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Lane markers set Vinex

Price €742.98

Vinex lane markers set of 8. Made of moulded fiberglass, lightweight and stackable design for easy packing and transportation. Triangular design provides visibility from all sides. False start indicator installed on top.

Bounce back steel hurdle Vinex

Price €81.82

Bounce back hurdle is made of 20 mm square steel tube, powder coated frame for durability & easy height selection by snap locking method. Uprights are made of 22 mm aluminium round tube. Spring mechanism helps the hurdle to come back to its position when knocked down by athlete. The hurdle comes with five different height adjustments:   0.762 m - 1.067 m.

Vaulting pole for kids

Price €48.76

Vaulting pole for kids made of fiberglass for pole vault practice. Length: 2 m. Diameter: 2.5 cm.

Javelin bag Vinex

Price €40.50

Javelin bag made of heavy duty polyester fabric with run though zipper to carry 6 javellins (600 or 800 g).

Shots bag Vinex

Price €7.44

Bag suitable for 4 shots, made of heavy duty synthetic fabric.

Producer - Vinex.

Sector line

Price €40.50

Sector line is made of 50 MM wide polypropylene webbing. Weather proof. Ideal for marking athletic sectors, courts & field boundary lines. Webbing has eyelets at every 10 metres for holding with anchors. Anchors not included.

Adjustable training discus...

Price €81.82

Adjustable training discus (0,850 - 1,200 kg). STEEL rim with strong red ABS plastic side plates and different weights for adjusting the overall weight for training.

Producer - Vinex.

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Flat agility hurdle

Regular price €5.37 -15% From Price €4.57
A perfect training hurdle for quick knee lift and stepping. Position hurdles for agility drills, running drills and plyometric jumps. Constructed with durable heavy duty flat PVC tubing, very light in weight. 

Hammer gloves

Price €20.66

Leather left hand glove for hammer throw.

Manual digit case for score...

Price €53.72

Case dimentions: 33,7 x 19 (20,5 with numbers) x 2,9 cm. Weight: 840 g. Digit height : 23,5 cm. Digit colour: red or black.

Trial hammer for children

From Price €90.91

The trial hammer is specifically designed for children and athletics beginners and enables safe hammer throw technique training. Suitable for use indoors and on the sports fields. Available in 6 different weights. 3-kg and 4-kg hammers are IAAF certified for use in school athletics. Hammer has a soft nylon handle with steel reinforcement and comfortably sits in your hand. The ø 13.5 cm ball...

Victory stand Vinex

Price €825.62

Vinex victory stand made of fibreglass, painted for durable finish. Top surface comes with artificial grass. Stands stacks inside one stand for easy storage and economical transportation.

Training adjustable discus...

From Price €123.14

Innovative and unique product, original weight adjustment system, comfortable flat discs made of galvanized steel give wide weight range, steel galvanized rim, durable plastic sideplates with high content of fibreglass, each comes with special hex key and carrying bag, registered design.

Producer - Polanik.

Competition hammer SUPER...

From Price €37.19

Competition hammer, IAAF sertified (except 4kg). Made of cast iron precisely turned for accuracy with a smooth and painted surface.

Producer - Vinex.

Discus Vinex Super Challeng

From Price €29.75
Side plates made of ABS (Unbreakable) plastic with galvanized ring. Meets IAAF specifications.
Producer - Vinex.

Competition aluminum...

From Price €1,181.82

Aluminum competition javelin. 2200mm Ø25mm 600g - for women. 2600mm Ø30mm 800g - for man. 

All javelins exept 40m women and 50m man - IAAF certified.

Nemeth Classic javelins are recommended for technically skilled, physically capable throwers. Requires accurate release.

Nemeth Club javelins are recommended for technically skilled...

Competition al-carbon...

From Price €1,404.96

Al-carbone composite competition javelin. 2200mm Ø25mm 600g - for women. 2600mm Ø30mm 800g - for men. IAAF certified.

Nemeth Classic 85m (women) and 95m (men) hard composite - Olympic quality competition javelin. Recommended for technically skilled, physically capable throwers. Requires accurate release.

Nemeth Classic 80m (women) and 90m (men) medium composite - javelin with...

Competition javelin...

From Price €74.38
Competition javelis is made of hardened best quality dura aluminium. Design and crafted for maximum throw distance. Javelin head made of steel for extra durability.
Producer - Vinex.