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Balance training

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Tactile river stones Gonge®

Price €103.31

A set of five different tactile structures embedded in a new version of River Stones. Five different materials cork, aluminum, foam, TPE rubber and concrete have been selected to create a variety of tactile sensations. The various tactile sensors perceiving hardness/compliance, temperature, roughness or stickiness are all activated to distinguish between these tactile structures. The slope...

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Go Go Gonge®

From Price €73.55

Go Go - 3rd generation - in a modern design and improved quality. Go Go reflects the ambition to manufacture strong and beautiful toys that are safe, stimulating, and fun to play with. Maximum load 75 kg.

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Balance Rocking Ice Weplay

Price €164.46

Balance Rocking Ice with different size and bottom. Each features a unique challenge for children including walking stably, wobbling as well as rocking back and forth. Three sizes of Ice with irregular shapes provide different widths for children to step on when being placed in various directions. It's a unique challenge for children including walking stably, wobbling as well as rocking back...

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Weplay River stones

Price €180.99

Inspired by the happiness of jumping over the stones by the river, the product offers fun activities with the colorful components. Rainbow River Stones are stackable for different heights. Anti-slip tactile patterns provide sensory experiences while ensuring safety. Motor skills and balance coordination are enhanced through playing.

Rainbow River Stones include three different sizes....

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Wawy tactile path

Price €288.43

Wavy Tactile Balance Path is designed to aid balance, movement, coordination and tactile perception. Path has different directions and heights. Tactile patterns on top provide extra safety, stimulate children’s soles and help physical development. The path is designed to go up/down and left/right to help users maintain and develop better balance. Stackable for easy storage. Anti-slip grip on...

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Balance - sensory path...

Price €263.64

Honey Hills is a stimulating stepping game. Children can create paths with various heights and multi-directional routes. By incorporating sensory materials, children can explore the different textures with their feet. The activities enhances motor skills and stabilize emotions. 

  -  Twin-Hexagon as design concept, contrasted in convex and concave, attachable and stackable to each...

Plastic stilts 4 psc

Price €11.57
Plastic bucket stilts with rubber rim for balancing skills improvement. Height : 13 cm; Diameter: 12 cm. Rope Length 145 cm from end to end. 

Wobbly path BS Toys

Price €24.79

Walk across the pond on this wobbly lilipads and pick all the frogs on the way. Can you get them all without falling down? If so then a beautiful froggy prince is waiting for you. 

Material: MDF and plywood

Suitable for children 3 +

Product Size:

  • 7 frogs 4,5 x 4 cm.
  • 7 lilipads 17 x 16 x 3...

Mini Parkour - Starter Set...

Price €271.90

Mini Parkour can be tailored to challenge the child's motor skills. The child develops muscular strength, flexibility and sensory integration generally. Mini Parkour is also a meeting place for children, where they can interact socially and exercise cognitive skills, such as planning and spatial orientation. Mini Parkour elements are easy to connect and separate for practical storage. The...

Gonge® River Landscape

Price €205.79

An exciting balance landscape with no less than 25 elements which can be combined in any number of ways. This is a set able to provide innumerable options for balance training, movement exercises and group play. Play scenarios are included. Maximum load 100 kg.

Gonge® Balanco

Price €94.21

Balanco is suitable for play, sports training and goal-directed rehabilitation. Balanco stimulates psycho and sensomotor functions, such as coordination, mobility, reaction, concentration, and improved posture. Balanco is available in two levels of difficulty. Each set contains 3 easily replaceable inserts with different challenges. Maximum load 120 kg.

Gonge® Islands

Price €32.23

Islands are designed to create totally new ways of playing and stimulating movement as a supplement to River. Combining Islands with River gives innumerable options for building landscapes for balance and movement. Made from durable plastic with anti-slip rubber edge. The Island will form the natural centre junction or "refuge". 

Build N' Balance® Tactile Set

Price €263.64

A new Build N' Balance® 12-piece set including 3 different tactile discs. Each element comes with an easily identifiable tactile structure, with which children soon become familiar, when they use the elements without shoes. Children are attracted to the bright colours, which encourage them to pay more attention to the various tactile structures.

This new set of elements adds...

Gonge® Mini Top

Price €65.29

The Mini Top was developed with particular focus on the motor-skill development of children aged 0-4. The Mini Top invites young children to teeter, swing and spin around - at first with the help of an adult and subsequently on their own. It encourages motor activities which are important for a child's early development of his/her sense of balance (the vestibular system) and motor control....

Gonge® Floor Surfer

Price €81.82

The Gonge Floor Surfer is the perfect tool for play as well as targeted training of motor skills.
The Floor Surfer has been developed by physiotherapists and will stimulate children at every motor skills level.
Children of all developmental abilities will roll, scoot, and glide their way to physical milestones in balance and motor skills!
The design of the Floor Surfer is...

Vinex balancing stones

Price €40.50

Balancing stepping stones made of soft vinyl. Great fun for improving balance and agility skills. Place flat side down for less challenge or rounded side down for tougher challenge. Size of a balancing stone: 13,3 x 9 cm. Set of 6 stones.

Low balance path Vinex

Price €40.50

A set of twelve curved pieces which can be used to form a long curved balance path or one balance circle. Suitable for indoor and outdoor. Anti skid surface. You can build up to 3.80 m of balance road or ~120 cm diameter circle.  The height of the details: 6 cm. 

Gonge® River

Price €48.76

River provides unlimited possibilities for building balance paths! The elements are easy to join and very flexible, so only the imagination sets limits to the course of the river. Due to the size of the elements even small children will be able to build a "river". Made from durable plastic with anti-slip rubber edges, the river combines high quality with attractive design. The elements are...

Gonge® Robo board

Price €70.25

he Robo-Board trains weight transfer, dynamic balance and provides proprioceptive stimulation for children from 4 years. The Robo-Board moves easily by means of the child's weight transfer from side to side. When the child's weight is shifted to one side using muscular force and rotation around the spinal column, the child can rotate in a circular movement of up to 360 degrees.

Gonge® Arches

Price €98.35

Multipurpose Arches designed to allow children to invent new ways of playing and create motor challenges; the possibilities are endless. An Arch can be placed either with the curved side up - forming a bridge - or down, turning it into a sesaw. Several Arches may be combined to form long extended pathways, or even placed on top of each other to amuse the more adventurous children. arches...