

Squishy and soft with fuzzy tactile...

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Calming shoulder snake

Price €40.50

Calming shoulder snake is a weighted and soft to hug and touch, friendly looking snake that can be used for sensory integration therapy. It can be placed across the shoulders, on a lap or just held all the time providing wonderful deep calming pressure and a soft feel.

Antistresinių priemonių rinkinys vaikams
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Calming and antistress kit...

Price €70.25

* Calming 1 kg. shoulder snake is a weighted and soft to hug and touch. It can be placed across the shoulders, on a lap or just held all the time providing wonderful deep calming pressure and a soft feel.

* Big dancing scarf can be used for various sensory activities.

* Two different sizes textured tactile balls in bright colors and shapes that are fun to hold, rub and squeeze....

Parashutes set BS Toys

Price €32.23

Rinkinyje 5 nedideli parašiutai - 100 cm skersmens ir penkios skraidančios voverės. Smagus rinkinys vaikų grupėms. Žaidimo metu galima mėtyti voveres nuo vieno parašiuto ant kito, varžytis, kas daugiau kartų išmušinės voveres, kas ilgiau išlaikys voveres nenukritusias ant žemės. Vienu metu gali žaisti 2 - 20 vaikų. 

5 parašiutai, Ø 100 cm | 5 pupų maišeliai - voverės, 13x7x2 cm

Assortment American...

Price €40.50

An assortment of sweet bakeries: heart waffles with velcro for cutting and splitting up; three doughnuts coated with the world’s most popular glazes, three different muffins realistically lit with candles and flames. And American breakfast meal: pancakes and a sweet-savoury mix of bacon, maple syrup, fried eggs, delicious orange juice, strawberries and blueberries. As well as two pairs of...

Sandwich and Cheeseburger...

Price €40.50

Like grown-ups, children delight in cutting up, cooking and serving meals. Twice as much fun is to prepare cheeseburger, sandwich or cut and share chicken. The cutting board and knife are useful aids for preparing health-giving vegetables. The burger can be topped according to individual taste. The various ingredients such as salami, cheese, egg and slices of tomato are cut up and prepared...

Kids cash Register with...

Price €28.93

An absolute must for use with the Grocery Shop is the modern gaily coloured checkout till constructed of wood featuring a large-sized print imitation touchpad and a spacious compartment for play money. Play money included. A separate EC card reader enables a supplied credit card to be swiped or – bang up to date – simply placed on the reading device in the very same way as proper grown-ups...

Game Tricky Blocks

Price €20.66

A wobbly stacking game for 2 to 6 players aged three years upwards.

The six gaily coloured building blocks combine to form a foundation base for six wonky towers which need to be built higher and higher. Not exactly an easy task as the building blocks required to be placed on top are all bent and crooked! The player erecting the highest tower is declared the winner!

Content: 6...

Big log constructor

Price €48.76

The colourful and natural pieces open up almost endless possibilities to play. Build in all directions - create flat images, or pile them up high - with this building material children will never be bored. Practically packed in a cotton bag. Exciting when playing alone or with several players. Inspiring to invent ones own rules.

Registered design.

content: 150 wooden pieces in...

Team Tower

Price €65.29

This game can be played without much preparation by any number of children or adults from 2 to 12. The Team Tower set gives fun both outdoors and indoors, while cultivating motor skills and coordination. Setting up and completing the tower is a team-minded and communicative activity. Describing actions and situations within the group serves to promote individual speech development combined...

Team Ball Track

Price €40.50

This set of sturdy wooden ball tracks will transform a group into a whole team! When joining forces, all players work hand-in-hand to assemble a long track. The aim is to keep the wooden balls rolling progressively from one point to the next. This calls for pronounced skill and the powers of concentration to react quickly. It also requires constant interaction on the part of the players to...

Sort the bears

Price €28.10

Sort the bears. Place the bears with the same colour and size in front of the assignment card. Use the tweezer to develop fine motor skills. Content: 5 x assignments cards, 32 bears in 4 colours and 4 sizes, instruction manual.

Material: plywood (FSC), synthetic material

Card size: 28 x 7 x 0.1 cm

Age restriction: 3+ years

Pyramides constructor

Price €47.93

Pyramides construction kit. Owing to their 90-degree edges magic objects can be built from these bricks: The edges interlock in a standing or lying position. Box with 12 pyramids in 6 colours, with each pyramid consisting of 5 bricks; 60 pieces. Material: synthetic material. Measurements: pyramid 8 x 8 x 7 cm

Age: 3+

Look and lace

Price €23.14

Look and lace - create colourful designs by threading strings through the perforated assignment cards. Use the blank side to create your own designs. Content: 4 assignment cards, 12 laces in 4 colours, instruction manual.

Material: plywood (FSC), cotton

Measurements: assignment card: 16.5 x 15.5 cm

Age restriction: 3+ 

Lace the shoe

Price €14.88

Lace the shoes. Either copy the example cards or come up with your own patterns. Practice fine motor skills by threading the laces. Carefully look to the left, right, up, and down, in order to practice spatial awareness.  


•2 wooden lace-up shoes 21 x 7.8 x 0.4 cm

•4 wooden task cards (printed on both sides)

•4 laces 80 cm long

•magnetic storage...

Wobble blocks set for kids

Price €41.32

Wobble blocks set of 36. Building blocks for advanced children. The wooden building blocks in 6 variants make stacking a bit tricky. Due to their special shape with 18 or 20 sides and different sized bearing surfaces, the bricks can be combined standing or lying on top of each other until the tower is so wobbly that the structure collapses. The building process requires a good head and a...