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  • Run to the colour BS Toys
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    Run to the colour BS Toys


    In ‘Run to the Color,’ two teams compete to be the first to reach the rope with the right color, matching the drawn chip. Let the colorful game begin! The active game to develop gross motor skills, teamwork, memory.

    Material: wood, cotton

    You get 6 ropes in 6 colours 1,5 m (total length of ropes 9 m) + 15 coloured chips 5×4,5 cm

  • BS Toys Ladder game
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    BS Toys Ladder game


    Throw your own colour balls around the frame. You will score the number of points mentioned on the side if you manage to do this. Compete, coordinate ant count!

    Material - wood, 6 pairs of balls

    Size of the frame: 75 x 55 cm

    Age 6+

  • Blow game Gonge® Turbino
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    Blow game Gonge® Turbino


    Turbino is a spellbinding blowing game. It's easy to blow the propeller into motion - but it's not easy to control it to stop at a specific square! Turbino is a challenge and fun for all children. At the same time it develops their breathing control making. Turbino is very suitable for training children with speech disorders. The game contains two picture circles with different degrees of difficulty.

    Age 4-15

  • Adidas 2023 Oceaunz
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    Adidas 2023 Oceaunz


    Football training ball for adults size 5. 

  • SWNX® Foot Swing
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    SWNX® Foot Swing

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    The SWNX® Foot Swing is a unique product that helps boost concentration in physically active school children.

    Many children often find it difficult to calm down, sit still and be patient, especially after play and creative activities. In certain situations, e.g. at mealtimes, during concentrated work, learning, laying a jigsaw or attending social gatherings, particularly active children disturb other children around them. SWNX® allows children to move as they concentrate on their work without disturbing their classmates.

    Our experience with SWNX tells us that not only particularly active children, but also very passive children who tend to daydream during quiet activities, concentrate for longer when using the SWNX®.

    SWNX® Foot Swing is specially designed for school children (6+) and children’s furniture. SWNX® allows motorically restless children to alleviate their urge to move – in an appropriate fashion. When seated on a chair at this age, a child’s feet do not reach the floor. This being so, the child may be restless and find it difficult to focus and learn. SWNX® provides children with a reliable contact surface that improves their grounding.

    Small size: age 3-7 years

    Regular size: age 6-99 years

  • Backstop net Exit


    The EXIT Backstop Net  is the ideal ball catcher for the garden! During a game of soccer or basketball, the ball frequently rolls far away, hitting flower boxes or disappearing over the hedges. With the backstop net you make playing more convenient, because the ball stays in the playing field and you don’t have to constantly chase after it to retrieve it. The net consists of three parts (3 x 3 m), which are connected to each other and can be set up at an angle. The size of the angle can be adjusted, providing maximum stability and easy to place in both a small and large garden or in an open sports field. The Backstop Net stands firmly on the grass by means of 4 horizontal feet that are fixed to the ground using pins and 1 ground anchor. Optimal stability! The frame is made of galvanised and coated metal. The poles have a diameter of 38mm and are 1.2mm thick. The poles are very light in weight, so that you can easily dismantle the frame by using the click system. The heavy-­‐duty black net is made from polyester; it is 3mm thick with a mesh width of 8 cm. The black colour of the net makes is less obtrusive so that the EXIT Backstop Net 900 will certainly fit in with your garden!

    Size: 300 x 900 cm

  • Body wheel set Gonge®


    The body Wheel is an exciting physical activity designed to challenge children of all ages. Even small children can set the wheel in motion, providing an excellent exercise to practise body agility, strength and balance. The Body Wheel allows children to roll while lying on their back or stomach, or even while standing. Adults can assist small children in practising how to tumble safely, with a soft landing, by slowly pushing the Body Wheel while the child is lying on their stomach. Multiple Body Wheels can also be stacked to form a tower, with the large hole in the middle allowing children to play in side or crawl through.

  • Ball carrying cart


    Ball carrying cart made of sturdy tubular steel & powder coated for extra durability. Bag made of PP net with reinforced border to hold basketball, football & volleyball. Comes in knockdown packaging for economical transportation and easy to assemble. It can be used both indoor & outdoor. Size: 108 cm x 77 cm x 108 cm. 

    Producer - Vinex.

  • Rectangular Parachute 8 m.


    Rectangular shaped long parachute made of six colours polyester fabric. Borders are tape reinforced with 34 handles. Great fun product for improving supportive activities and play.

    Size: 8 m x 1 m

  • Fluorescent Parachute


    Made of bright Fluorescent colours 100% polyester fabric with tape reinforced center hole and sides, with grab handles. Comes neatly packed in a carry bag. 7 m diameter with 24 handles.

  • Slalom pole with base


    32 mm diameter and 1,8 m high slalom poles with stable 400 g PVC base. Suitable for artificial fields and in the sports hall. Base colour - yellow. Available pole colours: orange, blue, red, yellow, neon green, pink, white or black.

  • Small sand timers set of 5


    Set of 5 sand timers. Small-sized. Watch how a certain amount of time passes. As a result, kids will develop a sense of time and learn how to organise it: 3 minutes for tooth brushing, 10 minutes for reading practice. Each sand timer contains coloured sand. 5 timers: 30 sec; 1 min; 3 min; 5 min and 10 min.

    Measurements: Ø 2.5 cm, 9 cm

    Suitable from 3 years

  • Luminous easel

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    The high-quality luminous easel for playing, drawing, therapy. Easel is made of special glass. Perfect for painting with finger colours, gouache, watercolour and light pens. It can be painted from both sides. Two children can do it at the same time and cooperate. In the foot made of lacquered solid wood there’s an integrated LED light strip that makes the artwork blazing. In addition to white light there are 15 more colours and 4 colour-changing modes possible – the painting optical appears differently in every luminous colour. For cleaning it easier the glass pane can be removed from the wooden pedestal. The corners of the glass pane and the wooden elements are rounded. Incl. remote control, instruction manual/assembly instructions. Weight: 4 kg.

    Bag for luminous easel for safe storage and transportation. Bag is made of robust nylon fabric with two-way zipper and two carrying handles.

    Easel measurements: 55.7 x 46.7 x 4.5 cm

  • Splats


    A set of fun 'dropped paint splat' shapes made from colourful, clear, opaque and mirrored 3mm acrylic. The set includes splats in the primary and secondary colours (red, blue, yellow, green, orange and purple) as well as clear, black, white and a double-sided mirror (black, white and mirrored are opaque). Can be used on their own or on a light box, for colour mixing, matching, light observation, shadow making and for wall decoration near to the painting area. The shapes come with a 2.5mm hanging hole at the top balance point.

    Size: 15 cm

    Age 3+

  • Liquid chalk pencils set of 8


    Bright colours - and easy to remove. With these liquid crayons you can write on blackboards, window panes, mirrors, metal and ceramics. The round tip is ideal for fine lines and for colouring surfaces.


  • Coloured sand set 2,4 kg


    A set of coloured sand for sand painting. Paint with fingers and sand combs, a heap of sand can be transformed into a sun, a fish or a dinosaur in no time. The colourful sand can also be used to create beautiful pictures with glue on paper. The various possibilities encourage the creativity of the children and appeal to their senses at the same time. The fine sand in 12 bright colours offers innumerable possibilities for creative kids: It adheres with glue to paper and three-dimensional objects, e.g. to decorate vases, and can be used all year round for pretty decorations and gifts.

    Plastic box with 12 colours of sand, 200 g each.


  • Colour Acetate Sheets


    A set of colourful A4 acetate sheets, ideal for exploring colour-mixing and using with other colour and light resources on a light panel.


  • Rainbow glitter numbers


    A set of 14 separate sparkling glitter numbers 0-9 made from colourful translucent 3mm acrylic. The set includes two styles of the numbers 4 and 7, with an additional 1 & 0. They are ideal for use on a light panel to encourage numeral recognition. Numbers come with a 2.5 mm hole at the top balance point so they can be strung up against a window or outdoors to create fascinating colour glitter shadows.

    Can be used in learning maths, understanding colours, developing motor skills.

    Size: 7 cm.


  • Wooden Sorting Fruit &...


    Stackable coloured wooden crates containing a wide selection of colourful hemu wood fruit and vegetable pieces, and 2 laces with wooden threaders and stops. There are 2 fruits and 2 vegetables coloured to match each crate, each are finished with hand-painted details.

    An ideal resource for imaginative play or role play, to learn about healthy eating, to improve coordination and motor skills, or can be used to develop sorting, shape recognition and matching skills.

    This 28-piece set includes watermelon, tomato, chilli, strawberry, melon, orange, carrot, pumpkin, sweetcorn, pepper, lemon, banana, apple, lime, courgette, 2-piece avocado, grapes, red onion, aubergine, plum, 5 stacking crates and 2 laces.

    Overall size of stack: 500 x 150 x 74mm. Each crate: 100 x 150 x 74mm. Size of watermelon: 100mm. Length of thread: approx. 900mm. Set includes 21 fruit and vegetable pieces, 5 crates and 2 laces.

    Suitable from 3 years.

  • Glow Panels


    These beautiful rubberwood frames with easy grip handles contain fascinating glow in the dark panels. Activated by leaving in bright light, when taken into a dark den they magically glow in vibrant colours - blue, green and orange. Children will love to watch the glowing liquid swirl and flow as they twist and turn the panels. 15 minutes of sunlight will activate the panels to glow for approx. 6 hours.

    Size: 185 x 120 x 20mm (insert 80mm dia.)

    12+ months.